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Hon. Alice Vilardi Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, California


960. attorney (non-profit practice)

I have never met a Judge who demonstrates the poorest demeanor. She is so driven wanting to embarass the very qualified lawyers who appear before her that it simply does not make sense. She is dismissive, rude, attacking and petty in her complaints. She comes across as somebody with a big personality and does a disservice to the community at large. She forgets she gets paid by the tax payers and she owes them a duty, respect, civility and patience. She seems to get enjoyment on putting people down including the family law bar who appears before her and doing this in front of other litigants, members of the bar and her courtroom staff (who are the best). Efforts are made to try and settle everything outside her courtroom because she is a dodging bullet. She does not appear to read the file as I have had a recent trial with her where it was clear that she forgot that she had already had a trial and it appears that because I reminded her of the prior proceedings, she was embarrassed and decided to become quite unprofessional. Family law litigants need to be treated like disciplining children. A judicial officer should be gracefully direct, firm but compassionate in their message to the litigants and their attorneys so as to gain their cooperation in following her orders and leave the proceeding feeling that the process is fair. Family Court is often an arena where members of society have their first introduction to the legal system and to treat the litigants and their counsel as second class citizens is simply not right. She is doing a disservice to the community at large and maybe it is time for her to retire.

Hon. Susan D. Huguenor Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


959. party to case (with attorney)

She handed an abuser custody of the children whom he continually abuses more time. She was not prepared because one parent was loaded with money and a shark of an attorney. The other parent was not. The abuser/parent lied to the judge and she was so stupid and believed him. The Family Court Services Report was grossly flawed, yet this dummy of a judge followed it to a T. She has no business being in a courtroom. The children are terrified of the abuser and hate going for these lengthy visit. She is plainly INCOMPETENT AND AWFUL.

Hon. Mary Brown District Court, 303rd District Court, Dallas County, Texas


958. attorney (private practice)

Great judge

Hon. Michele G. Bononi Court of Common Pleas of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania


951. party to case (with attorney)

Bononi was very professional, prepared and knows what she is doing.

Hon. Vivian Torres County Court, County Court at Law, Medina County, Texas


947. party to case (pro se)

The "judge" made it clear to me that without legal representation,i could not win the case. She sure made sure that happened. Typical Texas jurist.

Hon. Michele G. Bononi Court of Common Pleas of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania


946. courthouse employee

Ms. Bononi has an awful temperament. This is known not only throughout the county but within the courthouse as well. She is and has always been more concerned with her political connections as opposed to helping others out õf the goodness õf her heart. She only affiliates herself with charities, organizations and people that she feels will be beneficial to her careers or name. She not only bad mouths those less fortunate than her but also her staff, colleagues, and even family at times. She often likes to play the poor woes me girl from new jersey but contradicts herself in almost every scenario. Her law clerk is who should take credit for all her work, being that Bononi only takes credit for what others have done on her behalf. She continuously flies off the handle in the courtroom, complains õf other judges lack there õf, abuses her power at times and never lets others have a word. If she feels you dont like her she will be harder on you, since she still maintains a highschool persona and everything is a popularity contest with her. Herunprofessional demeanor will eventually catch up with her. I pity those who think she's a friend as well as those who must go before her. Though others never tell her how they really feel cause õf her position as judge. Judge bononi truly needs a eagle up call and shouldn't be reinstated.

Hon. David R. Workman Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


945. party to case (pro se)

Judge Workman has always been very patient and kind helping through trial and conference while I defend myself in custody issues. I truly believe god works through him provide justice in my opinion. I did not win custody in my case, but was still treated with great patience and kindness. I am still going through my custody battle, and am at ease knowing Judge Workman is handling the case.

Hon. Julia Craig Kelety Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


944. attorney (private practice)

Judge Kelety is a outcome-driven judge and lacks flexibility in changing her opinion. She has a destination and she will achieve that goal, law be damned. In short, she lacks integrity, for the law or the facts. She is driven by emotion and has the inability to admit when she is wrong that is typical with the position. Ego based and centered decisions.

Hon. Robert E. Willett Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


941. party to case (with attorney)

You guys are being too nice, this guy's an idiot! He nearly fell asleep during my hearing and didn't pay attention. He kept bringing up the wrong points and totally f'd up my visitation. Thanks for ruining my relationship with my children.

Hon. Chris Duggan District Court, 423rd District Court, Bastrop County, Texas


940. other

A great judge and a great person!