Recent Reviews

Hon. Fancy H. Jezek District Court, 426th District Court, Bell County, Texas


311. party to case (with attorney)

This judge does not go on the law. She is unbelievable and made a case that could have stopped with her go longer than needed. She mean and the entire time look distracted she needs to voted out. She made a man wait three hours just to sign a paper. Horrible shes power hungry and needs a realty check.

Hon. Randall F. Pacheco Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


310. party to case (with attorney)

Prepared to preside over the case , read the whole case file and was fair to all sides and took the time to give all sides an opportunity. Was not afraid to apply the law when the easy decision was to continue the status quo.

Hon. Regina B. Arditti District Court, 448th District Court, El Paso County, Texas


309. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Regina B. Arditti was very fair to me when I was a defendant in her court. I did not have a lawyer at the beginning of the case. Judge Arditti did not make me feel stupid. She had a very pleasant demeanor. Her court staff is courteous. I had to hand write my answer to the pleadings. The opposing lawyer wanted a default judgement against me. Arditti read my papers and said that I wrote a proper answer and she did not grant the default judgement.

Hon. Thomas Fitzpatrick Housing Court, Civil Court of the City of New York, Kings County, New York


308. witness

This judge will obtain his payment from God soon. He is outrageous judge. He is the worst judge in Kings County Hosing Court.

Hon. Thomas Fitzpatrick Housing Court, Civil Court of the City of New York, Kings County, New York


307. other

This judge is terrible, he will get his payment for God.

Hon. Mark J. Silverstone District Court, 425th District Court, Williamson County, Texas


306. party to case (pro se)

I had a case in front of this Judge and he was the kindest, most considerate person I've ever met. He did not belittle me or make me feel less than him. He was respectful and courteous and DEFINTELY knew his stuff! I am very proud that he represents Williamson County.

Hon. Thomas Fitzpatrick Housing Court, Civil Court of the City of New York, Kings County, New York


305. witness

This particular "judge" did not even attempt to hear out a defense, and clearly made up his mind about the case before it officially started. In addition, he disgustingly kept trying to offer a settlement in order to get the case out of the way as soon as possible so he could go home. OVERALL DISGUSTING PERFORMANCE, prime example of corruption in this country. I'm ashamed to call myself american...

Hon. Samantha P. Jessner Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


304. attorney (government, criminal matters)

Bought and sold. Now moved to the mental health courts so as to punish defendants who won't plea bargain. A very good friend of prosecutors but an enemy of the people. Grants her friends anything without consideration for law or common decency. Dangerous and should not be on the bench.

Hon. John Lansden Civil Court of the City of New York, Housing Branch, New York


303. witness

Judge John Landsen is purposefully delaying a ruling in a very simple holdover case in hopes a tenant without a lease in a private house will get a reassignment from Section 8 Housing. However, this tenant's lease expired in September of 2011 and she was allowed to delay thru the holiday's. Section 8 has already said they do not intend to continue her benefits at a new residence. The case was heard in January and the Judge refusing to issue a ruling. This is a blatant abuse of his power. He is hoping to avoid making a decision. His actions in delay are causing irreparable damage, stress and finacial hardship to the landlord.

Hon. Tonya Parker District Court, 116th District Court, Dallas County, Texas


302. other

With no disrespect intended, Judge Parker needs to enforce the law of the land and not try to change it by refusing to marry conventional couples because she herself, cannot legally marry who she wants due to gender. It is not the job of the judicial wing to write law, but to enforce it. Someone needs to clarify this with Judge Parker, or she needs to be removed from her position. My views or anyone elses do not matter in this case. She is abusing her position by trying to change law. She, as a judge, has NO right to do this.