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Hon. Trey Edward Loftin District Court, 43rd District Court, Parker County, Texas


239. other

We have a judge in Parker County Texas that is known to order you to sell your home and property before he will consider a pauper's affidavit. Poor people in this county have a very hard time getting this judge to appoint an attorney to represent them. (If he ever does) One person filed a pro se motion in his court and was sentenced to two years probation with six months jail time for practicing law without a license. He ordered this person to never file another legal document at a court house. He went on to tell this Parker County citizen that meant he had better never hear of him filing any legal papers for himself in the entire world and if the filed a document in court in Proper Person (pro se) he would bring him back for jail time. Yes, this judge said, THE WHOLE WORLD. (Transcript available) This judge then made a long speech stating only people who are licensed to practice law are eligible to cross the Bar in his courtroom. On another occasion he ordered a pro se litigant to hire an attorney and told him he could not represent himself. An elderly couple came before this judge petitioning his court to allow them to adopt an adult female they loved dearly. As they approached his bench he told them most people use an attorney to do this. This elderly couple told the judge the reasons they wanted to adopt their loved one. The judge said I cannot help you but you can come back another day. I suggest you come back with an attorney. Obviously this elderly couple did not have the funds to hire an attorney for what could have been a simple matter. They may have wanted to leave what money they had to this young woman they loved and not to an attorney. In Louisiana an adult adoption is simply a notarial act!!!! Forget your constitutional right to self representation in this judges Parker County courtroom. This judge demands that you hire an attorney and pay even if it means you cannot afford your medicine or pay your electric bill. This judge likes to be on television, he appears to use his position to promote himself and politic. He appears to be creating law from the bench. One man asked this judge for an attorney to represent him as he had no money available to him. In essence he was a pauper with a house and land. He may have been accused of a crime, but he was still a Texas Citizen that should be afforded his constitutional rights. Even if our constitutional rights meant sending him to jail after a fair trial. This judge called in the news media to be in his courtroom so he could be on television when he denied this persons request and ordered him to sell his property and house. This is certainly a form of public humiliation. This judge wants the people so see him as being frugal with the money they paid in taxes. He wants to give the impression he is doing them the tax payers a favor. But I think he is simply bias against the citizens and towards attorneys. In some cases his bias is blocking poor people access to justice and denying them their constitutional rights to petition the government. I think the governor should make a rule not to appoint attorney’s to judgeships who failed the Bar exam. We need best of class judges, not ones who need extra chances to pass the exam. This judge failed the Bar exam when he first took it. In his application to the governor he wrote that one of the cases he is most proud of is one he lost. I wonder if his client feels that way. Only he knows how much he paid this man to represent him so his attorney could be proud of loosing. Almost his entire legal career has been working for the government. A short while in private practice and he asked Governor Perry to appoint him to his current judicial position. I wonder if he realized being a working tax payer is a hard job. He certainly realized it was much easier to be on the government payroll. In Parker County his job comes with excellent health care for his entire family and as I understand it this includes dental. (All paid for by the citizens) He receives a salary of $125,000.00 a year with perks, and for every dollar a Parker County Employee puts into their retirement account, the citizens of Parker County match it with TWO DOLLARS. Yet many of Parker County citizens are unemployed. If you are an unemployed or poor Texan try asking Governor Perry to appoint you to a high paying position. Good luck with that. The per capital income of a Parker County citizen is $28,539. (per a census report) Hopefully none of the poor, indigent people of Parker County will ever have to go before this judge. This judge has never been elected, he was appointed by Governor Perry. He is unopposed in the upcoming election meaning he still will not have been elected by the residents of Parker County. But he is all over the internet asking for political contributions for his election campaign. This judge would like me to mention his name, but I won’t. This is just my non attorney opinion of the facts as they have been reported in the local news media. Some information came from this judge’s application to Governor Perry to be appointed judge. This is available to the public upon request. Other information was obtained from the Census Bureau on line and my own experience watching him on the bench. Governor Perry, you made a poor choice this time. Dear Reader, Feel free to cut and paste this and share it with anyone you wish.

Hon. Randolph M. Hammock Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


238. party to case (pro se)

Even though he found me guilty, I thought he was very fair and an excellent judge.

Hon. Kent H. Albright Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


235. attorney (private practice)


Hon. Bryan K. Stainfield Superior Court of California, County of Kern, California


234. other

I was with a friend for moral support & watched quite a few cases being heard. It seems this judge has a poor opinion of women. No matter the case he was very stearn with anything a women had to say & when a man was talking he was very much on his side. This judge was actually rude to a few women acting as though they are less than human. I do not believe this judge is doing whats best for the children in these cases. I only observed for a few hours & have a bad feeling there are children that are going to be hurt or worse by the fathers that are being given custody & stripping the mothers rights. I hope & pray that a higher authority comes in a judge should not come off as biased on every case. There are good dads out there & good moms out there & they should be judged equally.

Hon. B. Michael Chitty District Court, 422nd District Court, Kaufman County, Texas


232. other

When evaluating Honorable Chitty, you must take into account the other civic leaders of East Texas. Kaufman county Justice of Peace Eric Williams jailed for theft. Rockwall county DA went to jail for theft by public official. Mayor of Gun Barrel City threatened the life of his own mother. DA Rick Harrison of Kaufman went to jail for DWI. Numerous police officers former and present arrested for trafficking meth. Judge Chitty has a well known bias of always going along with the mother in civil cases. This has been stated by numerous attorneys. It is too bad for the children affected by this ignorance of the State Judicial Review Board stance against bias, not to mention the basic requirement for any effective legal system to be free of bias. That being said, I think Chitty is a good man, and the best man available for the job. I just wish more capable and uncorrupt leaders would move to Kaufman and make Kaufman a better place to live.

Hon. Bryan K. Stainfield Superior Court of California, County of Kern, California


231. witness

I observed this judge proceed over numerous child custody and no matter what the situation, he ruled for the father and seemed judgmental towards women, and often rude or harsh toward them. He didn't really seem to listen or care for what females had to say. He didn't really seem to do what was in the best interest of the child/children. He definitely seemed to be biased towards women.

Hon. Bryan K. Stainfield Superior Court of California, County of Kern, California


230. other

This judge is very sexiest against women. He seems to make rulings without any real evidence.

Hon. Lance P. Jensen Superior Court of California, County of Orange, California


229. party to case (pro se)

Judge Lance P Jensen reduced a small claims award of almost 15K to 1000 for a mass junk faxer. They can steal my paper and ink and blast junk faxes as long as the litigation gets before Republican judges like Jensen. If you can, I advise to litigate in LA county as Jensen will always favor business even if they are stealing. So much for hard on crime. Wasn't he a DA?

Hon. Leon F. Pesek Jr. District Court, 202nd District Court, Bowie County, Texas


228. party to case (with attorney)

very unprofessional.....under the table dealer.... waits till the last minute before the decide to recuse himself from court for whatever reasons...... somethings very fishy with his morals.... red flags everywhere... very unprofessional....

Hon. Thomas W. Cain Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, California


227. attorney (private practice)

flimsy grasp of the law