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Hon. David Lopez District Court, 256th District Court, Dallas County, Texas


8380. party to case (with attorney)

I'm not sure why he is still on the bench. He and his associate Judge are biased. In a case where my ex was domestically violent, he prevented me from seeing my child in a normal manner. He doesn't ensure fairness nor does he support fathers as he claims. My ex was able to miss visits and he does nothing. He doesn't not hold women to agreements and court order but will punish men for doing things without even breaking the law. He needs to be voted out of office.

Hon. Michael J. Barrasse Court of Common Pleas of Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania


8379. other

The dignity, respect and compassion he afforded my family while we were in crisis made it possible for my entire family to come together 1 last time. I am eternally grateful that he allowed my boys to say goodbye and that my son was able to grieve with his whole family.

Hon. Johnny Baynes New York City Civil Court, Kings County, New York


8378. party to case (pro se)

HE IS A GAY BASHER. During the first appearance in front of him Judge baynes had a motion from plaintiff for trial preference showing he had HIV and suffered severe depression as well as a damaged immune system, a severely damaged respiratory system. He asked the plaintiff "if he was gay" and then (1) allowed defendants attorneys to argue without providing plaintiff opposition papers; told the plaintiff that the defendants did not have to give him an affidavit of service on what documents were submitted to the courts and that the plaintiff can take the train into the courthouse and check the files in the clerks office to see what opposition papers were sent and make copies of them (while knowing the plaintiff was living off SSI), gave the defendants attorneys several adjournments to submit opposition papers months at a time but only gave the plaintiff three days to put in any reply papers, gave separate orders on a cross motion to force the plaintiff to file separate appeals and pay fees twice, refused to give the plaintiff time to review opposition papers when they were handed to him 10 minutes before a return date and then dismissed a defendant and stated the matter should go to arbitration as per an arbitration clause but in the same order says dismissed with prejudice, then he files two notices in ecourts saying there are decisions and orders filed in the courthouse, only for plaintiff to see there were not orders and then is told by his clerk "it was a mistake" and then when the plaintiff got sick because his lung got infected having to go to the courthouse for all of this he contacted the judges courtroom on the return date of a motion to compel for discovery, he refused to allow the plaintiff to withdraw the motion, allowed the defendants counsel to argue the motion and then denied plaintiff's motion to compel discovery and entered an order stating the plaintiff is entitled to ABSOLUTELY NO DISCOVERY WHATSOEVER. Research shows that he is a Deacon in a Methodist Church and is a religious nut whose religious beliefs are "man should not sleep with man" and when he saw and HIV infected pro se plaintiff he uses his rob to be nothing but a FAG BASHER.

Hon. Brian F. Gasdia Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


8377. attorney (private practice)

Fair, knowledgeable, smart, manages his court very well. His clerk is also very efficient . He truly cares about every defendant and plaintiff coming before him. Had a jury trial before him representing plaintiff , he spent hours after the court was closed with all the lawyers involved in the case, plaintiffs and defense lawyers all till 9pm to finish jury instructions and special verdicts. Never seen a judicial officer this hard working. He also skipped a family vacation since our trial went past 2 weeks. I hope his wife forgives us and the judge for ruining this vacation. One thing to keep in mind in his court... He is no fan of rude obnoxious lawyers, and will let you know how he feels about it.

Hon. William H. Follett Superior Court of California, County of Del Norte, California


8376. other

This judge is absolutely disgusting!!! what that dumb 20 year old did to his 16 year old SISTER is RAPE!!!! his sister is going to live the rest of her life in fear because he drugged her up till she could not even realize who or what was around her and had sex with her, she said no! Judge Follett is a DISGUSTING PIG! POS! i wonder how many sisters, daughters, any women he has raped in his life time for something like this to go by him, like the dumb ass kid did nothing wrong, he did everything wrong!!!! i hope he gets fired, i hope he never gets a job again.


8375. other

Christine M Arguello (judge) & Kathleen M Tafoya (magistrate) of the Colorado 10th District Court are complained about in the public interest. They have failed to recognize clear and obvious signs of litigation fraud on the part of the Plaintiff and the Plaintiff's attorneys Hopkins Way PLLC, and struck out a motion for strike out, despite clear evidence of abuse being presented. It is also the opinion of the complainant that they lack the awareness and skill to recognize the complex ethical and moral questions underlying the case, and have also stated that the Defendant wilfully disobeyed the Orders of the Court, despite the fact that he was not served with them, and thus were not aware of what the Orders were. There is evidence to show that the judge and magistrate complained of were presented with ample evidence to prove abuse, dishonest intent and fraud on the part of the Plantiff's, and failed to see it, and thus displayed bias in their duties (a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct). It would be a fair comment and an honest opinion to say that these judiciary individuals may be playing a role in supporting abuse of the Court's process, and turning a blind eye to it, in favour of dishonest attorneys. The defendants justifications for alleged abuse of the Court's process can be found here:- Power Places Tours, Inc. et al v. Free Spirit 1:16-cv-02725 The magistrate did appear to concede her role and handed it to the presiding judge, who has yet to make judgment.

Hon. Kenneth A. Mummah Court of Common Pleas of Perry & Juniata Counties, Pennsylvania


8374. witness

I thought Judge Mummah was both fair and compassionate in the case I witnessed. I was happy with the outcome.

Hon. Michael P. Vicencia Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


8373. juror

He was informative, respectful, and thorough.

Hon. Ray Wheless District Court, 366th District Court, Collin County, Texas


8372. other

I can't give less than a star. Apparently he rules in the favor of men, no matter what they have done to the wife. He took my children from me and gave them to my abusive ex. Now I get visitation and pay child support. My children went from being with me everyday to seeing me every other week. This was extremely traumatic for them at the ages of 4 and 9.

Hon. Anthony Ferrara New York County Criminal Court, New York


8371. witness

This Judge is a horrible person. He is a PIG in his courtroom. He has no respect for the defendants, their families, or their lawyers. He MOCKS the defendants and don't give their attorney any chance to represent their clients. This judge don't deserve to service in the justice system. He is rude and our tax money should not be spent on his.