Recent Reviews

Hon. Cheryl C. Kersey Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino, California


8400. party to case (with attorney)

This judge refuses to hear witnesses and refuses to read evidence. Judge Kersey orders children to return to the care of abusers who are being charged with child abuse instead of the care of safe parents with no records. This judge is so unprofessional she prejudges cases based on appearances and she is sexist. She ordered a child to leave their mother who's sole custodian to visit a home where everyone has been convicted of abuse. Judge is unprofessional, rude to lawyers, laughs at lawyers and tells abusers she's there to protect them instead of protecting the children. Judge doesn't follow any processes she's suppose to and endangering lives daily. Someone get her off the bench!

Hon. David V. Herriford Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


8399. attorney (private practice)

Can't even give David the respect of calling him "Your Honor." Smart man, but blatantly disregards the legal foundations of arguments and cannot tell the truth to save his life. He is pro prosecution and does not care that he is biased. He says it in open court. His judicial demeanor matches his small physical stature. He can't handle complex cases, as most of his cases are probation violations and small drug or robbery charges. David is awful!

Hon. Laura L. Laesecke Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


8398. party to case (with attorney)

Laura Lewinsky aka Laesecke is very heavy handed and biased, all I will say is if you have a CAPO crime (Crimes Against Police Officers) or any drug case steer clear of Ms Laeseke at all costs.

Hon. Cynthia L. Ulfig Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


8397. other

Some years ago, she responded to a plea by my son's attorney to either commute a sentence or let him out on probation - I don't remember which. But in rejecting it, she commented, looking directly at my son, "I don't want to see a headline in the paper: 'Judge Ulfig Sets Criminal Free Who Goes On Wild Murderous Rampage." No matter what the decision, this pettiness was uncalled for, unhealing and unbecoming. It revealed a bias and a mean streak that was entirely inappropriate for one of her standing.

Hon. Beth Poulos District Court, 324th District Court, Tarrant County, Texas


8396. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Beth Poulos is fair and has zero tolerance for liars and people who try to abuse the system. She takes what you have to say into consideration to make the best possible ruling. My child has grown so much due to limited contact with his narcissistic father. Thank you Judge Polous!

Hon. Chris Duggan District Court, 423rd District Court, Bastrop County, Texas


8395. party to case (pro se)

I agree with everybody that has commented on this judge. He's a piece of shit, arrogant, cocky asshole and he needs to be removed from the bench. He knows that he can't be sued. he knows it is very hard to prove what he's doing. Unless you are me that is I gave the judicial commission everything for them to find this man guilty of abusing his power. Took them a year to admit that only in part was his decision discretionary however they dismissed my complaint and are not going to hold this man accountable for what he has done. he disregarded everything that was incriminating to my ex-husband even the CPS reason to believe finding of sexual abuse to my children. He has full custody and Christopher Dugan terminated my rights without evidence against me to support termination .There is power in numbers!!! That is a true statement. I also pray Psalms 108 the entire verse and Psalms 140 over this man and all the other good old boys that participated in what happened to me and my children in Bastrop county. File complaints with the judicial commission if they hear enough complaints they will do something to this man. I am ready to protest I am ready to go to the governor I am ready to do whatever it takes legally to obtain custody of my children again and for this man who is an extreme alcoholic to be held accountable for the asshole soul less piece of shit that he is!!!!!! Also just read the judicial commission complaints took 20 complaints for them to hold a judge accountable for postings on Facebook. I totally agree there is power in numbers let's stand up Bastrop enough said enough this man is ruining families biased against women and he does whatever he wants to do because he is not being held accountable. Read about Judge John Peyton in Dallas the judicial commission disregarded all the evidence on a complaint against this judge but at the end it all came out in the wash and everything the people alleged in the complaint was true the man was sleeping with an attorney and favoring her cases and disregarding everyone else's now they have a second chance on their case!!! Do your homework let's get this judge Off the Bench let's protest!!!!!!

Hon. Gloria Connor Trask Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


8394. other

If you have to be before this judge, have your own stenographer. This judge is shady

Hon. Gregory W. Pollack Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


8393. other

My experience is that he starts many hearings by uttering TOTAL LIES about the given situation. Is this supposed to be an invitation to make a good argument I wonder? It's EXACTLY like he is just toying with and taunting people - because he's already decided to rule in any way that he chooses - inside or out of the law! Trust me its outside of the law frequently! This is just one small aspect of what is wrong with allowing your case to be adjudicated by this man - truly - 170.6 if you can. This man is NOT A GOOD JUDGE - PERIOD! I cannot tell you how thoroughly ridiculous he can be. He should be removed from the bench.

Hon. Michael J. Convey Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


8392. witness

I was supbeonaed by a neighbor of my mothers who does nothing but create havoc for everyone who lives in her condo complex. I was in town from out of state because my mother was ill and on hospice. I called the court to see if indeed I had to appear and was told yes. I forgot to mention that when I was served with the subpoena witness fees and mileage were asked for but the server produced nothing. So I made flight arrangements in advance in order to save money. I sent the subpoena requester notice that I wanted my witness feed and mileage (North Carolina to Los Angeles). The night before I receive an email from tge requestor that now he doesn't want me there. I went anyway because I did not trust him and most certainly didn't need a bench warrant placed on me to deal with when traveling to and fro to care for my mother. I went to court and the judge denied my request for witness fees and mileage. This was a huge burden placed on me and this judge condoned this individuals bad behaviors.

Hon. Joan Kohout Monroe County Family Court, New York


8391. party to case (with attorney)

Horrible piece of shit that does nothing but play games in the court room. End of story