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Hon. Don Penner Superior Court of California, County of Fresno, California


8808. other

Does your case have no evidence, other than mere accusations? You can count on Judge Penner to allow an uninvestigated, baseless prosecution to proceed. If the prosecutor files incorrect paperwork and makes tons of procedural mistakes, he'll allow that. He'll permit the prosecutor to continue with her case, and he'll have no qualms about sending you to prison. Gotta keep those conviction numbers up! There is no justice to be found in his court. He is not honorable.

Hon. Maureen Duffy-Lewis Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


8807. attorney (private practice)

I have known and appeared before this judge on numerous matters including both court and jury trials for many years. She is a two time Fullbright Scholar, an intellectual heavy weight, so I hardly think the two negative comments on this site have any credibility and they sound like an angry jealous court employee and a lawyer who lost his case probably because of his incompetence. In my appearances before her I found her to always be prepared to rule, was well versed in the law and the facts of the case and is not afraid to dress down nasty angry lawyers who appear on law and motion matters, which is more frequent than one would expect. Her demeanor towards lawyers and litigants has always been above reproach and her pleasant demeanor makes doing a trial in her court a pleasure even under stressful conditions. By the way, I have lost cases in her court but always felt my clients had a fair opportunity to present their case. You cannot predict what a jury will do but her rationale and rulings in a complicated court trial was well established in fact and law. If you have a chance to do a trial in her court, consider yourself lucky. The negative comment above proves my point!

Hon. Bill R. Palmer County Court, County Court at Law, Kendall County, Texas


8806. attorney (private practice)

Congratulations Judge Palmer, there is not a more deserving person in the state of Texas than you are to be appointed to be the Judge of the 451st District Court. It has been my honor to know Judge Palmer as first an excellent and professional lawyer, was extremely pleased when he was appointed to be the first judge of the new County Court-at-Law of Kendall County. I was in his Court many times during the time he was Judge and he always conducted himself with honor, professionalism and distinction. I am sure he will bring the same excellent service as the Judge of Kendall County's first District Court This is my 43rd year of practicing law, first in Austin, Texas, then San Antonio and for the past 30 years in Boerne, Texas. In that time I have practiced before some of the great Judges in Texas, the Honorable Mace Thurman of Austin, who swore me in as an attorney, Tom Blackwell of Austin and most notably, Judge Jack Onion of San Antonio. I hold Judge Palmer in the same category as those fine gentlemen and Judges. Warren P. McKenney, Attorney

Hon. Chester B. Muroski Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania


8805. other

Judge Muroski is a very fair judge...I adore him. I went for custody of my children and people gasped in the court room when he smiled at me and wished me luck with my children...he gave me full custody...this was many years ago but I will never forget...thankyou Mr. Muroski!!

Hon. Gloria Connor Trask Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, California


8804. party to case (pro se)

I'm glad this hag is retiring, she isn't fit to be a judge. She works with attorneys against the people. Mark Perryman in Temecula is the worst attorney I have ever worked with. Worst litigator I have ever seen. He charged me almost 50K for a small probate case. $450.00 hourly and 2 ten thousand dollar retainer, plus he nickle and dimed me evey month. The case didn't last a year.

Hon. Rhonda Lee Daniele Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


8803. party to case (pro se)

I was a victim to her abuse, her false accussations and bullying. Shes not even human, souless. Its so obvious what she does in court. The trials are premeditated, she never allows evidence from the opposing counsel and she even hints to other counsel on what to say. She guides them in court, the lawyers are so feeble. She will hand your child over to a pedophile. She supports evil. On her final day, she will be Judged by only 1 God and this my friend will be a beautiful day. Judge Daniele is a dishonorable Judge and she will have to face her fears of going to Hell. What do her own children think of her, well, any judge who behaves like Daniele, has no empathy, doesnt know how to love so she probably has a heartless home. we are now Judging the Judges go to tv interviews of nailing dishonorable judges

Hon. Gerald J. Buchwald Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo, California


8802. party to case (with attorney)

Terrible judge who does not follow the law and is biased. ccp 170.6 him if you can or you will regret it.

Hon. Rhonda Lee Daniele Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


8801. other

The honorable US Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch said, "A judge who likes every outcome he reaches is very likely a bad judge... stretching for results he prefers rather than those the law demands." Judge Rhonda L Daniele is one these kinds of bad judges that Gorsuch describes.

Hon. Brenda Hull-Thompson County Court, Probate Court, Dallas County, Texas


8800. other

Judge Brenda Hull Thompson, should be removed from office. She picks and chooses what laws she wants to uphold. Most often she will ignore facts in a case. She definitely lacks knowledge of the law.

Hon. Ernest M. Hiroshige Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


8799. party to case (pro se)

Earnest Hiroshige (72 years old) is one of the worst judges in the State of California. I filed a case challenging the unconstitutional law of vexatious litigants (CCP 391 et seq.) He made a HEARING OSC Re: dismissal and sanctions He starts the calendar at 9:00 am His clerk dealt with most of the cases instead of him in about 20 minutes and I insisted on making my legal argument in front of said judge. I stayed in dept. 54 till 11:05 (2hours and 5 minutes) until his clerk came with about 1/2 a sheet of paper typed which dismisses my just case (12 pages long) which deals with violating my constitutional rights I did not affidavit him pursuant to CCP 170.6 because I thought he would be very sensitive to litigants civil rights. A moron can understand that said law has at least 6 dozen conflicts with both CA and US Constitutions. This judge is a flagrant abuser of people civil rights and he uses his judgeship to dispense injustice not to mention abusing litigant by letting them stay idling over 2 hours and then he violated my due process right to present my argument (he refused to come out) If your case is assigned to him file 170.6 within 10 days, until we can RECALL HIM.