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Hon. William H. Follett Superior Court of California, County of Del Norte, California


8370. other

Typical liberal Cali judge. Wonder what you would have done if this was your daughter? Oh, evidently you would have been playing the role of "Big Brother" Sick SOB

Hon. Philip Cortese Montgomery County Family Court, New York


8369. party to case (with attorney)

I had this judge too. He was literally a nightmare. I see others feel the same. Case #7385 why didn't your counsel ask him to recuse himself? That is a direct conflict of interest.

Hon. Susan J. Matcham Superior Court of California, County of Monterey, California


8368. party to case (pro se)

First of all she was NEVER voted by the People of California and Second of all she was APPOINTED BY ACTING GOVERNOR ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER who knows nothing about Real Lives Of People anyway. This Judge is a Gay Woman ONLY to destroy men's life once they come up against her in the Courtroom because she has already made her decision anyway. A GAY ATTORNEY told me that it doesn't matter about the evidence anyway it's all about who can tell the most convincing LIE to get what you want within her courtroom in which he sold me out to the Medusa Serpent of all Gaylord’s to protect and serve them only with MONEY. But it's a NEW DAY and all the Serpents millions or billions won't SAVE them from their corruptions that they did to people with their lies of conflict of interest on a worthless piece of paper that they sign their name too is nothing but lies of liars, fake laws and fake news that was used against you Illegally by having a Clerk Court sign your name on a property deed that is known for a FACT is Fraudulently FRAUD of a lying tramp that marry Disable Veterans that forge her name onto your property illegally and get her Gay Friend Judge in Court to uphold a lie of Fraud that’s a good deal when one day all the dirty crap that this Judge and this tramp created upon people will totally backfire and they will be on the other side of their own Self Destruction in the need of HELP trying to convince people to give them a chance that she gave NO ONE ELSE a chance of legal due process under the Law of Common Laws by violating your civil rights of due process of fact evidences that was never used for your case it was always a one sided case for this ex-tramp wife that only married me for 6 months to forged her name onto my property to try and steal it from me through a fake loan that she forge my name to get her name onto my property. GOOD LUCK serpents!!

Hon. M. C. Superville Jr. County Court, Lamar County, Texas


8367. attorney (private practice)

This is THE MOST crooked judge I have ever seen in my life. Taking down the Confederate monuments because some anonymous citizens request it is tyranny and a violation of the funds of the country for which this judge should be disbarred and tried for theft. I am ashamed to call myself an attorney in the same class as this man who does not care about the law, history, reality or the truth. Disgraceful! Beyond the pale disgraceful. Shame on you!

Hon. Susanne M. Fenstermacher Superior Court of California, County of Contra Costa, California


8366. party to case (with attorney)

This judge does favors for people she knows, a few people have come forward and have admitted the wrongful doing. All judges are held to the highest standards with the law. No judge should be doing any favors for anyone or if approached not talk to anyone involved in a court matter. Judges are not above the law.

Hon. Daphne Sykes Scott Superior Court of California, County of Orange, California


8365. witness

Judge Sykes does not make rulings based on family law codes, state laws, federal laws, facts, or in the best interest of the child. She is disrespectful to unrepresented litigants and does not listen to cases in a fair and neutral manner.

Hon. Lisa C. Allen Hamilton Co. Municipal Court, Ohio


8364. other

She should be partnered with judge bernat they need to step down.

Hon. Fanon A. Rucker Hamilton Co. Municipal Court, Ohio


8363. other

Great judge!!!!

Hon. Richard A. Bernat Hamilton Co. Municipal Court, Ohio


8362. other

He is a terrible unreasonable judge!!!!

Hon. Bradley J. Greenberg Hamilton Co. Municipal Court, Ohio


8361. other

Great fair judge