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Hon. Sarah Tunnell Clark County Court, County Court at Law, Houston County, Texas


9143. other

This judge is paid off by her lawyer friend. She is an a big piece of swill, destroying families as quick as she can. She is just one of the disgusting sickos that rips children from fathers. Listen up family court lawyers and judges you will soon see a massive backlash against you. You cannot possibly be proud of your position as a judge jury and executioner of family rights. You Sarah Tunnell Clark are a disgusting man hating piglet. Good luck going through life causing the destruction of more families. Sicko Bit#$H!!!!

Hon. Gilbert Rosas Child Support (Title IV-D) Court, Title IV-D Court No. 27, Texas


9142. witness

Judge Rosas's maybe the judge in this temporary life but one day he will have to give an account for his life to the ultimate Judge at the end of his life. Woe to those who devise wickedness and work evil on their beds! When the morning dawns, they perform it, because it is in the power of their hand. Micah 2:1 Praying this judge repents and turns from his sins.

Hon. Lisa Benge Michalk District Court, 221st District Court, Montgomery County, Texas


9141. juror

She is involved in a public corruption. She is the worst judge I had ever seen She has a very bad reputation and she was under federal investigation. Very racist woman and she hates anybody non white or red neck. She doesn't respect the law at all and also She has a mafia that she works with in the county. Never elect her anymore and she must be moved ASAP as she had destroyed a lot of families and people due to her bad performance and attiude.

Hon. Victoria E. Cameron Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


9140. attorney (private practice)

This judge is a prosecutor in judge's robes. She feels the need to constantly throw it in your face that she is fair and balanced because she is not. She will bend over backwards to bend the law to favor the prosecution. If you're ever in front of her for a criminal trial paper her. She does not know how to apply the law, and if she does, she will do so in favor of the prosecution. As a former prosecutor, she forgot to leave her prosecutor hat at home when she put on the judge's robes. Terrible.

Hon. Roy L. Moore District Court, 245th District Court, Harris County, Texas


9139. other

This judge put my niece and nephew in the care of my ex-sil who admittedly (by the judges admission) took the kids “sleazily” across state lines back into TX where they had a house for sale. My ex-sil was an admitted alcoholic and we later found to have been fired from her job (mostly likely due to drugs). Ex-sil brought a series of men into the house (against the court order) to the point the kids had to walk into the bathroom in the morning to have a shower and walk by random men. Missed 14 visitations and bunch of other infractions, but unless you want to spend thousands of dollars what does it matter. She was hospitalized after driving up on the curb drunk in TX, drove with the kids drunk in the car in FL. My nephew told my brother, my brother called CPS once she took off to FL to be supported by her mother and 4th stepfather. Grandmother told my nephew if they ever call CPS on them again he would be living in foster care? Huh? Nice grandma! Sorry, my brother has a very well paying job, financially secure, BS, MBA, owns a beautiful home (in another state he had transferred to for work while they were still married), pays his child support, non-drug user, and only recently (can’t say i blame after his first horrible choice) started dating. So, not all people posting on here are all the dregs of society. Unfortunately, my sil chose to succumb to her demons of alcoholism and had a mother who continually attempts to bail her out. We figure she hopes her daughter pulls it together (unlikely) in order to support her after her 4th husband who is 20 years her senior (in his mid-80’s and still working to support these fools) kicks off. My brother left my ex-sil after she cheated on him. He took her to counseling (she refused) and tried to no avail to get her sober. Oh, did I mention the porn she was exchanging with her neighbors? My nephew left it open on his dads computer to show him. Pathetic! She is flat out crazy! The only thing decent this judge did was to give her a crazy low amount in child support. She has had 2-3 cars repossessed, creditors calling left and right according to the kids, unable to get credit to even get an apt., but her mom and 4th (80 some yr old) step father continue to help her out. In fact, after she retreated to FL to live with her mom (lost everything else) the Mom and 4th stepfather finally moved out a few years ago because they couldn’t take living with her craziness either! They now live in some tiny condo and let her and my niece and nephew live in the house even though none of them have two nickels to rub together. You can’t make up the crazy in that family! How this judge could allow kids to live in that environment is beyond my comprehension. They could have had good schools, nice home, and without a series of girlfriends/boyfriends in and out of their lives and home. To be honest, my ex-sil is beautiful, but even her beauty can’t get her a man to take her on and all her baggage....even though she tries desperately. Somehow my nephew has managed to cling to his father (my brother) and take solid, decent advice to rise above the garbage this judge subjected him to for the last 6 years of his life. My nephew is graduating hs this Spring and finally moving near his father where he has gained admission to the honors college of a major university. He has miraculously stayed away from drinking and drugs even living in the pit this judge forced him to live in for his ms/hs childhood. He has told my brother he was essentially kidnapped by his mom and grandma and he is correct. Sadly, my niece is still there and highly unlikely my brother will ever get custody of her according to the lawyers in FL. Her mom would never part with the child support and grandma would spend every spare dime she has to fight it. So, the party line of keeping the kids in their “school” (because it took a year to get a court date after she absconded with them) is not always the best policy. Just because a pretty women bats her eyes at a judge doesn’t mean she should get custody. The poor kids got moved around 3 times in a year and half in TX until my ex-sil’s mom showed up to drive her drunk daughter to FL. Literally, she couldn’t drive herself while not getting her fix based on what we could surmise from her kids. Yes, this judge blew this one. We pray my niece makes it out of that cesspool alive like my nephew has managed. We even had a lawyer say he would post on a legal forum to see what could be done in such a travesty, but sadly I think this stuff happens everyday in our broken family courts. Such a shame. Yes, I’m still proud to be an American and grateful for our laws, but the family court system is beyond broken. Common sense should prevail in the best interests of the children.

Hon. Mark E. Repp Tiffin Municipal Court, Ohio


9138. party to case (pro se)

I have been unemployed due to a broken leg that did not heal. Repp would not allow me to have a public defender as a right given to me under the law. This judge should be accountable for his crimes and kicked off the bench.

Hon. Mark E. Repp Tiffin Municipal Court, Ohio


9137. witness

Judge Repp is a complete imbecile. Would not let us question the whitness or present our arguments. If fact we were not allowed to say anything words on our own behalf. I was jailed and finally the bogus charges were dropped. Repp has no business being a judge. He is not impartial and can’t control his emotional outbursts.

Hon. Kelley T.D. Streib Court of Common Pleas of Butler County, Pennsylvania


9136. party to case (with attorney)

I have read most of the above. I have to agree she does not seem 100% open to what you have to say but I do not feel it is because she "does not care" I feel it is because she can see through the b.s. and does not want to waste her time or your time with irrelevant defense. You do get to speak and she does listen to what you have to say. When she feels it is necessary to hear. Overall I think she is tough but fair. Defiantly play your polite side and do NOT speak out or make excuses. She does not like excuses.

Hon. Fancy H. Jezek District Court, 426th District Court, Bell County, Texas


9135. party to case (pro se)

I'm sorry for anyone who has had a bad review with Judge Jesek. Granted when i had to go before her back in 2013 to get my son back from my ex, at the end of the day after submitting all my evidence against my ex I asked if I could hug and kiss my son and she told me no, I was crushed and felt she was cold and thought I was no chances of getting him back. The next morning I had to go back before her again and she ordered him my ex to release our son to my custody, now I understand why she did not allowed my request the day before to spend time with my son. Maybe I just got lucky but she seemed to have made a fair judgement in my case eventhough I didn't understand her decision on the first court date until the next following day for the continuance.

Hon. Sheri Y. Dean District Court, 309th District Court, Harris County, Texas


9134. other

This by far the most dangerous person ever in regards to family law. She solely out to destroy families and maximize profits by appointing bogus amicus attorneys and other players on her payroll for kickbacks. She needs to be investigated, exposed and removed. She breaks the law everyday. How she is allowed to get away with it is part of a very large conspiracy. Which is why it is so difficult to get her off the bench. Money and power and greed are never a good combination. Especially when it comes to seriously dangerous complicated family issues. How this woman sleeps is beyond me. I wish there was a negative star rating system!