Recent Reviews

Hon. Nelson Keith Brooks Superior Court of California, County of El Dorado, California


850. party to case (pro se)

I sat in Judge Brooks court on Feb 15, 2013 and watch with horror how he allow himself to be dupe by an ex con, master scam artist and a three times ex con. The plea from the victims asking protection from the courts against the ex con for harassment and threats fell on death ears. Judge Brooks may be a good human being with all the right intentions; however, he continues to demonstrate poor listing skills to Plaintiffs with legitimate requests for protection. This judge is tying the hands of lawenforcment by denying them the legal tools to enforce civil harassments and criminal threat laws en act by our law makers. Some one is going to get hurt by one those criminals that Judge Brooks has side with and ruled in their favor.

Hon. Clayton L. Brennan Superior Court of California, County of Mendocino, California


847. other

He allowed blatantly falsified evidence in a Small Claims trial. It was brought to his attention, and he acknowledged it, but let it slide, did not even ask the falsifier to explain. He then found in favor of the party who had falsified the evidence. He barely acknowledged anything the defendant had to say, seeming to be heavily biased from the outset in favor of the winning party. He also forgot that the winning party was being countersued, had to be reminded, very nearly "brought the gavel down" before all business was completed. He seemed, if not exactly corrupt, careless and disengaged.

Hon. Ellen Gesmer Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County, New York


846. witness

When does the laws of the state of New York come into play with her? I thought that it was a judges job to follow the law, not allow her personal opinion to affect the out come of a case. Some one needs to point that out to her. It's hard to believe in our justice system when the laws are not followed.

Hon. Diane R. Thompson Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania


844. party to case (pro se)

Judge Thompson is compassionate and committed,to making decisions,that are in the best interest of children.

Hon. David Lopez District Court, 256th District Court, Dallas County, Texas


839. party to case (with attorney)

Since 2007, I believed him to be a fair judge. However, I'm extremely disappointed with his performance since he appointed, new Associate Olvera, to replace Nichols. She obstructs justice, commits fraud, alters records, false swearings, etc. She is committing crimes against children nd Lopez, has not supervised her. She intimidates, threatens, and has complete control of your life. If try to appeal her ruling to Lopez, by the time he hears the appeal. It's obvious she's already biased him against you and manipualted him to support her decision. She's disgrace to the bench.

Hon. Richard Runes Rye City Court, New York


838. attorney (private practice)

Excellent Judge. Good temperment and very smart.

Hon. Dale R. Wells Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


835. party to case (with attorney)

stay away if you are a mom needed help. this judge is out of control! He said we'd have therepeutic counseling visits to introduce dad at counselor's discretion and now he says that i have to tell counselor to speed it up! since when is that my job? since when is that the judge's job? should that be left up to the mental health practitioner??? He is not looking out for the mental health of my child! Only what dad wants-which is everything right NOW!

Hon. Gregory R. Wettman Child Support (Title IV-D) Court, Title IV-D Court No. 10, Texas


834. party to case (with attorney)

He is a great judge....

Hon. Perry Parker Superior Court of California, County of Sutter, California


829. party to case (pro se)

Shame on you Sutter County for allowing this judge to behave the way he does, any other county would not allow it. He favors his golf buddies and all attorneys know it. He is a bully of the court and feels he is above the law. Unfortunately his mistakes affect peoples lives, when will this awful man stop?

Hon. Kimberly M. Briggs Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, California


828. other

This judge is biased and makes no attempts at hiding this. She is rude to attorneys who she is not in favor of and is a biased to district attorneys who have affiliations with judges she knows.