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Hon. T. King Fifer County Court, County Court at Law No. 2, Dallas County, Texas


574. other

This judge is biased towards companys and he allows lawyers to misrepresent the truth

Hon. Richard E. L. Strauss Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


573. attorney (private practice)

Overall good judge

Hon. William J. Mazzola Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania


570. other

I am aware of him and i am one of his neighbors and he nothing but quiet and keeps to himself, if he does sell pills there is no evidence of it. he is a good neighbor and a great guy with a good heart.

Hon. Brent Chesney County Court, County Court at Law No. 5, Nueces County, Texas


569. other

Judge Chesney is horrible. His decisions regarding the safety of children is scary. His overall knowledge of substance abuse including factors that contribute to substance abuse as well as risks to children in the care of persons under the influence of drugs is nonexistent. He often makes decisions without considering all of the evidence and safety threats involved. He is definitely the person to vote for at the next election if you are one of the few people that supports the abuse and neglect of children.

Hon. Craig D. Karlan Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


568. party to case (with attorney)

He implied that he possessed psychic powers! Basically, he BELIEVED that a Civil Harassment Restraining Order should have been issued against a woman who was raped by her former live-in domestic partner, a guy. He completely ignored that along with the abuse. Karlan believed the guy instead of the woman. He also tossed the woman's legitimate Domestic Violence Restraining Order out the window and only issue a Civil TRO against her. He also found the witness who forged the woman's signature for the ex-live in a "very credible witness" despite the proof of criminal behavior and a criminal investigation for forgery against the ex-live in. Karlan is discriminating against how you look in person rather than the true facts. He goes by supposition not reality. Nothing, repeat, NOTHING was ever provided to him as actual proof, yet he made the accusers credible by granting the Civil Harassment Restraining Order against a Rape Victim. He failed to toss out a Civil Harassment Restraining Order that wasn't even supposed to be filed. Rather, Lisa Hart Cole failed to dismiss it, but Karlan failed to notice the violation and allowed it. It was supposed to have been a Domestic TRO but since the parties lived together within the past half year or so, and there was no violence against the male, Karlan ignored the rule and allowed the Civil TRO to stay. He's a Beverly Hills High School Jerk with two Ivy League Degrees, especially against women. He also has a temper because he assumes he knows how to read people and gets angry when he is proven wrong. Yet, he fails to correct his bad decisions time and time again.

Hon. Michael Terrell Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


566. party to case (with attorney)

This guy blows. He is doesn't stick to his guns very well. If he makes a judgement against you, keep fighting you will get your way


565. attorney (private practice)

Judge Coar is a fair and excellent judge, albeit sometimes ill-tempered.


562. other

Please help us the people keep our vote. Don't let us down. I know you can see the truth behind this voter suppression. GOD help you Faithfully Yours Clint Whaley

Hon. Rolf Michael Treu Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


561. attorney (private practice)

The dude is a nut. Makes you salute the flag when he comes in, and runs his courtroom military style. Issues sanctions liberally, and is a stickler for Court Rules . . . all of them. You will be sanctioned if you show up to your CMC late, or fail to actually meet and confer prior to CMCs. Your ex parte applications will be thrown out if your attorney declaration does not meet ALL of the requirements. He reads the papers, is prepared to discuss them, and remains open minded during oral argument. As long as your papers meet the technical requirements, he tends to rule pragmatically. And as long as your capable of complying with the rules, and showing up on time, he's just about all you can ask for in a state court judge.

Hon. Ruth Ann Kwan Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


560. attorney (private practice)

Judge Kwan is just a needlessly unpleasant person, and she seems to pick favorites and predict outcomes in ways that seem inappropriate. In my one case before her, which was litigated intensely for there years, she was always pretty pleasant to me, and effusive toward one of the lawyers on the other side, but she was regularly just rude to my partner, and to one of the other lawyers on the other side. I have to give her credit for general knowledge and preparedness, but sometimes neither her knowledge or her preparedness seem to factor in her rulings. For sheer unpredictability and attitude, she on my automatic ding list.