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Hon. Kelly L. Banach Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania


280. other

She was compassionate, caring&understanding.

Hon. Lance A. Ito Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


278. attorney (private practice)

OJ aside, he is disgraceful.

Hon. Robert P. Dahlquist Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


277. attorney (private practice)

Sharp SHARP jurist. Knows what's going on and sees the issues behind the smokescreens.

Hon. Kevin Clement Brazile Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


276. attorney (private practice)

Too ready to rubber-stamp hearings/motions

Hon. Roger M. Beauchesne Superior Court of California, County of Stanislaus, California


275. attorney (private practice)

Far too lenient on attorney misconduct.

Hon. Kelly C. Wall Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


273. party to case (with attorney)

I submitted evidence of abuse with wittness statements,threatening text messages, and evidence on how visitation with my child father his mentally harming. He tried to commit suicide, h e didn't show up for courtordered mediation,my child first class and it fine. I take my child to the psychologist under the suggestion of the pedestrian and she gets an attitude with me about it. The best part she's making a decision on a 4yr olds life and never once talked or looked at the parents.

Hon. B. Michael Chitty District Court, 422nd District Court, Kaufman County, Texas


271. other

We have personally been the victims of the corrupt judges in Kaufman, none of which was Chitty. Our hope is that he is different and that more judges do run and remove the current judges who are completely corrupt and yes they take the mother's side every time, regardless of the facts. There is just no telling how many children are now fatherless due to the corruption in the Kaufman County court system. Judge Ruth Blake and Howard Tygrett are definitely among the corrupt judges in Kaufman County. Check out kaufmancountycorruption . com

Hon. Gilbert Rosas Child Support (Title IV-D) Court, Title IV-D Court No. 27, Texas


270. party to case (with attorney)

This judge is rude. Cold hearted. Aragent. He is not professional either. He should no longer preside over this court. He is very agnry for the fact he pays child support and alimony. He is not biasis at all.he should think before locking people up he says he does it for the kisa but he does it to show he can. He does not listen to medical evidence or history. He feels there are no disablities either. The judge is old and should be replaced. I have been in his court on more then one occasion and it is the same thing. He interupts when parties are speaking and he starts yelling

Hon. Kelly C. Wall Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


269. party to case (pro se)

Judge Wall is exactly what she appears to be: a politician paid by the public trough and a crony of the Montco republican machine.

Hon. Andy Chatham District Court, 282nd District Court, Dallas County, Texas


268. witness

made great decision