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Hon. John Schwartz Rochester City Court, New York


525. other

I have found a quote by an author I read. My thoughts went to Hon. John Schwartz. "Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better" By Albert Camus.

Hon. Mary Fingal Schulte Superior Court of California, County of Orange, California


524. party to case (with attorney)

Ms Mary Fingal Shulte is a judge who comes in after vacation and makes everyone wait while she reads the pertinent records. She is so unfamiliar with the records that she make people with dementia show up repeatedly to her courtroom inspite of the aggitation that it causes them. She lets people flaunt court orders for payment even when the disabled are suffering poorer care.

Hon. James B. Munford District Court, 322nd District Court, Tarrant County, Texas


523. witness

Judge Munford gives mother's too much of a chance, and seems to be Pro-Mother no matter what. When there is a clear pattern of negligence that involves children, testimony from court appointed specialists, with clear documentation, there should be NO doubt that a father can take care of the child... yet, the Mother wins most all of the cases anyways. What happened to Father's rights? For any parent to sit back and see their child neglected over and over, mistreated, mentally abused, medically neglected.... when a father can provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment is pure injustice. It is time to wake up and REALLY listen! Not ALL mothers are meant to keep their children. For the Children who are too young or scared to speak up, please look at the bigger picture!

Hon. Gregory Wilson Alarcon Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


520. attorney (private practice)

Performance of the judge is deficient. While he does listen attentively to arguments, it is evident that he has not read the papers and that his research attorney makes the calls. He does not ask questions or make comments. The judge fails to monitor and control the conduct of his courtroom staff.

Hon. Linda A. Carpenter Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania


517. juror

On Monday I received a notice to report for "jury duty", while I know it's my civic duty to serve my city, I found it to be a pain. However, when I arrived in Judge Carpenter's chambers I was very comfortable from the very beginning. Once interviewed by Your Honor, I had a chance to be picked for jury. I was a little disappointed but I was soon encouraged by Your Honor that this case would be a short one. Day after day I felt comfortable as to her explainations of the law and what we should look at/for during testimonies. I felt extraordinaryly "special" when there were cops in the courtroom and they began to stand up and she pointed and said "NO one stands before my jury" :) She was fair and also very easy to listen to. ANYONE that has the honor of being in her courtroom I do hope you enjoy your duty as a juror. Also her staff was wonderful. Anything we needed it was given to us, no questions asked. Thank you for reading my post, hope it made you feel a little better of becoming a juror.

Hon. Bonnie Crane Hellums District Court, 247th District Court, Harris County, Texas


513. witness

I watched her in court and she went flip side on this lady. The woman was explaining her case with her lawyer and the judge just started yelling at everyone including the husband and cps!.. I was afraid! I felt so sorry for the young lady. It was sort of personal the way she disrespected this woman. She attacked her personally..constantly referring to her as a loser!.I never saw her once look at the lady's case file!

Hon. Michele G. Bononi Court of Common Pleas of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania


511. party to case (pro se)

Disagree with the above. In family court someone if not everyone is always unhappy. If you want a say then settle rather than complain. She is always prepared and treats all fairly.

Hon. John S. Fisher Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


510. juror

Judge John S. Fisher is very clear in his instructions, maintains control of the courtroom and is very fair in applying his knowledge of the law and court room procedure. Additionally he does his job with a suitable good humor.

Hon. Wendy Getty Superior Court of California, County of Solano, California


509. party to case (with attorney)

Amazing judge! I had her a few years ago for family law, she listened, cared and ALWAYS focused on the children. Wish she would return to family law, that IS the kind of judge that the children need!

Hon. Guy Williams District Court, 148th District Court, Nueces County, Texas


508. courthouse employee

Elected as a judge after many attempts for being a judge for several courts. What a big mistake to elect him as a judge after what i have seen of him in court.