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Hon. Gerald C. Jessop Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


9100. party to case (pro se)

Their is no honor in Jessop. I wrote up and filed a motion for a reduction of spousal support based on Family Court 4321. He didn't read the motion before he entered the court room nor read it while in the court room. He then was condescending and told me that he was trying to help me. Only ignorant people talk to people like that! So I pay the fee's and come in from out-of-state thinking I would be heard and it didn't happen & then to make it worse he awarded $1000. to her attorney. He also stated that he might be able to double the spousal support after my child support obligation was complete. None of that happened of course because it was illegal. I got a new Judge and explained the situation. He said I was in my right to be heard which I wasn't. He also reversed the $1000. I am still a little shaken up that a Judge would do that and have not gone back in to be heard again. Jessop was way out of line. I have had two Judges that have been pretty fair, Harry Powazek being my first and the most fair. I didn't always get my way with either Judge but Jessop is a joke!

Hon. Gilbert Rosas Child Support (Title IV-D) Court, Title IV-D Court No. 27, Texas


9099. other

This judge didnt get to hear all my side.. Whats important is that I know its true and god and child know it also....It made it sound like i was the bad parent in keeping my kid away fromfather... In reality his father walked out on child to be with a woman who doesnt work... Hes paying for their dang wedding..he said he couldnt afford to give my child CS.. Cause he was paying for wedding.. Thats when the devoted mother in me opened her eyes and filed for CS...He had not seenmy child in months.. He was out of town weekend get away w herduring fathers day.. And didnt bother to call child to wish him happy bday... And now i have to share custody.. SMH.. But only good thing he has to pay by force!.. Andmore than i hoped for.. Yay.. TYG... That man was earning as much as me..and he said he couldnt afford to give his child anything... Thats the only thing im grateful from judge decision. Thank you judge! 3 1/2 stars i wish he had not decided for shared custody... Remember father walked out on child.

Hon. Tina Polachek Gartley Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania


9098. witness

I’m only leaving 1 star because it is the lowest option. I came and sat in on an ongoing case with someone I know and I must say, she is unfit to judge even in a pie eating contest! I watched her speak disrespectfully not only to the defendants but also to counsel. She spoke down to the attorneys and from what I saw handed out the max sentences for those before her. She’s incompetent and lacks integrity. I suggest that the people of Luzerne county fight to have her removed from the bench. I’m sure it is her wish to detain every free citizen in the area. I’m not a resident but I strongly suggest Luzern County residents research this judge and get her off the bench FAST!

Hon. Sean Finn Child Support (Title IV-D) Court, Title IV-D Court No. 4, Texas


9097. other

Judge Finn didn’t listen to me that I wasn’t getting my visitations and I had proof . Then the attorney general Harry Weaver had me sign a blank paper and hands it to my ex lawyer and she filled n that I was to go to jail n 61 days. Judge Finn failed to read it and signed off on it when judge Finn said to return back n 90 days with $4500 . So the court issued a warrant for my arrest and I live n California. Judge Finn failed to do his duties as a judge and failed to comply with the laws. I never got to see my kids because Judge Finn is a unfair judge

Hon. Katherine B.L. Platt Court of Common Pleas of Chester County, Pennsylvania


9096. witness

I witnessed several hearings before this judge who removed a child from its mother claiming the mother committed "child abuse" because she followed direction from Cps to obtain medical help for the child or she could lose custody through cps. The mother sought out help for this child who was suffering and pleading for help from its mother. The judge disregarded all evidence in this case and testimony and sided with father and a well known attorney who will stop at nothing as long as her pockets are being filled even so much as to allow the child in this case to reach its breaking point and suffer a nervous breakdown. I did not believe this mother until I attended several trials. This mother is still without her child and fears it will again be used as a money making pawn by court personel who could care less about its heath or well being. Please vote this judge out of office so she cannot risk the life of another one of chester counties children getting used to make money. Pray for this family,court,children and all invloved. Its one thing to commit a crime. To be an entity of law and comitt crimes to the point of neglecting a childs life is unheard of.

Hon. Cathleen Cawood Bubash Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania


9095. party to case (with attorney)

She is the worst judge you can imagine. She does not even have common sense regardless of being fair as a judge. She didn't read the report and ignored the facts. All she did was telling people her personal life and hope others to follow her "successful shared custody" and peaceful life philosophy. She made me lose the confidence on our judicial system. Unfortunately you cannot change judge in PA. Please vote NO to her and stop her retention for next term.

Hon. Mary Alice Brennan Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County, Pennsylvania


9094. other

I feel that her court room aswell as many others in that courthouse are disproportionately incarcerating African-American And others of color . The law definitely is not being applied equally . 90% of the time if the defendant is of color they are guilty . Regardless of the evidence that proves otherwise or The character of the person . There is racist undertones there's also a overall feeling of an unbalanced scale . With this Is the fact of police officers being proven liar on different occasions . This is ignored and their statements are still held in higher standing than a citizen. I encourage people of the community and then higher ups to do the research on your own . Come to a few court rooms and witness for yourself , but most of all do your research . (Side point ) people of color are the most impacted by incarceration for nine Violet people of color are the most impacted by incarceration for non violent crimes FACTS

Hon. Michael J. Rushton Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


9093. party to case (pro se)

you give Restrining Order against my daughter do you have family do you have children if you love your children as a father you should know the pain I can’t hundale this anymore you separate me from my daughter from my family you made me homeless rushton you are an animal the Karma of innocent people like me will get you God will punish you For showing your power to the innocent this life is very very short

Hon. Larry Edward Thorne III District Court, 317th District Court, Jefferson County, Texas


9092. party to case (with attorney)

I cant begin to express the damage judge thorns bias ruling has caused my family. This man truly has a deep seated hatred of woman with no care to the children involved.

Hon. Bruce Tolbert Westchester County Supreme Court, New York


9091. party to case (pro se)

Horrible. Unjust IMMORAL, COWARD. EVIL.