Recent Reviews

Hon. Bob McCoy Court of Appeals, 2nd Court of Appeals, Texas


885. attorney (private practice)

Extremely knowledgeable and well versed Judge. Excellent temperment and decorum.

Hon. Doug Robison District Court, 393rd District Court, Denton County, Texas


882. other

This judge knows the law, yet he is rude and condescending to litigants. He will hurl assumptions about the litigants and the case even before he is aware of the details of the case. Judge Robison reads case documents while litigants are speaking and it is obvious that he is not impartial to what he is reading or that he has previously prepared for the case. Once, I saw where Judge Robison told a Pro Se Litigant that he was not at liberty to give advice to the Litigant. In the same breath, Judge Robison began to give specific wording for the Pro Se Litigant how to re-write a counter-suit petition and submit it back into court. Judge Robison is tempermental. Before lawyers arrive to the court room, they are already made aware of Judge Robison's temperment for the day, which is almost always "fussy".

Hon. Barbara J. Mallach Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo, California


881. juror

mean, harsh rude

Hon. Kevin L. Brown Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


880. party to case (pro se)

I am currently in progress to see whether this Judge is of Commemorable Character as a Judicial Officer. This Judicial Officer has appeared though not quite sure where a pending upcoming hearing is scheduled and wanting to see whether said Judge is going to Continually Deny Me Access to the Court to Make an Adequate Record in which said Judge has Denied me. However, he was pleasing to the opposing side to where said Judge granted the opposing side an opportunity to be heard outside my presence which of course with the appearance of Bias and prejudice being shown. Yet, giving said Judge the Benefit of the Doubt on whether said Judicial Officer is going to Continue in the same course of conduct to further Deprive Pro se, me an opportunity to press forward, or suffer the consequences of beeing held ACCOUNTABLE for said JUDICIAL OFFICERS ACTIONS/INACTIONS/OMISSIONS as REQUIRED via said Judicial Officers OATHS of OFFICE that said Judicial Officer Swore to UPHOLD, RESPECT.

Hon. Stacy Boulware Eurie Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento, California


879. party to case (pro se)

Also a Party to a Case Represented by An Attorney (Court Appojnted). This Judge from Dept. 90 at the Kiefer Juvenile Detention Courthouse in Sacramento, California is Undeserving to be on a Bench. This Judge has Countlessly and Continues to Be Prejudice and Bias, where her subordinate Judicial Officers, then Presiding Daniel M. Horton, and now Presiding Referee Marlene E. Hertoghe who Ongoingly Violates their OATHS of OFFICE to RESPECT and PROTECT the CONSTITUTION and PARENTAL RIGHTS and their MINOR CHILDREN. These Judicial Officers Continually Allow Illegal/Unlawful Minor Child Seizure(s) Relating to Two Illegal/Unlawful Minor Child Seizures where this Parent having presented PRIMA FACIE FACTS & EVIDENCE that said JUDICIAL OFFICERS IGNORE, DENY this PARENT ADEQUATE RELIEF and REMEDY. And all this has sprung up by Department of Health & Human Services Gisela Schue who having presented to the Honorable Judge Jerilyn Borack a Protective Custody Warrant to Seize First Minor Child from a Residence that was stated in the Protective Custody Warrant. Yet said DHHS-CPS Social Worker Gisela Schue Misled the Honorable Judge where DHHS-CPS Social Worker knew that said Minor Child was not present at the location/residence/place specified in the Protective Custody Warrant. And Whereby Minor Child Not Being at Substantial Risk of Harm or Danger from Minor Child's Parent-Father, in which in two Related Cases 1. JD231403, and 2. JD232166 has DHHS-CPS and the Judicial Officers engaged in Ethical Misconduct, Bias and Prejudice and is and has there been no Court of Equality nor Justice, all in which has and continues to go ignored.

Hon. Daniel J. Gattermeyer Hamilton Municipal Court, Ohio


870. other

I am also concerned over the horrid animal abuse by Elizabeth Lewis! Even more concerned that Judge Gattermeyer would allow this starving animal go BACK to it's cold, heartless owner. This woman has a video online and speaks, coldly, of her defense 'I did not starve the dog it was sick' and she is devoid of all emotion and eyes look vacant and cold. If the dog was sick, and thus could not gain weight, why did it gain what, 21 lbs or so when under the care of Humane society? My heart broke when I saw pictures on tv and online. How a judge could even consider letting this woman have any dogs shows him to be a cruel person as well.

Hon. Daniel J. Gattermeyer Hamilton Municipal Court, Ohio


869. other

Shame on this judge for his ruling that allowed an obviously abused dog to be returned to his owner Elizabeth Lewis. I feel Judge Gattermeyer should also be held responsible for this poor dogs suffering and death. What will you do this time, Judge Gattermeyer? Smack her on the wrist and send her on her way? Or will you do the right thing and punish this behavior to the maximum the law allows? Even though it's too late for Bruiser, maybe others will think twice before allowing the suffering of animals we as human beings are responsible for. This woman just laughed at you as she walked away with her dog in hand. Do the right thing this time Judge. You have to live with your decision.

Hon. Daniel J. Gattermeyer Hamilton Municipal Court, Ohio


868. other

After viewing the newscast concerning Judge Gattermeyer and his ruling which later resulted in the suffering and death of a dog, I hope that the voters in Butler County would not re-elect this man to sit on the bench in the future. Just seeing what this poor animal looked like the first time he was taken from Elizabeth Lewis and to realize that this judge actually returned the dog to her makes me seriously question both his character and his abilities. A judge who has such little compassion for an animal makes me fear what type of compassion he has for his fellow man! He should be horrified with the results of his inaction!

Hon. William H. McAdam, Jr. Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


867. party to case (with attorney)

This judge does not care what is in the best interest of the child, only what the father wants. My ex tried to kill himself in front of our child and has severe mental issues, yet the judge still gave him everything he asked for and completely ignored any thing that was best for the child.

Hon. James R. Dabney Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


866. other

Judge Dabney needs to step up to the plate regarding Lindsey Lohan and rescind her probation and put her in jail for the ENTIRE jail term that she already has coming, PLUS what she gets this time. Maybe a year in straight jail time will finally wake this girl up. She has been given chance after chance to get herself right, and doesn't. If that had been any other non-celebrity, we'd all bee in jail doing the complete sentence. By allowing her to continually thumb her nose at the Court, it is only teaching her that she's "different and special" which she is not. THROW THE BOOK AT HER! Before she kills an innocent bystander to her train wreck of a life.