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Hon. B. Michael Chitty District Court, 422nd District Court, Kaufman County, Texas


271. other

We have personally been the victims of the corrupt judges in Kaufman, none of which was Chitty. Our hope is that he is different and that more judges do run and remove the current judges who are completely corrupt and yes they take the mother's side every time, regardless of the facts. There is just no telling how many children are now fatherless due to the corruption in the Kaufman County court system. Judge Ruth Blake and Howard Tygrett are definitely among the corrupt judges in Kaufman County. Check out kaufmancountycorruption . com

Hon. Gilbert Rosas Child Support (Title IV-D) Court, Title IV-D Court No. 27, Texas


270. party to case (with attorney)

This judge is rude. Cold hearted. Aragent. He is not professional either. He should no longer preside over this court. He is very agnry for the fact he pays child support and alimony. He is not biasis at all.he should think before locking people up he says he does it for the kisa but he does it to show he can. He does not listen to medical evidence or history. He feels there are no disablities either. The judge is old and should be replaced. I have been in his court on more then one occasion and it is the same thing. He interupts when parties are speaking and he starts yelling

Hon. Kelly C. Wall Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


269. party to case (pro se)

Judge Wall is exactly what she appears to be: a politician paid by the public trough and a crony of the Montco republican machine.

Hon. Andy Chatham District Court, 282nd District Court, Dallas County, Texas


268. witness

made great decision

Hon. William J. Furber, Jr. Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


267. party to case (with attorney)

In 1997, Judge Furber took jurisdiction of a custody case of man who was not a resident of the State of Pennsylvania and granted him temporary custody of two minors. There are Federal laws that prevent parents from taking children across the state lines and file for custody. This law should have prevented this from happening. I am sure that he thought he did the right thing by giving him custody. Try to explain that to those two boys whose lives he changed completely. A father who beat them, abuse them and terrorized them and then denied the abuse which many judges ignored. Those two kids are grown-up and are adults now but have never forgot how the system failed them. Judge Furber unfortunately was the one who started that nightmare by taking jurisdiction over a case he knew it didn't belong in his courtroom. As a mother, I have never forgot that he changed the course of my life and that of my children. That Hispanic woman who could speak English and defend herself as his handwritten notes stated (obtained inadvertently when I requested copies of court documents on the case) can also write English. I will do just that put in writing what I went through because I am sure he doesn't have any idea how his bad decision affected my life and that of my children. He gave an abusive man the right to abuse me for every year he had custody of my children. He gave him the only power he had over me which is to use my children to hurt me. I still ask the question until today... why? I am not rating him but I choose to share my experience. Ultimately, we all be judged when we meet our ultimate judge.

Hon. Walter P. Schwarm Superior Court of California, County of Orange, California


265. juror

This was my first experience as a juror. I felt that Judge Schwarm was extremely thorough and showed great patience with the witnesses and counsel. There were multiple interruptions for sidebars and the delays were somewhat frustrating. Nonetheless, I had faith that Judge Schwarm felt these sidebars necessary for a fair and impartial trial. Judge Schwarm's performance demonstrated his passion for the judicial process and and made me proud to be a part of the system.

Hon. Katherine A. Bacal Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


264. other

This judge gave my children back to a child molester, and he - well, he did what you'd think. She is NO JUDGE. Callous, impatient, and cruel, and I believe she must get kickback money from DynCorp International to be sending so many abused kids away from their mommies. Corrupt.

Hon. Chad F. Kenney, Sr. Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County, Pennsylvania


257. attorney (private practice)

This Judge refused to allow me to move in my co-counsel from New Jersey even though it should have been a courtesy to do so. He also berated my clients in front of me showing a lack of judicial temperament. He did not seem to have read the papers or been prepared for oral argument in the slightest.

Hon. Monica Drinane Bronx Family Court, New York


252. party to case (with attorney)

She is straight up racist and feminist and is extremely partial toward female litigants at the expense and demise of male litigants. Monica Drinane is a corrupt judge who doesn’t care about justice as she is almost at the mandatory age for retirement and won’t seek reappointment in 2017 (End of her term) and is only interested in issuing rulings to appease her colleagues and that favors “public opinion.” She is the venom that destroys our legal system. She also lacks the integrity and skill set to properly apply law to substantiate her decisions. She is a straight up moron.

Hon. Daniel B. Feldstern Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


251. juror

Judge Feldstern is patient and thoughtful, but always in control. He runs a tight ship . . . which is the way a courtroom should be run!