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Hon. Garry T. Ichikawa Superior Court of California, County of Solano, California


9155. witness

This guy is legit unfit to be a judge - I wouldn't be surprised if his retirement was just a nice way of firing him. Complete woman hater - or a complete simpleton, possibly both. I've watched my GF get dragged through the ringer sever times with this guy as a judge. What a joke.

Hon. Richard E. L. Strauss Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


9154. other

If you're in his Cort you better leave ........,

Hon. Richard E. L. Strauss Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, California


9153. attorney (non-profit practice)

This is the absolute WORST judge ever! If you get assigned to him then you should settle because he completely ignores the letter of the law in every regard

Hon. Michael P. Vicencia Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


9152. other

We recently had a trial with this individual. Oh my goodness, the reviews on this sight are spot one and as negative as they are it's still and understatement. There are only a small handful of positive reviews and it's clear who those came from. He's nasty, rude, arrogant, shows blatant favoritism, makes up his own rules because it's "his courtroom", will sit on the bench and lie in front of a jury about having a submitted document to deny having testimony read back from a deposition transcript only for his clerk to stand up and say "it's right here judge" when it was right in front of him in plain sight for everyone to see, and has complete disregard for the law. The list of unethical rulings, comments and actions in his court room are too many to list on a post such as this. As many have said, he is an embarrassment to the judicial system. The things witnessed in his courtroom I would have only imagined I'd see on TV. I have spread the word to avoid this judge at all cost or there is an extremely high chance your client will not receive a fair trial. Paper him!! Am I a bitter litigant who lost in his courtroom; not at all, our case was defensed. This judge is just that bad and if I could give negative stars I would; he is not even deserving of a 1.

Hon. Patricia M. Schnegg Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


9151. other

I am completely shocked to read the one comment above (or to be correct the duplicate message above). I have attended several mediation's with Judge Schnegg and have NEVER witnessed any of those behaviors or mannerisms from her. She also seems to be preferred by both Plaintiff and Defense attorney's. My personal experience with her has been completely professional and courteous.

Hon. Jeannine Turgeon Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania


9150. other

Judge Turgeon is nothing but a self promoter, biased and has her favorite custody lawyers ..who have donated to her compaigns..did deep you will find the truth!. She promotes her video on supervised tesearch to back up her claims and has her daughter another incompetent psychologist involved in the production! She is in bed with her GAL .the therapy world..making her court room a generator of steady income for these incompetent folks!!.who are about as competent as a doorknob to care for children in high conflict divorice!!; lazy, greedy and clearly biased. JUDGE TURGEON GET OFF YOUR FAT!!! AND WATCH THE PRESENTATION BY DR CHILDRESS. YOU AND YOUR CRONNIES MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING INSTEAD OF DESTROYING FAMILIES!!! No one gives a flying #### that you belong to the Junior League. Seriously. take down you "I LOVE ME BIO " AND DO YOUR JOB!

Hon. Elizabeth Ann Lippitt Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, California


9149. party to case (with attorney)

I have to agree with No. 454, 3800 and 7403. More later after I file my complaint to the Judicial Council. My life will be forever changed because of her rulings. 1-example: allowed a Psychologist to determine I was paranoid and prone to making up story's, but would not allow the evidence of why! to counter cross. Why? My informant was found dead and I feared for my life, yet she felt that evidence might excite the Jury. She denied a Miss-trial and denied assistance with the Court Transcript to prove my Appeal. And, allowed Defendant to collect on exurbanite consultant trail prep costs that I had to pay for after my loss. My wages at 65 are being garnished for the rest of my life to pay for court costs. I have also filed with the Bar, on a juror in her court, I am of the opinion had been compromised in Defendants favor or even a plant allowed by the Judge as well justifying the comments by 454, "to make sure power and wealth are protected". Interesting, since my trial the Defendants Counsel has been bared from conducting Civil cases on the County's behalf.

Hon. Steven K. Austin Superior Court of California, County of Contra Costa, California


9148. party to case (pro se)

Steve Austin is just as corrupt as the other judges. The previous judges during my 2008 civil case, unbeknownst to me, maliciously pre-meditated to destroy me and arrested me on a bogus charge with no evidence of a crime committed. All the judges involved went along with the cruel and inhumane acts even though the entire CCC Superior Court Judges were recused. They wrongly incarcerated me for almost a year which included forcing me to Napa State Hospital by lying about my mental state. Their goal was to take my home away, destroy my business, end my employment, take away my beloved pets, and steal my vintage and quality personal property and damage my antique French and Belgium furniture and leaving me destitute. I was injured during the detainment and they denied me medical care. The whole Legal system is corrupt, debauched and debased. The Behavioral Health Court Program, which again was a set-up to destroy me further, because the doctor lied to Social Security about my mental state and the appointed attorney from the CCC Criminal Conflict Panel, lied again about my mental health to my credit card companies, saying that I was so mentally ill to have used my credit cards even though my FICO Score was 820(regular) and 802(auto) at the age of 45, and my credits are no longer my property. In 2016 I discovered from my medical records that my true mental health test results from Napa State Hospital Diagnosis is Anxiety Disorder and other testing is PTSD, but nobody in the court system or medical health care team(at the Veterans Affair) told me. They ignored and denied my true health as evidenced, including my hereditary eye disability of low vision. I attempted to get my records corrected at the VA and they degraded and denied me. My petition at the time was directed at the then Presiding Judge Austin and all of a sudden harassment was ramped up. My Constitutional Rights were again violated and their cruel and inhumane destruction of me is still going on. It’s November 16, 2017 as of this writing. Please report their doings to the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commission.

Hon. Hope Zimmerman Nassau County Matrimonial Center, New York


9147. witness

Biased, dishonest, incompetent, lacking judicial equanimity. Mr Shukla took all her respect away and he exposed her . Good job Mr. Shukla

Hon. Gilbert Rosas Child Support (Title IV-D) Court, Title IV-D Court No. 27, Texas


9146. other

This is 2nd weekend that he is supposed to pick up child... He contacted me last week and complained that his only child.. Had given him and his family... Bronchitis from visiting him on first weekend visit... And that weekend on tenth... That he wasnt picking child up.. Mind u.. His pick up date is not until 17th.. He was already planning not to pick up child.... I had takenchild to doctor the week he went w father... I send med with him i notified him child was sick... Well when he blamed my child i went straight to clinic got proof he didnt have bronchitis.. And took pic and sent it to him... He didnt even aplogize.i found out that last weekende he went out of town w his gf.... Now today he text say he was going to have bronchitis for rest of month and wont see my child till dec visit... He is getting married on nov 25.. And obviously doesnt want his childaround this weekend .. And he got paid today.. I still wish judge had let me explain why my child doesnt need father in life.. But the child support is important because hey he earns...good money if he can afford out of town trips every weekend and paying for his wedding .. Then he can afford to give his child what he is entitled.