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Hon. J. Wade Birdwell District Court, 342nd District Court, Tarrant County, Texas


382. attorney (private practice)

horrible judge

Hon. Faye D'Opal Superior Court of California, County of Marin, California


381. attorney (private practice)

This judge apparently had no trial experience before being elected to the bench, and is very unconventional with respect to the conduct of trials.

Hon. Jon H. Sieve Hamilton Co. Domestic Relations Court, Ohio


380. attorney (public defender)

“In the course of history, there have been many champions of the First Amendment.” How sir, are you serving freedom?

Hon. Jacqueline Lucci Smith County Court, County Civil Court at Law No. 2, Harris County, Texas


379. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Lucci Smith needs to step down because of her lack of interest and care towards important causes, all causes are important. She canceled trial 15 mins before scheduled time to start trial, changed reschedule date twice and seemed bored, falling asleep, when trial finally started. She allowed opposite attorney to be late 3 times without any comments and she was in favor of plaintiff, whose attorney was an ex judge, from the beginning. She made it very difficult for defendant's witnesses to schedule time off for trial. She also would not allow materials that formed the lawsuit. Corruption at it's best with this Judge!!! Shame on you, your ex-honor!!!

Hon. James Hubert Westchester County Supreme Court, New York


378. other

Activist judge, or comlpetely ignorant of the law.

Hon. Johnese White Howard District Court, 330th District Court, Dallas County, Texas


377. party to case (with attorney)

I agree with the above comments. Misrepresents witness statements, does not pay attention, does not review notes prior to hearings, and gives preferential treatment to former colleagues. Court reporter is highly recommended or prepare to bring all parties necessary every time there is a hearing. Hand written judgment's very hard to read and understand. Contradicted herself in rulings throughout written copy.

Hon. Maria Socorro Leos Child Support (Title IV-D) Court, Title IV-D Court No. 25, Texas


376. other

I really don’t know how to go about this on account that I know she’s suppose to be doing her job. I really don’t mean to be unprofessional but this judge is a complete and total bitch. I feel that my rights as an American and a veteran has been totally violated. On three occasions ive heard unprofessional remarks to several individuals to include myself. Some comments are flirtatious to some individuals and very belittling and extremely rude towards others and uncalled for. Shell ask for an answer then interrupts me to defend myself, keep in mind that my attorney she appointed was not present to defend me. Had she let me speak she would have hopfully heard me say that i was not behind but ahead 3 months and that i was there for a modification. I must also add that she was 1.5 to 2hrs late on the 3 ocassions. I was not there for a murder, spousal abuse, or drug related case and I felt that I was reduced to that level, then she’s got the gull to thank me rudely for my active duty service then adding "if you even went overseas, because I don’t know if you did or not". its been hard every wakening day since oct 21st with this person, whom disgraces the community and the legal system, on my mind. I totally agree with the above comment and ive got more to share but im at the point that I must take a break. I don’t care what happens from this review other than my opinion. This judge better watch herself because one day she will piss the wrong person off. Her threats are nothing compared to how horrible this world can be, this is not a treat but advise.

Hon. Rita Mella New York City Criminal Court, New York


375. witness

I really like her style, and she seems knowledgeable and fair. My cousin is at CUNY Law school and just took a class with her and she was apparently really good.

Hon. Delwin T. McGee County Court, County Court at Law, Moore County, Texas


374. other

'Honorable' should not be next to this guy's name

Hon. Robert P. Dahlquist Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


373. party to case (with attorney)

This judge was transferred out of family court due to his extreme biases and anti-mother attitudes. He did have the reputation of being "a reader", but pretty much had his mind made up about things before he even stepped into the courtroom. He ignored documented evidence of neglect and instead of reducing custody for that, he awarded the father even more custody time. He ruined our lives for a long time -- I hope he is happy about that. Thankfully there are different judges there now, who actually listen to the evidence and don't have a bias one way or the other.