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This is a misogynistic man who should be censured, disbarred, etc. He has no right to make moral/ethical decisions on people's lives, given his track record. Two examples: Taking a mother's children away from her in a custody battle. The reason? She was too over-protective because she chose to homeschool her kids. Seriously. Meanwhile, the father is busy with work most of the time and dumps their kids off at his parents'. 2nd Example: This disgusting man gave only 10 years of PROBATION to a man who sexually assaulted a mentally-challenged 23 year old girl, even though he'd already been previously charged with sexual assault! This man cares NOTHING for female/disabled victims -- it's sickening! What's worse? The man who got off with probation for his violent crime did it again and ended up on TEXAS' MOST WANTED list! Yeah, good call, "Judge." THE DISHONORABLE JUDGE JOHN W. YOUNGBLOOD SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM HIS POSITION IMMEDIATELY. He has demonstrated a disturbing inability to perform the duties with which a judge is entrusted. It appears he does not know right from wrong, or he's too misogynistically biased to care.


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I am shocked that a judge would disregard law and precedent so blantly, as he did in a case against a homescholing mom recently in a custody battle. If he had been well prepared he would know that homeschooling is a growing and Legal option for educating kids. If he was inable to judge the case on the merets of the case without the homeschooling issue, then he should have excused himself as the judge!


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I agree with being "shocked" with this judge. Home schooling is an education choice in TEXAS it is not a custody reason to loose your children. They have been "kidnapped". Too many people these days are trying to take PARENTAL RIGHTS away. It doesn't matter if you disagree with people who home school, it is their right. The perfectly FIT mother in this case should definitely receive what she asks for: asking the judge to give her expanded visitation with her children, right of first refusal when the father travels, and for temporary spousal support.(The judge should give much more- anything he has to offer).The grandparents should never get custody unless parents (both) sign their rights away. I would never vote for or use this judge's services or anything linking to him. His first decision is biased. Personal experience- I home school in agreement with my husband(he was home schooled and offered the idea) even though my first choice would be a private Academy which we can't afford. PUBLIC schools are lacking in many ways to say the least.........Now we as parents are taking full responsibility for our children. I also have been a housewife ON and off throughout my marriage. If my husband had the indecency to do this to me,(with judge support) he should owe me for all the years of work he didn't pay me for. (spousal abandonment, unpaid wages) No parent should be punished for taking care of their children. SUGGESTION; children should be removed only from homes where there is abuse,neglect...........stop wasting time and money. The children suffer in the end!

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