Recent Reviews

Hon. Glen M. Reiser Superior Court of California, County of Ventura, California


372. other

one star...

Hon. Diane Haddock District Court, 233rd District Court, Tarrant County, Texas


371. attorney (private practice)

Always professional, kind and smart. This is the most efficient court in the system.


369. party to case (pro se)

Judge Wilson, is a straight shooter... He does his home work... You better have done yours.

Hon. Laura L. Laesecke Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


368. attorney (private practice)

Wonderful Judge

Hon. Denine J. Guy Superior Court of California, County of Santa Cruz, California


367. other

This judge has no experience in family matters, drug addiction and parents/children.

Hon. Stanley Pritzker Washington County Court, New York


365. party to case (with attorney)

Has a child being abused by his father mentally and physically, Judge Pritzker allows fathers to continue to violate court orders with less than a slap on the wrist...wake up and look at the facts Stan!!!

Hon. Maria L. Dantos Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania


364. other

She did not care about the truth in my brother's case. Her ridiculous sentence was based on emotions. She did not take into consideration his past and that he didn't have a record and also that what he was in front of her for was completely out of character for him. She also did not care about all the letters that were written about him from his family and friends. Her rulings are so inconsistent. And she seems to have compassion on all the people that do drugs, even repeatedly, but not the ones who come in front of her with their first mistake that is not drug related!

Hon. Richard (Rick) Beacom District Court, 354th District Court, Hunt County, Texas


360. other

Having practiced law for 35 years, the last 13 of which wee here in Hunt County where I knew Rick Beacom well first as an opposing counsel and then as a judge, My experience with Judge Beacom significantly includes his outstanding record as a protector of children in child abuse, custody, and other family law cases, and trying cases before him up through non-capital murder. Having practiced before many other judges, including former prosecutors, defense counsel, and counsel for either party in family law and civil matters, in Dallas County and elsewhere before moving here, and without prejudice to either of his opponents, who I also knew well professionally, I am pleased to endorse and support Richard Beacom for re-election to another term as Judge of the 354th District Court of Hunt, etc., County, as I had crossed parfty lines to do in the old days and welcome to his new political home.

Hon. Stephen L. Mock Superior Court of California, County of Yolo, California


359. juror

He was very patient and fair with all parties involved. I would add that he is the only judge I have ever seen that allowed jurors to present questions for concideration durring trial. In my opinion this is a great idea since at times neither the prosecution or defence may have asked a question that a juror would like possibly answered that may allow that indevidual to make a more informed decission in his/her verdict. I commend him for this practice.