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Hon. Arthur L. Zulick Court of Common Pleas of Monroe County, Pennsylvania


8828. party to case (with attorney)

How is it that two judges Worthington and Sibum. Helped the Child Support officer in Monroe County Pennsylvania Rob numerous citizens and still are robbing numerous individuals in child support payments. They created a scam robbing me and numerous others. They hidden and are hiding the Real laws of Child Support codes. That's how they create this scam for years and still are illegally defrauded citizens. Go to lawyer or look up Pennsylvania child support codes. 1910.19 Termination and modifications law. There you will see that if you was incarcerated or institutionalized that you was not responsible for Child Support payments. Meanwhile child support officer charged numerous citizens and wasn't supposed to. Especially the judges whom put you in thier county jail. . Get a lawyer and sue for corruption of government. I definitely am.

Hon. Ida K. Chen Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania


8827. party to case (pro se)

I was up before Judge Chen for a pfa hearing and I found her to be very insensitive, oh she treated me so badly, I could not believe how she was speaking to me. I am a victim of DV and have been for 20yrs. I finally get the courage to stand up for myself and try and get help and then I get re-victimized by Judge Chen. It was truly horrible the way she made me feel, she told me she didnt believe me. She was very harsh with me yet seemed very soft with my abuser. This left me very confused. At one point during the hearing she actually yelled at me. I was not familiar with being in court and how to handle speaking into a microphone, and i wasnt sure if Judge could hear me so when I went to speak a little louder she accused me of yelling in her court room, I would never do that!!!! I walked in her courtroom with the utmost respect and walked out feeling re-victimized, broken and crushed by this Judge Chen. Needless to say she denied my pfa. This only encouraged my abusers behavior even more. My abuser still lives in the same house and boy did he gloat and throw it in my face , telling me "see you cant get me put out". I realize Judges have to be neutral to a certain extent, but to be mean , hurtful and extremely insentive to a victim a true victim should not be. I know Judge Chen will probably never read these reviews, she needs to really think about her treatment of the cases she hears and make some adjustments because her treatment to me was truly unacceptable.

Hon. Mark E. Repp Tiffin Municipal Court, Ohio


8826. witness

Questionable judgements. Overall extremely unprofessional demeanor and personality. Judge Repp has clearly ran unopposed for years because he is not respected by the community what-so-ever.

Hon. Tina Polachek Gartley Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania


8825. juror

She was very informative during the trial. She explained everything clearly and precisely. She was tough when needed during questioning. She made the jury comfortable which helped us make a tough case easier to decide. I would think those whom she was trying would dislike her.

Hon. John L. Hall Court of Common Pleas of Chester County, Pennsylvania


8824. witness

I watched this judge in action and could not believe what I witnessed. My late uncle was a PA Court Judge, (President Judge, Common Pleas Court), and I thought they all operated like him - fair, honest, ruled according to the law. Not this guy.... it was as if the verdict was decided before the case even started. He issued rulings where he made up facts and testimony to suit his "findings of fact" and cover his ass on his previous rulings. So the corruption of his decisions just snowballed like a rolling stone until the final outcome is believable only to him, and to the counsel that, obviously, paid him off. Republicans who contributed to his campaign have no worries. Nobodies - or lawyers from outside the county - who come into court looking for "justice" can kiss their case goodbye. He is a disgrace to the judiciary. In a word - an asshole.

Hon. Aaron H. Katz Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


8823. witness

This judge sees things either black or white, which is the law. Does not understand circumstances and enforces punishment rather than rehabilitation.

Hon. Kenneth R. Spanagel Parma Municipal Court, Ohio


8822. courthouse employee

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Hon. Kenneth R. Spanagel Parma Municipal Court, Ohio


8821. juror

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Hon. Kenneth R. Spanagel Parma Municipal Court, Ohio


8820. juror

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Hon. Alan M. Rubenstein Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County, Pennsylvania


8819. party to case (with attorney)

This judge needs to step down. He obviously has no interest in performing his duties to the fullest when he begins a hearing by saying "is this going to take all day?" Then limits witnesses and cuts testimony short. He took an hour break in the middle of the first witness' testimony and it was obvious when he came back that he had already made his decision before even hearing from both sides. He should be ashamed of himself. He's dealing with people's families and lives and can't be bothered to give them his full attention.