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Hon. Sharon Townsend New York State Judicial Institute, New York


536. witness

She has no heart. I watch her want to rip a family apart because they were upset and crying because they were hurting. This just made her mad and she then she ruled on emotion. She spoke of other court cases during this one and thats aginst the rules. She did not have anyone to a back round check to see who these people really were. She is not trying to help this family at all she is trying to keep them apart because she knows best but she don't even know them. Heartless cold and cruel.

Hon. Sheri Y. Dean District Court, 309th District Court, Harris County, Texas


535. other

I heard she got grievances filed when she was a lawyer. I've heard she's bad news. Even if you don't vote Obama, please vote her out. It could be your bff or sister or boyfrieoyed nd who doesn't get a fair unbiased hearing. Woe to all of you who have made any mistake whatsoever and find yourself unemployed, underemployed, or flat out broke by her mandated mediations that amount to squat.

Hon. Sheri Y. Dean District Court, 309th District Court, Harris County, Texas


534. party to case (with attorney)

Vote for Bill Rice and Obama if you want a truly fair bench in Houston.

Hon. Sheri Y. Dean District Court, 309th District Court, Harris County, Texas


533. party to case (with attorney)

Heaven forbid you need a divorce and draw Sheri Dean. You do NOT want this judge...unless you are the wife-beating son of rich people in West Houston, regardless of childrens' "best interests". Please do society, and possibly yourself a or somebody you know, a favor and DO NOT VOTE to re-elect her this November.

Hon. Lisa C. Schall Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


532. party to case (with attorney)

She CLEARLY disrgarded black-and-white laws designed to protect a tenant. BAD decision. I know EVERY litigant in a losing case blames the judge...ut at the risk of being "that guy," I will tell you that she DID disregard a black and white law, completely. Not happy, oh well!

Hon. Nelson Keith Brooks Superior Court of California, County of El Dorado, California


531. party to case (with attorney)

Nelson Keith Brooks is running for re-election in El Dorado County, California. Despite the endorsement of the local newspaper, the Mountain Democrat, he is not qualified for the office. His court room policy of NOT granting first time incidents of violence or violent threats to victims seeking restraining orders, regardless of the severity or nature of the violent threat, prejudice the already reluctant and timid petitioners before they even walk into his court room. Needless to say, Judge Brooks policy are contrary to California state law. I would advise anyone interested in finding out more about the truth, to review court transcripts as to his decisions. Judge Brooks decisions should be scrutinized by his peers, as well as the court of public opinion.

Hon. William H. McAdam, Jr. Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


530. other

I have to say, this guy shoots from the hip. I thought I was dead meat, and I thought my ex-wife had me dead to rights...but she got under his skin a little bit and I got everything I wanted. Not sure what will happen in the trial, but I'm happy. Thanks Judge Mcadam.

Hon. Jeffrey A. McMeans County Court, County Court at Law No. 2, Fort Bend County, Texas


529. juror

It seems like this man does not take his job and the responsibilities that come with it seriously.

Hon. Thomas (Tom) V. Head County Court, Lubbock County, Texas


527. other

Tom, pull your Head out of your ass, you are embarrassment to all of the good people of Texas. Resign!!

Hon. Kathleen Ann Sutula Cuyahoga Co. Common Pleas Court, Ohio


526. party to case (with attorney)

Get a change of venue A.S.A.P. or you will never see the light of day!