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Hon. Chris Duggan District Court, 423rd District Court, Bastrop County, Texas


939. other

A great guy!


938. other

I am still so impressed that Judge Reagan would take the time to call me in Florida and listen to my concerns about my son who was sentenced in his court room. My son expressed to me how kind, fair, and sincere your Honor was in regards to listening to him when he stood in front of Judge Reagan. After 4 months of being at a holding facility, I was becoming concern that my son was becoming to anxious because of the lack of rehabilitation that he needs. Can you imagine answering your cell phone and Judge Reagan's voice is on the other side? I have no influence, I am your average mother that worries about their children no matter what age they are. Judge Reagan restored my faith in the justice system and instilled me with hope that concerns about a loved one would never be ignored by him. Jo-Ann D. Johnson, M.Ed

Hon. F. Gates Peed Ogeechee Circuit, Georgia


937. party to case (with attorney)

Rules one way in court and signs orders for the oppisite at a later date.

Hon. Thadd A. Blizzard Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento, California


933. other

This judge is horrible, and makes abritrary decisions that adversely affect children. I'm not surprised that Schwarzennegger appointed him. Looks lilke the George Bush Clarence Thomas appointment. Useless

Hon. Robert E. Willett Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


932. party to case (with attorney)

Talk about clueless, this old man is new to being a gavel banger. I would be shocked if he can last another year with his current performance. I sat through several cases as I waited for mine. I don't know how a mental case like this gets appointed. Oh wait, he got appointed by the governator. I feel for anyone that deal with this pompous old geezer.

Hon. Diane Haddock District Court, 233rd District Court, Tarrant County, Texas


931. other

I am extremely disappointed in your unprofessional demeanor as of late. You show lack of objectivity and professionalism when you fail to listen to all sides in a professional manner and make disparaging of the participants by your assumptions rather than fact. While you may have been very helpful to many, your behavior just may have hurt many others. Maybe a break from such a stressful position would serve our community better. When a judge starts using abusive statements in the courtroom it is time to step down.

Hon. Stanley Pritzker Washington County Court, New York


930. witness

I have a father who has been going through family court against my mother. At first the judge was really hard on dad CPS was involved. Due to lying from my mother case was going downhill for dad. Upon receiving psychological evaluations on all of us my mother was determined narcissitic and unfit to care for youngest sister. Pritzker gave rightful custody to my father. More should be taken into account then a mother's word. Some father's are bad some are badly represented my father did his best, stayed honest and hopefully earned Honorary Pritzker's respect. If he reads this, guaranteed he will know what case this is

Hon. Gregory Wilson Alarcon Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


929. attorney (private practice)

I disagree that he does not read the papers. He is very well prepared and writes surprisingly complete and well-reasoned opinions/decisions. Very courteous but very smart and he does know what is going on. Excellent trial judge. Clerk is very good, too - really keeps courtroom in order and expidites trials. I have been a lawyer for a long time (40+ years) and he is one of the best judges I have appeared before

Hon. J. Wade Padgett Augusta Circuit, Georgia


928. party to case (with attorney)

claimed in court that "if i showed up to court without a lawyer that he was gunning for me." makes up his mind before the case got started. he is a very biased Judge.

Hon. Bonnie Crane Hellums District Court, 247th District Court, Harris County, Texas


927. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Hellums was balanced and fair in my case. She is no-nonsense and quickly cut to the chase, but that is not to say she lacks compassion. I never heard name calling or berating of petitioners in her courtroom. She has little tolerance for those who are less than truthful, so I can imagine that some would walk away with a negative perception.