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Hon. Charles F. Palmer Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


624. attorney (private practice)

Judge Palmer disfavors the underdog...more interested in protecting his cushy job that in the pursuit of short he ignores the law and facts to rule for the politically favored party (i.e. the one he believes can protect his job).

Hon. John W. Youngblood District Court, 20th District Court, Milam County, Texas


623. other

I agree with being "shocked" with this judge. Home schooling is an education choice in TEXAS it is not a custody reason to loose your children. They have been "kidnapped". Too many people these days are trying to take PARENTAL RIGHTS away. It doesn't matter if you disagree with people who home school, it is their right. The perfectly FIT mother in this case should definitely receive what she asks for: asking the judge to give her expanded visitation with her children, right of first refusal when the father travels, and for temporary spousal support.(The judge should give much more- anything he has to offer).The grandparents should never get custody unless parents (both) sign their rights away. I would never vote for or use this judge's services or anything linking to him. His first decision is biased. Personal experience- I home school in agreement with my husband(he was home schooled and offered the idea) even though my first choice would be a private Academy which we can't afford. PUBLIC schools are lacking in many ways to say the least.........Now we as parents are taking full responsibility for our children. I also have been a housewife ON and off throughout my marriage. If my husband had the indecency to do this to me,(with judge support) he should owe me for all the years of work he didn't pay me for. (spousal abandonment, unpaid wages) No parent should be punished for taking care of their children. SUGGESTION; children should be removed only from homes where there is abuse,neglect...........stop wasting time and money. The children suffer in the end!

Hon. Sabrina Kraus Housing Court, Civil Court of the City of New York, New York County, New York


622. party to case (pro se)

I find Judge Sabrina B. kraus - to be highly unethical, rude and hostile towards pro-se litigants (people with no money). I found it extremely curious that New York Times did not endorse her due to her shady tactics - RIGHT ON (very low morals)!! I also found it interesting (karma) that she felt she was at a disadvantage in the race for 2011 Civil Court due to low funding - that is laughable - because I witnessed her, not only discriminating against me because I was poor and black - I witnessed her being extremely brutal to other tenants who had low funds at well. What goes around - comes around. New york - please contain or remove her from housing Court.

Hon. Johnese White Howard District Court, 330th District Court, Dallas County, Texas


621. party to case (with attorney)

This Judge is an ignoramus. This judge removed a child from his only home of 9 years with his grandparents and placed him in the care and custody of an amitted peostitute and and a accused alcoholic and child molester. We need to all get together and impeach this judge. She needs to be removed.

Hon. David M. Szumowski Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


620. other

I am an ex drug user the drug that had a hold on me was crystal meth , i was using for about twenty years and went to jail and court to many times , they passed proposition 36 , i was in his court room he seemed to know what i needed i was sent to pegasus east in La Mesa , Thank God for this man who i believe saved my life , for if i had kept using i would either be incarcerated or dead , more than likely dead , i am so grateful for this man being the judge when i went to court so many years ago . I am coming up on 11 years clean , i have a support group , i am close to my family now , i have a life that i like , God is good , i am truly grateful that i stepped into his courtroom that day so many years ago , may he be blessed like angels are blessed , may other addicts be lucky enough to get and stay clean and have a good , productive life and when life gives us it's bumps in the road may we have the tools and the strength and the discipline and the belief in a higher power "which i choose to call God , be what we rely on instead of old behaviors of reaching for the bag, i am trully blessed and i pray others are and will be also , thank you again Lord for this man "David Szumowski" for he is one of my many angels , that has been with me on my journey of this life . thank you again for saving me from the grip of addiction and helping break the cycle of addiction,

Hon. Leslie E. Brown Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


618. other

This is no judge. This is an impersonator of a judge. Does not know the law. ALWAYS and I mean always rules for the Landlord in landlord/tenant cases. Never use this man if you can help it. If you do you better have a jury.

Hon. James Hayden Chemung County Court (Multi-Bench), New York


617. party to case (with attorney)

Will contest regarding my aunt, Mary L. Scianni. My cousins, Peggy Cassidy, Betty Wilson, and Mary Helen Olmstead were defendants. This judge required me to post a bond assuming this contest was frivolous, when such bond was not required, and without collecting any preliminary information. Failed to protect evidence. Failed to insure examination of witnesses, financial, and medical records was conducted and properly supervised. Did everything he could to obstruct an examination. Made ruling not based in evidence, and failing to inform my attorney. The court of appeals incorrectly upheld his decision, not considering that no examinations were held, and witnesses and records were not examined. James M. Dunleavy-Hammondsport, NY


616. witness

Atheistic socialism is not a law, it is an ideal. This judge needs to stop enforcing ideals - unbelievable.

Hon. Michael P. Vicencia Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


615. witness

he`s rude don`t let you finish the answer to the question that was ask.

Hon. Richard S. Kemalyan Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


614. other

He is the BEST!