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Hon. Stephen W. Baker District Court, 306th District Court, Galveston County, Texas


507. party to case (pro se)

Judge Bakers court is openly hostile to any mention of jury trial. I was threatened with arrest for telling defendants that they did have the right to demand a jury trial. Gross misconduct, oppression, and manipulation of the public.

Hon. Michele G. Bononi Court of Common Pleas of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania


505. other

Been before her and she is never prepared. Says things she should do and does not follow thru. Men are dirt and never get to say the truth. She runs a real dog and pony show with the help of the Asst DA that only wants yes and no answers to questions that rquire answers.

Hon. J. Wade Padgett Augusta Circuit, Georgia


502. other

gender biased

Hon. Barbara McDermott Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania


501. other

Hello Barbara , My Daughter is Brandy South , We Have Been To Court 8 or Nine Times Over That Same Matter . The DA .Office ,and South Detective are Using Hard Mental Strain Telling My Daughter She is goning To Prison For 3 Year's. My Daughter Jump out of a Window be'cause she Thought The Police we're Banging on the Door . Broke her arm, and Leg ,and Maybe her Pelvis . Now Barbara They Have a Police Officer inside Her Room 7218 at The Jefferson Hospital which is also Wrong . I'am a old Frank Rizzo Man ' and now a Obama Man. My Daughter is Really a good Person. Her and Me own Some of World Best Diamonds . My Mother Died This Year 2012 .My other Mother was Baroness Noemie De'Rothschild . Can I meet with You -Best Wishes Les South

Hon. Lucindo Suarez Bronx County Supreme Court, New York


499. juror

Judge Suarez is very knowledgable and knows the law exceptionally well. He is fair with his rulings.

Hon. Jon H. Sieve Hamilton Co. Domestic Relations Court, Ohio


498. other

This magistrate's judgement was ruled by the law, BUT BARELY. His obvious bias almost put the defendant in jail, which would have been vacated on appeal. The state of Ohio has a loose canon here that will eventually cost the state a great deal of money.

Hon. James T. Walther Lorain Co. Probate Court, Ohio


497. attorney (non-profit practice)


Hon. Amanda Matzke County Court, County Court at Law No. 1, Brazos County, Texas


496. party to case (with attorney)

My husband had court with his son's mother and Judge Matzke assumed it was just a case of the deadbeat dad and refused to hear him out. He has never made a late child support payment and does everything he is suppose to do and she still will not enforce his visitation... she does not need to be a judge!!!

Hon. Steven G. Counelis Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


495. party to case (pro se)

this judge loses his temper if you speak the truth about how he isnt protecting our children. We should be able to speak the truth if asked the question why i feel the way i feel. But if this judge dont like your answer he becomes very rude and decides not to listen to you. This court system in Riverside is very corrupt!!!!!

Hon. Patricia E. Henry Kings County Supreme Court, New York


494. party to case (with attorney)

Wow she is so unfair. Doesn't give a guy a shot. All for the girl Mothers aren't always the best choice. I hope the child is not affected by this judges wrong choice