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Hon. Patricia A. Macias District Court, 388th District Court, El Paso County, Texas


413. witness

SHE IS NO GOOD AND DOESNT KNOW anything about family law. no stars for her.....................

Hon. Karla D. Kerlin Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


412. attorney (public defender)

Completely sides with all prosecutions. No sense of fair play or justice. Creepy and crazy woman. Will wind up in jail someday. Shady shady shady!

Hon. Barbara Kapnick Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County, New York


409. witness

Judge never paid any attention to the trial. To busy managenig her affairs


408. witness

Judge Ricardo S. Martinez who wrote the Avvo decision? Oh I know him from law school and it appears Avvo won because this judge (may I express my First Amendment rights and call him an idiot? It's just my opinion based on the following, so I think I can), this Judge (not very bright if you keep reading) using his wisdom and incite says that AVVO is "not engaged in trade or commerce." How deep is Ricardo S. Martinez Avvo's judge's head buried in the sand, or rather, dusty books, cause it looks like he hand't opened a law book since barely passing the Washington Bar Exam (just kidding.. he's a public figure isn't he, so I'm sure I can say this). If he's not a public figure, guys keep writing about him, turn him into one. Avvo got MILLIONS in funding and Mark Britton the founder is sailing around in a freakin yacht NOT because Avvo is a freakin non-profit! Avvo got over 30 million dollars INCOME to spend on yachts owned by its one man rating system owner Mark Britton. That kind of income is not from commerce? So Avvo is a non-profit. Funny, it's not registered as a non-profit. Actually the corp records say PROFIT corp. Hmmm... So what's the connection between Ricardo S. Martinez and that smirking-photo'd Mark Britton. Oh they went to the same law school. Hire a private detective and see if they hang out. Pick up whores, etc. So, I'm here to express my First Amendment right to say: wake up lawyers, Avvo is a business. I can't believe Avvo is kicking all these lawyers asses. Come on lawyers, you can do better than that. Keep suing Avvo. Find their deceptive practices. Keep hard copies of all your notifications that Avvo is posting defamatory statements about you. Hello Congress: if a site is on notice it is ruining a person's life or livelihood, shouldn't it be liable?

Hon. Ida Hernandez Brazell Child Support (Title IV-D) Court, Title IV-D Court No. 24, Texas


407. other

This judge is the absolute WORST at hearing the child support modification cases. I have spoken to the AG's office in Austin about her behavior. My evidence and proof was too much for her to review so she reschedules the hearing. Really Lady? that is your job. My exidence was prepared to a T as per the AG's office. If this woman is to old to take the time to do her job and do it well than get her off the bench. My tax dollars contribute to her salary! No wonder she isn't married and lives in a crummy house on Monette. She is a hateful person who obviously has been on that bench too long to do her job effectively. I am sure MANY others agree. I will be filing a complaint with the state bar as well as Nueces Co. Maybe the media needs to expose her as well. We are far from over!

Hon. Barbara Marie Scheper Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


406. attorney (private practice)

Absolutely horrible judge. Lacks judicial temperment. Is agenda driven. Not objective.

Hon. Arthur L. Zulick Court of Common Pleas of Monroe County, Pennsylvania


405. party to case (with attorney)

This judge is biased and has been giving children to fathers over and over again! Myself and 3 friends have lost our kids with this judge! My ex had several restraining orders for hitting women and children including his own. He never asked to see this info and never did any kind of home study or evaluation of parents! These children fear their father and hate him and the judge even spoke to them and told him that they did not want to see their father let alone live with him! It seemed like this judge didnt care a out anything but siding with he father! I feel sorry for any one who gets this judge! There will be a complaint filed by several women going to the bar association!

Hon. Amanda Matzke County Court, County Court at Law No. 1, Brazos County, Texas


403. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Amanda Matzke reversed her own decision after hearing & seeing what my ex & his wife had mistreated & verbally, mentally & physically abused my 6 yr little girl!! She doesn't need to be a judge and should not be voted in this election 2012.

Hon. Cynthia Ann Ludvigsen Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino, California


402. party to case (pro se)

Judge Ludvigsen is awesome. The executor of my Dad's Trust stole most of the money. Unfortunely while Judge Ludvigsen was giving the thief the benefit of the doubt (as a Judge should) and asking for records that were never provided, the executor stole another $20K. Dad died in 2006, money's all gone, ex-executor has gone missing, but at least we should be getting a judgement against the thief soon.

Hon. Raymond J. Ewers Lorain Co. Common Pleas Court, Ohio


401. other

very disappointed! my ex was charged with domestic violance (2charges. felony 4th degree) and all he got was 4months in jail. while the minimum is 6 months.