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Hon. Amy Clark-Meachum District Court, 201st District Court, Travis County, Texas


655. other

Thank you Judge Amy Clark Meachum for your efforts to protect Women's rights in Texas. You are the best! If only we had more Judges with your character. If we did this issue would be a non issue. Thank You! You are my hero!

Hon. Trevor S. White Superior Court of California, County of Contra Costa, California


654. party to case (pro se)

Judge White is impatient and does not appear to read the facts presented in his cases. He appears to be biased against women and makes many irrational decisions. He does not belong in the family court as he does not have the judicial temperament to make rulings in family cases. He is impatient and disrespectful particularly to pro se litigants and is chummy towards attorneys which is unfair to people who do not have attorneys. He seems to always rule against unrepresented WOMEN!

Hon. Joyce M. Cram Superior Court of California, County of Contra Costa, California


653. party to case (pro se)

This woman makes her own laws and doesnt follow what the probate code laws are. How come these judges are not overseen by anyone. She was bias and had her mind made up before the trial even started. She is unfair and is a complete anti family judge, Gave me no way to reunify with my child whatsoever and there was no clear and convincing evidence of all the crap my family was saying about me to make me an unfit parent. Refused to refer the case to CPS for an investigation as required by law. She is an old woman who is all for old people ....

Hon. Derek Flournoy County Court, County Court at Law No. 2, Angelina County, Texas


652. party to case (pro se)

Judge Flournoy is basing his decisions in a guardianship based on one fact, and one fact only. Any other information he has received is not true. It is therefore not evidence, but he is using those "false facts" to come to his decision. He has pre-judged me each time I have appeared in his court, and he has never taken into account anything that I have said. Four years later and still fighting... Also, he either has a very poor court reporter, or they change the records so as not to incriminate themselves. Twice. As for written orders, I have asked that he give me in writing substantiative evidence that supports his decision. He hasn't responded But yet the ad litem attorney hasn't either.


651. attorney (private practice)

Only complaint would be the feeling that he appears compelled to side with prosecutors regardless of the case.

Hon. Ellen Gay Conroy Superior Court of California, County of Ventura, California


649. party to case (with attorney)

She is not qualified to be a family law judge. She was biased in favor of women and against men. She did not try to understand the specialized law questions that arose in the trial. With regard to sanctions she is again biased and acts without due consideration for the parties or the issues. I would not recommend her in any setting but would certainly file a 170.6 to save the grief of her poor comprehension of the law.

Hon. Karin Bonicoro Child Protection (Cluster) Court, Child Protection Court of Central Texas, Texas


647. other

Judge Bonnicaro seems very ill prepared from hearing to hearing having to be reminded who is in the courtroom and where things were left off. She does not appear to follow customary procedure or even the law. I personally have been very disappointed with her.

Hon. Robert D. Fragale Marion Co. Family Court, Ohio


646. other

This judge concerns me. I think he knows the law well enough however does whatever he wants including creating information while ignoring facts and the law as necessary to his own agenda. To a point we have given judges this right/responsibility but they are supposed to use their freedom to promote at least the spirit of the law. Even as a republican I would not vote for him and I think he is dangerous to the promotion of justice and the legitimacy of the judicial process. Very strange and inappropriate judgments.

Hon. Cathy Morris Child Protection (Cluster) Court, Child Protection Court of South Texas, Texas


645. witness

i have sat and witnessed this judge myself..she dont look at all the evidence nor take time to hear anyone side but the cps case workers. she has no feelings toward the victims of's not a fair court judge at all....i agree with everything on this page

Hon. Jennifer James Robin District Court, 418th District Court, Montgomery County, Texas


643. witness

if you are a woman this is the judge to have, her obvious biasness towards the mother in the case was clear to anyone observing the procedure, dispite the testimony from CPS, child conselor and children themselves requesting the father be granted custody.