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400. witness

Judge Matsumoto is very incompetent, She clearly does not know the law and tends to with federal prosecutors when she is unsure of herself. She makes rulings that contradict one another repeatedly and she tries to keep others away to keep from exposing herself as one that does not know the law.

Hon. Shawna L. Reagin District Court, 176th District Court, Harris County, Texas


399. attorney (private practice)

Prosecutes from the bench

Hon. Sharon J. Waters Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


397. party to case (pro se)

Sharon Waters allowedWells Fargo Bank to win against the complaint I filed against them. Wells Fargo did not even hold a mortgage on my home, yet it intervened into my bankruptcy and petitioned to foreclose on my home. Wells Fargo presented fake/fraudulent documents in court, with fake signatures and fake notaries, and finally admitted their fraud. Yet Waters let them win and I got no recovery for the loss and damage done. I have been without a home now since 2008, thanks to Wells Fargo and Sharon Waters. She is the worst .. one of the most corrupt in any court.

Hon. John W. Vineyard Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


396. party to case (pro se)

this judge loves himself and is quite a poser.. he presents himself as kind and thoughtful yet will sweep all your claims away and let the defendants go without even any discovery. He ignored the facts and evidence and did a serious wrong in dismissing the claims I had of wrongful termination, defamation, false imprisonment, etc. He seems to be, in my opinion, on the payroll of the SEIU, the state govt., and other big entities. Interesting that after he threw my case away, he was made a judge, when he had been a commissioner when he made the unjust ruling against me. He is contemptible.

Hon. Gloria Connor Trask Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


395. party to case (pro se)

Trask is a witch, and so it is appropriate that she is wearing a black robe. A defense attorney, Martin Hagan of the state attorney general's office, slandered me in a document he filed. I sued him and she let him get away with it, saying that he had 'litigator privilege' and could lie with immunity. then what good is any court if lies can be allowed? this is despicable.. and at any rate this immunity is NOT absolute as she declared, but must be connected to an issue in the case, which Hagan had already claimed it was not related. Go to hell Trask.

Hon. Thomas H. Cahraman Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


394. party to case (pro se)

Judge Cahraman's hearing of my case was thoughtful, careful, and considerate. He was more than fair and seemed to have respect for me as a person and as a Plaintiff. I really appreciate a judge who shows the courtesy a person deserves in court.

Hon. Daniel A. Ottolia Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


392. party to case (pro se)

Ottolia is a sadistic, malicious person who should not be a judge. He dismissed just claims I had for defamation per se, by ruling that the false statements made against me were "opinions" when in fact not a single word indicating "opinion" was used by the defamers. Then he READ ALOUD in open court the contents of an email in which I was further defamed.. he said that since it had been sent only to me, it was not 'published to third parties' yet he himself deliberately and maliciously read the email aloud to everyone present in the court. I have recused him at least six times, yet he continues to refuse to step down from hearing cases in which I am a party, and even presided over a hearing against himself. this is corruption to the ultimate.

Hon. Susan Lopez-Giss Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


391. witness

To whom it may concern: My case before JUDGE SUSAN LOPEZ-GISS started back in 2008, when Commissioner Rocky Crabb ruled over an Ex-Party Custody Order, granting me, the Petitioner full custody because there was no custody order in place and the father had disappeared and kidnapped my infant son. It took Los Angles County Sheriffs, Orange County Sheriffs and San Bernardino County Sheriff's and 8 days to locate my son, being held by the Respondent's mother in a motel room in Lancaster, the Sheriff's department had to use phone tracing technology to track his mother and almost went to an amber alert. When my case was transferred to JUDGE SUSAN LOPEZ GISS, I asked for a Child Abduction Protective Order, which she denied, she ignored all evidence and facts pertaining to my sons abduction and acted as if it never happened. The Respondent made false accusations against me stating I used numerous drugs, when in fact the Respondent had an arrest history of drug use and I did not. JUDGE SUSAN LOPEZ GISS ordered for me to be drug tested 2x week, for 3 months and the Respondent to be tested 2x month for 3 months. The respondent made over allegations, again with no supporting facts, documents or evidence. JUDGE SUSAN LOPEZ GISS ignored the fact the respondent was homeless living in an industries shop, carless and jobless and awarded him overnight visitation which IS NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST of a 16 months old toddler at the time of trial. In the end of the year 2008, Primary Physical Custody was awarded to me and the father was to have every other weekend starting on Saturday mornings at 9:00am to Sunday 7:00pm and Wednesdays 4:00pm-7:00pm. The father hardly took visitations and went months without calling, eventually towards the end of 2009, I noticed my son had some learning disabilities and unable to communicate and I enrolled him in the Orange County Regional Occupational Program at the age of 2 1/2. I went through extensive interviews, testing and assessments for me son, the father was not present and was not evolved in the process, in fact my boyfriend at the time was at every meeting with me and my son. My boyfriend at the time also was financially supporting my son as the father REFUSED to pay child support at to this day owes almost $15,000.00. In May of 2010, the Respondent again filed false information in the Modification of order to show cause, stating my boyfriend assaulted him and I was refusing visitation, and that I illegally filed for a passport for my son without his consent. When in actuality he caused the dispute with my boyfriend after calling him horrific names in a public area two days before filing this paperwork. This motion was filed without my knowledge and NEVER served to me our minors counsel. The case was heard in July 2010 without my knowledge and the judge reversed custody as a default judgement, again with no evidences or facts to support Respondents outrageous claims! Respondent claimed I had fled with the child and he was unable to reach me or did not know the whereabouts of me or minor child, when in fact we were in phone contact via cell phone and landlines. Minor Counsel was merely present as she had other cases on calendar . I received a phone call from Respondents counsel only minutes after the court awarded this neglectful default custody order to Respondent, and he demanded I hand over my son immediately otherwise Court Marshall's would remove my son . I stated I was 45 minutes from the court house and please to wait for me, he agreed. When I arrived at the court house at 11:30pm, Respondent and Respondents mother were waiting by the court clerks office, I demanded for the Respondent to return to the court room as he flat out lied on court record and under oath. I attempted to talk to JUDGE SUSAN LOPEZ-GISS and she got up from her bench and extited the court room. At that point, it should have been grossly obvious the Respondent had lied as I was present and NOT "fleeing with minor child" . The court clerk advised me to file proper paperwork to see JUDGE SUSAN LOPEZ-GISS. I approached Minors Counsel outside of the courtroom and asked what I should do and explained I had no clue what just happened or what to do. Minors Counsel straight out called me a lair and said if you didnt know there was a court date why did you show up and I explained I recieved a call from Respondents Attorney and then told me she can not discuss the case with me. I immediately filed a declaration stating the facts that transpired and filed it with the court that very same day. At this point, I was forced to hire an attorney in hopes of filing the proper motions to have primary physicall custody of my son. We attempted to file an Ex-Parte asking the order to be returned based on CCP. 1005(b) which states: "Unless otherwise ordered or specifially provided by law, all moving and supporting papers shall be served and filed at least 16 court days before the hearing" Additionally, CCP 1013a requires an additional 5 days if mailing in the State of California. Therefore the documents must have been mailed by JUNE 18, 2010 to comply with Statues. As they were mailed on June 28, 2010, service is untimely and defective and Orders made should be set aside. JUDGE SUSAN LOPEZ-GISS denied this Ex-Parte. Most recently in January 2011, Judge Susan Lopez-Giss removed my motion for change of venue off calendar when I was not present in court and lied on court record and claimed I removed the motion off calendar. Court transcripts reflect otherwise and clear show her removing motion off calendar. There are about 40 other concerned MOTHERS, and I put emphasis on mothers because she is clearly bias to all women as she has stated numerous times as a child, her mother has kept her from her father and it has psychologically impaired her judgement and ability to rule fair and un bias towards women in general. Ultimately, she is endangering our children. FOR MORE INFORMATION, Please visit :

Hon. Patricia E. Henry Kings County Supreme Court, New York


390. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Patricia E. Henry of NYC family court had presided over a family members attempt at joint custody of his child. With understanding the court being in favor of the mother of the child, Judge Henry ignored all evidence showing the unfit nature of this woman. The mother of the child falsely accused my family member of physical and drug abuse. The results of a negative drug test along with proof of verbal and physical abuse upon my family member went UNACKNOWLEDGED. With regret, I believe Judge Patricia E. Henry was quite unfair in her ruling and caused more destruction than justice.

Hon. Ronald E. Albers Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, California


388. attorney (non-profit practice)

worst - judge -ever