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Hon. Joseph Farneti Suffolk County Court, New York


461. party to case (with attorney)

In a foreclosure case presented before this judge. Farneti ruled that an unlicensed servicer, who failed and refused to produce the original mortgage note and totally ignored a discovery request has established standing to foreclose. He did not even articulate his decision, just "They established standing"

Hon. Cynthia M. Heck Vandalia Municipal Court, Ohio


458. other

honorable judge barabara m. gorman deserves 5 stars in all categories based on what i have seen , heard and experienced in dayton, ohio.

Hon. Jennifer Jensen Saratoga County Family Court, New York


456. witness

I have worked in law for 10+ years & have never seen a more biased Judge. This Judge ignored facts and ignored the law. I was a witness brought in on a family court matter and was completely taken aback by how biased and angry she was toward the defendant and his attorney and treated the hearing as if it was an adversarial criminal trial. She does not have understanding, compassion, patience and she is definitely not open-minded.

Hon. Gregory S. Gaul Superior Court of California, County of Shasta, California


455. other

This judge is the reason I lost my child. There was no evidence that I was a danger to my child and he said there was. He said my house was too clean, and I had a poor attitude toward him. He had an old friend in the court room that stood watch. The friend happened too be the in-law, to the man I was fighting for custody for. He wasn't fair and pointed out nothing positive on my behalf and felt sorry for the father who wanted nothing to do with his kids. My attorney (of 10 years) and I was able to prove that I was fit in every extent. My attorney was beside himself when he heard that the law took the fathers side. The father is in Washington with my child now.

Hon. Elizabeth Ann Lippitt Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


454. party to case (with attorney)

I've been a practicing attorney for 23 years. My experience with her is as a party defendant. She is the most incurious, laziest, most intellectually incompetent judge I've ever encountered. I honestly think she has never read a case cited in papers submitted to her. There is obviously nothing going on in her mind, except how to clear her desk -- in fact, she always complains about how much paper she has to go through. She also does that really fatuous Kabuki exercise that so many Van Nuys judges do, where they pretend to be scribbling notes while an attorney is arguing (she's no doubt adding to her shopping list). She then announces she's taking the matter under submission as if we're hayseeds that justr fell off the turnip truck, so she can get on to the next matter. An hour later, viola!, she issues a ruling that just happens to be her tentative. She actually ruled on a copiously briefed anti-SLAPP motion without citing a single case. I detect in her not so much as a hint of a desire to do justice, rather, just like so many Repub judges, to make sure power and wealth get protected. If you look at her biography, you see she attended a nothing law school, did nothing of note while there, and somehow ended up as a D.A. In other words, another judge who has never really had to prepare a case in her life, and has no idea what civil litigators do. A truly horrendous jurist by any measure. If Sarah Palin had a law degree in California, and made it to the bench, she'd be Elizabeth Lippitt.

Hon. William Garnett Kings County Supreme Court, Criminal Branch, New York


453. attorney (private practice)

Overall good guy

Hon. Shelleyanne W. L. Chang Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento, California


452. other

I watched this Judge write decisions that contradict themselves. She's one whose mind is made up, don't confuse her with the facts or the law. She stated the law completely opposite of the Ninth Circuit's correct ruling. In an interview, she never entered private practice because she felt a stigma against Asians and females. With this chip on her shoulder, she kowtows to white men.

Hon. Peter K. Ottenweller Superior Court of California, County of Sonoma, California


451. party to case (with attorney)

i feel this judge was competent, and actually wanted and was very interested in helping

Hon. Deborah B. Andrews Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


450. witness

What I saw in this courtroom day in and day out made my stomach turn. This is the kind of judge who appears to be calm and reasonable on the outside, but in reality she is mentally unstable, unsure of herself and her very sensitive job. Her criminal prosecution of the hundreds of innocent men and women who, through no fault of their own, had to endure the wrath of her misguided ill-gotten evidence no matter how false and missleading it was, was criminal. Andrews should have been thrown off the bench long ago. Thankfully she's been voted out. She's a criminal who will suffer nothing for her crimes. rest in hell Ms Andrews. you deserve to be put to death

Hon. Michael J. Rushton Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


449. attorney (non-profit practice)

I watched this judge, month after month, refuse to follow controlling state law, written County of Riverside DPSS policy, a written dependency case plan, AND the actual facts in the record, in order to try to FORCE a parent in a dependency case to stop using medical marijuana, all because of his personal credo that ALL marijuana, medical or not, is illegal. This credo seems to be related to his status as a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS or Mormon), whose official position is that MEDICAL (not recreational) marijuana is the work of Satan and that laws allowing it use must be opposed. Worse still, when the parent obtained the pro bono help of a nonprofit organization that helps people legally using cannabis as medicine, Crusaders for Patients' Rights, he repeatedly violated the parent's constitutional right to the assistance of retained counsel of her own choice, and kept appointing and re-appointing, over the objections of the parent and of her retained, civil and constitutional rights attorney, the same defense appointment panel attorney who had specifically refused to defend the parent's legal use of cannabis. He also engaged in various other tricky little manuevers, like directing the Clerk's Office in Murrieta to bring him my pleadings BEFORE they were filed, and then directing the clerks to NOT FILE THEM, thus effectively controlling the record a reviewing court (or investigating authority) could easily access. Complaints to the then- Presiding Judge for the Riverside County Court, Sherrill Johnson, about this last activity went totally unheeded, indeed, the court refused to do anything. Why wouldn't a presiding judge want to stop a judge from interfering with the ministerial act of filing court pleadings? I couldn't believe it. While trying to figure out what was going on, I learned that Judge Johnson, like Judge Rushton, is also a member of the LDS Church, and probably has belonged, like him to the specialty bar association for LDS members. I've been an attorney for almost 30 years. I've worked, for years, for good judges like Robert Timlin and F. Douglas McDaniel. I've never seen anything like what I saw in Rushton's court room. If I could give him a negative rating, I would. And I'm not alone in my poor opinion of this man, but most attorneys can't afford to publicly make this kinds of observations. I gave him a high rating for "preparedness," because he went to a lot of trouble to try to make helping my client as difficult as possible.