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3208. witness

Have witnessed several cases in Jill Willis court. She is not interested in the truth. I believe there are other factors involved. Especially since one attorney informed us that he helped get her on the bench, knows her personally and for a down payment of $10,000 can assure a good outcome in the case. I believe each case should be decided by its evidence. In her court, evidence means nothing. Even when presented, and the other party has a 15 year history of violence and police records to prove it. Even violence committed during trial. (more Police records) Drugs and alcohol. You can say anything about the other party, if she likes you. You can say lies and don't have to back it up with proof. Tell the truth and you will be told to be quiet, and your evidence ignored. There is no justice on this earth. Hers will come when she stands before God for what she has done to harm children. It is a sad state this country has come too. We will sacrifice children for greed. May God have mercy on our children and protect them. The courts don't.


3361. other

This woman is a pathetic excuse for a human being, and a Judge. My son was attacked, on several occasions, by his mom. Police reports were submitted with pictures taken by the crime lab. CPS was involved. What does this piece of human scum do? Gives custody of my son to his mom, and has my rights removed for questioning her verdict. What a piece of work.


2742. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Jill Willis did not review any of the evidence presented in my case. She made a snap judgement based on her pre-held bias. Because she went with her bias rather than the facts, my child is in an unstable and unhealthy living situation. I am very disappointed that she did not take the time to review the evidence and make an informed ruling. I am hoping to raise enough money to appeal the ruling, but the legal system is so expensive that I may not be able to afford the appeal.


3236. witness

Judge Jill Willis is presiding over my girlfriends' custody case. My girlfriends' daughter lives with her grandparents. My girlfriend allowed the grandparents to take her daughter for the summer of 2009 after their son (my girlfriends' ex husband) went to jail. The agreement was that she would come back at the end of the summer after my gf helped her (at the time) husband get his stuff straight. This was the grandmothers' idea of course. She talked my gf into going to New Mexico where he was jailed and help him get out of jail and back on his feet as he was an addict. A month later they sued for custody claiming that her daughter was "abandoned". They picked her up at school and re-enrolled her where they live. She has been with them ever since. In late 2009, Judge Jill Willis granted joint managing conservatorship to the grandparents but no child support. About 2 months ago, the grandparents of the child (my girlfriends' ex's parents) sued her for child support. My girlfriend was served 11 days before the court hearing. Keep in mind this was a show-cause hearing. We show up and my gf had to represent herself pro se because we did not have the cash to put up a retainer, nor do many lawyers do pro bono work in family law. The Judge hears about 15 minutes of testimony from my gf and the plaintiff (paternal grandmother) and then rules in favor of child support. She completely ignored our Motion for Continuance (considering we had 11 days to find an attorney) and our Motion for Mediation (the grandparents really just wanted her to sign over full custody, the child support suit was meant to be a threat). She even made the comment "I see there is a motion for continuance, I haven't read it but motion denied" and then on to the testimony. Judge Willis granted a temporary order for child support and health care reimbursement. Here is the kicker...the grandparents are millionaires and my girlfriend makes around 20k a year as a waitress. There is no justice in this courtroom. If you are pro se in a family case, good luck!


4895. witness

I finally know what the term "kangaroo court" means! This Judge doesn't read what she signs! She doesn't even know the hell she puts people through! My daughter was unlucky enough to have Judge Willis. Nothing good happens in her court, and my daughter has not been allowed to see or speak to her children in a YEAR!! The Dad is EVIL and won't allow the children any contact with their Mom or their Gramma!! The case has been moved to Michigan, we are HAPPY so HAPPY that it is out of Judge Jill Willis' court. We are filing judicial complaint.


4905. party to case (with attorney)

This woman dismissed all of my evidence for years and I hold her entirely responsible for my son's murder. She refused to hear the truth and insisted on subjecting my boy be with drug addicts instead of revoking his father's rights and after fighting for his safety and we'll being for over 4 long years he was murdered by his dad and step mom and I have yet to see any justice for him.


6955. attorney (private practice)

As always, the negative comments about this judge appear to be from disgruntled litigants. I have practiced in front of Judge Willis for years now with dozens of cases in her court. She always does her best to make sure she is applying the law fairly. Some of these complaints above are complaints of the STATUTORY LAW and not of the Judge's correct application of the law. If you have complaints, take it up with your local congressman and legislature. I am not paid by her. I have not given her any money. She did not ask me to post this review. I have won and lost in her court, both times "fairly."


2898. other

Judge Jill Willis is just another example of the crooked court system in Collin County. I had proof, of an abusive ex-wife, and had my son scheduled to talk to the judge. But, before she even looked at the evidence, or spoke with my son, she ruled in my ex-wife's favor. Since her ruling, CPS has been called 6 times, on the ex, and the police have been over to her apartment over 12 times. But, still my son is forced to live with her. In one instance, her apartment complex threatened to evict them, due to the filthiness of the apartment. This has also not improved. Judge Willis is a pathetic example of what is wrong with the court system, in general, and Collin County specifically. I keep telling my son, less than 2 years til you're 18.


3050. party to case (with attorney)

I have not had a good experience with Judge Willis. My ex has taken me to court every chance he can come up with a reason. I believe this Judge got so tired of seeing us in court - she just decided to give him EVERYTHING he asked for and then went three steps further and gave him several things he did not even request! I was completely shocked! I am trying to get my case moved OUT of her court.....


4898. party to case (with attorney)

I have had the same bad experiencein her court room. She doesn't care about facts and blatantly stayed speaking to my ex husbands sister who is an attorney right after court ended. There is no justice in any of these courts. If you have a connection to someone or enough money apparently you can get any ruling you want. Pretty disgusting that anyone would destroy a child to keep favorable for elections and under the table money. Luckily there is that thing called karma. They too can experience the loss of a child. I think I would consider what bad wrath I am bringing on my children and loved ones before committing crimes against humanity. My daughter is so depressed she speaks of killing herself. I can't get her any help though because of a gag order and I literally was ordered that I cannot get my daughter counseling or report anything. Talk about disgusting. I had high hopes when I got transferred to her court only to find out she is in the burning bed with the rest of them. Sad indeed.


6748. party to case (pro se)

This judge is in no way capable of being non-biased when it comes to divorce cases. In my divorce my ex-wife was blatantly doing things forbidden by Pre Divorce Rules that this self presumed judge herself has signed. No action taken by the Judge Jill when I filed lawsuit following granting the divorce because my ex did not do as Judge Jill so ordered in her Decree. Taking my ex to court as to her failure to comply cost me several thousand $$'s. Judge Jill did not take in account the failure to comply with her orders in the divorce decree, instead accepted a bogus argument that the divorce decree did not have a set time table as to when her divorce orders were to be complied with. In Judge Jill's ruling in the lawsuit I filed against my ex Judge Jill did allow lawyer fees by either side. However she ordered me to pay an amount my ex's lowyer stated was equal to the amount of money he would have to charge my ex to represent her. This amount was to be paid directly to him. During one court hearing our trial was held up (30 minutes into the hearing) so Judge Jill could have a conversation with some friends of hers who just walked into the courtroom. Judge Jill lacks professionalism and is not a good representation of Fair and Honest treatment our court system is suppose to set.


7519. attorney (private practice)

One of the best judges I've ever practiced in front of in my career. She knows and applies the law fairly.


3071. party to case (pro se)

Judge Willis is an ignorant government official. I said to myself how does this person hold a seat. Well when nobody runs against you it's pretty hard to lose. I've seen her in the court rooms being totally bias against men. And it solidified my observation of her when years later I was in her court room. This woman does look at any documentation only the signature line. I had a case with my ex wife and her boyfriend were being investigated by CPS and didn't even acknowledge or look to see who was being investigated. But assumed it was me. No history of violence or any trouble on my end but since the mother filed first and used to her advantage that I was the abuser judge Willis accepted her restraining order against me to not visit my child until the next hearing. Mind you prior to the filing, my ex was withholding visitation and I even reported it to the city police for evidence for show of cause. She didn't care what my story was only that if I was correct I could have make up time with my child. What kind of person says that to a parent that is not the one being accused. Unfortunately it's her way of thinking and is not the best interest of the child if there is abuse going on in his mothers household. I guess this is the standard that we are help up to when we legally try to protect our children from a bad situation that can turn deadly if not looking at what is the facts. The legal system is broken as is so many officials idealism.


6795. party to case (pro se)

Any of you ever reported this judge to the State by using this site: http://www.scjc.texas.gov/ ? If so, what was the outcome?


6301. party to case (pro se)

Urgent Moring to all I was just a few weeks ago, skinned away from my kids, lost my house , car and went from debt free to backrupt all because of a lyibg wife who conmitted purjery and lying under auth , conspircy just to name a few , an unethical attorny who set thr plan, fulsifyed evidence, tammpered with evidence, lyibg underauth aling with perjury , failing to follow state laws and amazingly getting away with breaking all court rules with no fear But worst of all a judge that is very prejuduce and not fair st all to the point of believibg it is on purpose or the decision is purchased I am trying to raise as many signatures as possible to to support a petition to officially investigate and hold Judge Jill Wills of the 429th district court in collin county Tx I kindly request any and all to contact me at suliman1963@yahoo.com Kindest regards An abused father Suliman


6335. party to case (with attorney)

I have spent $700k in attorney fees in Judge Willis court mostly to my ex wife's attorney. My ex sues me, doesn't pay her lawyer with cash, racks up a huge bill then even after her claims are unjustified Judge Willis awards attorney fees to be paid on both sides by me. My ex took out a credit card using my name as co-signor and then charged $45,000.00 to the card, filed bankruptcy but sent Citibank after me. When this was brought to Jill Wills attention in court she dismissed it completely and then fined me for contempt for calling my ex "a terrible person and neglectful parent" which she said was offensive to her. It was those exact words. My ex has made claims of DV and child abuse all that has been refuted. A court appointed Forensic Psychologist told judge Willis my ex was a psychopathic deviate. Regardless my kids are with their mom and her boyfriend. Judge Willis will rule in favor of the person represented by the law firm that gives the judge the most money. Campaign funds not used during election can be spent at the judges discretion. Guess how much money Baylor reportedly received from Judge Willis???? Lots and lots, not one penny presumably coming from money she earned as a. Judge. They love her at Bsylor Law though


7000. party to case (pro se)

To the attorney who posted the comment on Oct 24, 2016: contact me. I need legal representation. My e-mail: txdad84@gmx.com


7236. party to case (with attorney)

not fit to judge!! Does not enforce the laws of this great state.


7429. party to case (with attorney)

In court, this incompetent travesty of a judge, when presented with documented facts, declared that adultery did not matter, theft did not matter, and lies did not matter. At the time of my case, she was involved in her own legal issues and while court was in session, very seldom listened or looked up from her laptop. She threatened my attorney with jail when we called the court reporter as a witness. Both she and her husband had a connection with my ex's "Super Lawyer" sister who just happened to appear in the court on the first day. She did nothing to deserve any respect.


7862. witness

I had two brothers that helped my mother and were the only kind of help to my mother and you decided to take them from us for EIGHT TEEN years!!!!! you have no idea what i have gone through since. Way to go ms.superhero what did you get a trophy? I went through homeless, bullied, gotten clothes thrown out of a window. Is that enough yet? My brothers dont deserve 18 years. There are rapist out there that deserve that and dont even get that many years its been eight years pleassssseeeee pleasssse weve had enough. My mother is a single mother with three girls and she stuggles soo much to get us through... And plus its not like they stole millions and millions of dollars from a pair of stupid stores.... Pleaseeeeeee! i would do anything to have them back anythinnng !!!! please pleasssseeeee ! if you see this pleaseee just do anything you can pleassseeeeee ..... I dont think life can get any harder than losing a pair of people that help you and your family.


8228. witness

She heard one side in a pretrial hearing and made allegations against my husband and my self! I will be filing a complaint with the court next week!


9114. attorney (private practice)

A negative comment about Judge Willis' is evidence that you are not familiar with courtrooms or judges. There are 1 or 2 bad judges in Collin County, just as there are in every county of every state I've been in front of over decades of practicing law. Jill Willis is probably the best Judge in Collin County, both in terms of fairness and legal ability. She practiced at a large commercial firm before taking the bench, and has a good academic background. If you have only had one case in a court and lost (which is every negative comment on here) you do not have the experience to understand over many cases and many years what makes a good and bad judge. Sorry you lost. Judges don't always get it right, and they never know as much about the case as you do. Judges are supposed to be constrained by the law, which although I do not practice family law, it is my understanding that many things are very restrictive, such as terminating parental rights. Whatever your outcome was, you could have done WAY worse for a judge than Willis.

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