Recent Reviews

Hon. Richard Runes Rye City Court, New York


838. attorney (private practice)

Excellent Judge. Good temperment and very smart.

Hon. Dale R. Wells Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


835. party to case (with attorney)

stay away if you are a mom needed help. this judge is out of control! He said we'd have therepeutic counseling visits to introduce dad at counselor's discretion and now he says that i have to tell counselor to speed it up! since when is that my job? since when is that the judge's job? should that be left up to the mental health practitioner??? He is not looking out for the mental health of my child! Only what dad wants-which is everything right NOW!

Hon. Gregory R. Wettman Child Support (Title IV-D) Court, Title IV-D Court No. 10, Texas


834. party to case (with attorney)

He is a great judge....

Hon. Perry Parker Superior Court of California, County of Sutter, California


829. party to case (pro se)

Shame on you Sutter County for allowing this judge to behave the way he does, any other county would not allow it. He favors his golf buddies and all attorneys know it. He is a bully of the court and feels he is above the law. Unfortunately his mistakes affect peoples lives, when will this awful man stop?

Hon. Kimberly M. Briggs Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, California


828. other

This judge is biased and makes no attempts at hiding this. She is rude to attorneys who she is not in favor of and is a biased to district attorneys who have affiliations with judges she knows.

Hon. Linda Christopher Westchester County Supreme Court, New York


826. other

Judge Christopher should be removed.

Hon. Candace J. Beason Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


824. attorney (private practice)

The fact that she's pleasant doesn't make up for the fact that she often ignores the facts and the law in her rulings

Hon. Christine K. Goldsmith Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


823. party to case (pro se)

This judge makes faces, glares, and will not liusten to you even when you have all the written evidence and the other person only has hear say. Goldsmith should not be a judge. She has no common sense as she has shown in the past in the El Cajon court house.

Hon. Howard Aison Amsterdam City Court, New York


822. other

Judge Aison treats professional law staff and law enforcement professionals as subordinates and conducts himself inappropriately and often acts downright childish in his treatment of professionals he deals with on a daily basis. "If Judge Aison is not catered to beyond his pampered style he becomes childish and storms off after throwing papers at others." The greater than thou attitude and his demeanor within the public safety building is unacceptable. In his law knowledge and expectations the Judge is certainly adequate if not more knowledgable than most. His expectations within the courtroom are acceptable, his conduct with other professionals outside of the courtroom is deplorable.

Hon. Natalie C. Fleming County Court, County Criminal Court at Law No. 3, Harris County, Texas


820. juror

Your Honor: It was a pleasure to serve in your court on Tuesday and Wednesday for the DUI case. I learned a lot about the law regarding "driving while intoxicated" and your personal statements made during voir dire and at the end of the trial showed your charisma and passion for what you do. Keep up the great work! Respectfully, Thomas Ross