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Hon. Lori Chrisman Hockett District Court, 255th District Court, Dallas County, Texas


298. other

This judge is the worst. She will ensure the person with money pays for everything whether it follows the law or not. She decides who she likes and rules accordingly. She should be off the bench.

Hon. Timothy J. Staffel Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara, California


296. party to case (with attorney)

This "judge" is a joke. He doesn't understand the law, doesn't control his courtroom, and "forgets" to rule on motions. He allows KNOWN forgeries to be filed in pleadings and sits in on cases they he was disqualified on when other judges are handling them. He was a questionable supervisor but downright corrupt on the bench. He is unprepared, often taking 45 minutes recesses to read pleadings filed a month or more before the hearing.

Hon. Maren E. Nelson Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


294. party to case (with attorney)

To Hanna, I am one of those you have described above, She presided over a my divorce which took 4+ year, Long story, but what you have just said above is exactly what has happened to me today. I am too sick in my stomach to speak. How ignorant was I to believe in justice if I walk the straight line

Hon. Carole W. Clark District Court, 321st District Court, Smith County, Texas


293. attorney (private practice)

She is by far the worst judge I have ever seen. She routinely violates the law by doing whatever she thinks she can get away with- which is pretty much anything in that backwards,corrupt town.

Hon. John Toomey Suffolk County District Court, New York


291. attorney (private practice)

Fair and deserving of the bench.


290. other

There is no "Honour" in the Honourable Richard F. Cebull. This judge should be thrown off the bench IMMEDIATELY due to his recent behaviour regarding the forwarding of racists, disgusting emails. Now that he's shown to be a racist, he can not be an objective judge. Fire this disgusting man immediately.

Hon. Richard G. Cline Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


289. attorney (non-profit practice)

Judge needs to retire, he is corrupt and has no moral compass

Hon. Gloria Connor Trask Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


287. attorney (private practice)

My firm and my client (plaintiff) are not from Riverside. The other side's firm and client (defendant) are from Riverside. Her rulings on evidence were insanely lopsided in their favor (like literally 95% skewed their way). In addition to just being wrong much of the time, she would rule in their favor if they made an objection and then rule in their favor when we would make the exact same objection in the same circumstances. She also let the defense present 100% of their case in chief during our case in chief, allowing them to call 4 witnesses out of order, which totally screwed with our presentation and was completely unnecessary and disrespectful. At a certain point, we were simply entertained by the patent unfairness. That's how bad it was. In fact, I came to the conclusion that she was simply "padding the record" because she knew she was going to rule in our favor, and I started to take comfort in her awful, awful rulings. She seemed like she was bending over backwards to make sure her ruling for us could not be appealed. But we lost - in a case with some of the best facts I've ever been to trial with. I am stunned and appalled. The worst judge I have ever known. Maybe it's because we were from L.A. and got hometowned. Maybe she has a terrible defense bias. I don't know, and I don't care. I will 170.6 her as long as I live. On the upside, she was surprisingly patient and allowed counsel to argue points extensively (it was a bench trial). However, that benefit is mitigated by the fact that she has a horrible memory/attention span and does not seem to understand basic legal points (especially the rules of evidence). And to add insult to injury, she constantly made faces - as if to say "WTF are you talking about" - at us and our witnesses when we would make arguments she didn't understand.


286. attorney (private practice)

Intelligent, hard working and fair - with a excellent understanding of the law. Not afraid to apply the law to the facts - you can't ask for anything more than that.

Hon. Donal B. Donnelly Superior Court of California, County of Imperial, California


285. other

vindictive and erratic, wields power like a sword!