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Hon. Benny C. Osorio Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


8360. attorney (private practice)

I wish I could give him negative stars. He got involved in a very complicated case that wasn't even assigned to his department (he should stick with personal injury) for the sole purpose of ruling for the very rich defendants. His ruling made no sense whatsoever and ignored the ONLY important legal issue there was to discuss. If the motion to dismiss is based on the statute of limitations, then you cant ignore the statute of limitations. But that's exactly what he did. This is the prime example of how the ultra rich win. I lost faith in the legal system bc everywhere I look, there is blatant and disrespectful sabotage. I would think an immigrant judge from Queens, NY would do the right thing for the average person. It looks like he sees in dollar signs. If you have very rich defendants, you better pray your judge doesn't disappear and gets replaced with this guy. He is just as bad as the rapist defendants.

Hon. Cathleen Cawood Bubash Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania


8359. party to case (with attorney)

I also make the plea to sign the petition and reach out to others, let this judge know and find out everything she did should be investigated...everything she does now should be scrutinized...a through investigation for civil rights violations and the constant fraud in her court room.....she isn't only a monster...she is a traitor.

Hon. Robert Russell Buffalo City Court, New York


8358. other

When this man decide's to waste time...He'll waste years of it! Considering he's a "judge," he must not spend anytime in the library, as I was stuck in his court unnecessarily. People of the State of N.Y. v. Golb May, 2014. The NY State Court of Appeals and various other federal district courts deemed why I was in his court unconstitutional. If he believe's that he has sovereign immunity. He definetely need's to read those things called books.

Hon. Diane Haddock District Court, 233rd District Court, Tarrant County, Texas


8357. party to case (pro se)

I was very please that someone finally heard me and really wanted to help me.

Hon. James B. Munford District Court, 322nd District Court, Tarrant County, Texas


8356. witness

Is not judicial. Very biased. Has a bad temper

Hon. T. King Fifer County Court, County Court at Law No. 2, Dallas County, Texas


8355. attorney (private practice)

I have appeared before Judge Fifer numerous times over eight years. My clients have been private citizens. Judge Fifer exhibits the utmost respect for every party appearing before his court. Judge Fifer expects the attorneys to be prepared. Judge Fifer is well versed in the law. Judge Fifer is always prepared to hear the cases and controversies presented to him. Judge Fifer is even tempered. Judge Fifer allows the attorneys to try their case without judicial interference. The citizens of Dallas County are well served by an outstanding judge.

Hon. F. Gates Peed Ogeechee Circuit, Georgia


8354. other

How can a judge approve a father to recieve 45 consecutive weekends probation and a fine for disciplining his aggressive and dangerous son. And then taking the word of a child who is jealous of the attention her brother is getting because of his serious illness that lead to behavior. She goes to school and tells lies after lies about what happened. My son is the only bread winner and now he may lose his job because of this stupid unfair BS

Hon. Janelle M. Haverkamp District Court, 235th District Court, Cooke County, Texas


8353. party to case (with attorney)

My general comment and rating for this judge would be negative is option-able. Not only is it widely known that Judge Haverkamp is corrupt and a loose cannon. She on more than one occasion held someone in contempt of court and jailed them for representing themselves. now this is a violation of the US Constitution and why she was not removed for the bench for these issues shows the nepotism and the depth that the judiciary will fall to protect their own. IN my case, she committed fraud upon the court, violated constitutionally protected rights and denied access to transcripts to prevent an appeal. she did recuse herself, but after she illegally testified and since that date three other judges moved to protect her from review and investigation. from review there are 11 judicial complaints filed against her and no party at the state level has saw fit to conduct an investigation. Why? she's the only judge in Cooke County.

Hon. Debra Harris Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino, California


8352. other

Judge D. Harris, is a good, fair, decent judge. Her sense of listening to a case, doing her homework before going to court in my opinion makes her one of the greatest judges out there.

Hon. Donald F. Gaffney Superior Court of California, County of Orange, California


8351. party to case (with attorney)

Say what you will about this powerful jurist, but the facts are from the internet he got his nose broken by his father when he was 9 growing up in a rough New York Ghetto. He comes not just from a brutal upbringing with a broken nose among his many beatings as a child, but from a broken home, and was expected by his family to be dead or in prison before he got out of his teens due to a foul mouth, great vandalism, thievery and other such conduct as a youth. Gaffney's lawyer test scores and such were horrible, but he was able to play the race card all the way to Harvard. I said that right, I didn't say Harlem, I said Harvard. Gaffney appears to harbor severe rascist feelings against whites as would be expected and understandable among many Ghetto Blacks from rough upbringings who think all whites have had everything handed to them on a silver platter. These are just some of the facts regarding Gaffney -- and why we read about poor temperament and demeanor -- anger from a bad violent ghetto upbringing -- unacceptable scholastic ability glossed over and passed along due playing the race card -- and then being a self hating conservative Republican appointee to office (never elected) out of the mold of Clarence Thomas -- the worst Supreme Court Justice in the history of the United States Supreme Court. It's admirable that these black men have tried to do something with their lives, but they seemingly try to take the power that affirmative action gave them and use it to abuse others -- they are troubled black men. Thorgood Marshall was magnificent, but had a magnificent career before ever being appointed to the High Bench, and he had a black wife. Interesting, but Thomas and Gaffney have chosen white wives. You might inspect their photos (of Thomas' and Gaffney's wives to draw your own conclusions there). But Justice Marshall, Mohammad Ali and so many others proud of their race and themselves choose to marry within their own race. Maybe it's just true love that brought them to interracial marriage, or maybe self loathing and hate. You decide. They likely don't even know what drives them, and their hurtfulness of the less fortunate and their blind hatred (Thomas and Gaffney). These are just some of the facts. Apply them as you see fit.