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1110. party to case (with attorney)

This man is unqualified for his role as Judge. He does not know that law well and makes poor decisions.


4772. party to case (with attorney)

If I could have given Judge Sinz a minus star, I would have. He either does not know the law or doesn't care. Before our trial ever even started, he told the big law firm attorneys he was already planning on letting them probate the will. The reason we were there was to keep our step dad from probating the will. This not so smart judge had never had a case like this. Instead of trying to find out why we would not want him to probate the will, he just ignored us & let them probate the will. If he had any initiative, he would have tried to understand the reason behind the case. However, our case was right after lunch & he was obviously ready for a nap, apparent by the yawns. He is very arrogant and only wants to sit on the bench and draw his money. He definitely does not have any compassion. He is in the profession for one reason and one reason only, the money. I hope his Christmas gift from the big law firm was well worth his non compliance to the law.


2715. other

This judge does not appear to know the law and makes very inconsistent rulings in a case before him to which I am a 3rd party observer. His rulings to not agree with his spoken intent. I am watching his rulings damage children beyond repair.


3806. party to case (with attorney)

With all due respect, this judge has proven that he lacks any judicial wisdom and discernment needed in which to preside over any case. He has proven incapable in giving a ruling in a reasonable timeframe, and true to his reputation, prefers not to get involved, but rather will allow attorneys to spend all day at the courthouse negotiating back and forth behind closed doors, (which is something that could be done from their offices), rather than hearing the case which was scheduled for that day to be heard by him. In this particular case, a family law custody issue, he has not once acted under the wisdom of the ABA's," A Judge's Guide: Making Child-Centered Decisions in Custody Cases", but rather, every action that he has taken is in complete and total opposition to the best interest of the children. For example, the ABA recommends that, "hearings should be scheduled for and conducted on a day and time certain. If a hearing is contested, it should be started on the day and time planned, and completed within a continuous period of days. You should make it a priority to allocate sufficient, uninterrupted time to hear cases." In stark contrast to this advice, we are now approaching the four year anniversary of this case, and are well over $200,000.00 in legal fees. This is quite a stark contrast to a similar case that was heard in neighboring Angelina County which was completed in just over two hours due to the wisdom of the judge presiding in that court, and in a manner that best served not only the interest of the children, but to all the parties involved. Also according to the ABA, "The judicial process, adversarial and conflictual in nature, should not increase the conflict between parents and cause additional harm to children. There is a significant body of evidence to suggest that the more protracted the conflict in the judicial process, the greater the harm to children." His apathetic and indifferent attitude towards cases that are extremely traumatic and difficult for all parties involved, is displayed by his allowing them to carry on for such inexcusable and protracted periods of time. Dr. Wade French, Ed. D., testified that the only event more traumatic than divorce was the loss of a child. In my opinion, Judge Jack Sinz has done his best to make these events equal for everybody involved. If the personal pain of divorce isn't enough, Judge Jack Sinz will ensure that the financial burden placed upon the parties will more than thoroughly suffice in adding unbearable weight to this event in our lives. One example is having confirmed in writing our scheduled court date, we showed up with expert witnesses paid and ready to testify, only to discover that the court had made a mistake, and we were not even on the docket for that day. $7,500.00 gone in the blink of an eye, and for nothing, not even an apology from the court. There is a lot of profit to be had at the expense of others, and Judge Jack Sinz court will ensure that all of those who wish to profit will have more than ample opportunity to collect from the misery of the very people whom he was elected to serve. In testament to his lack of knowledge of the law, one party in this particular case has repeatedly violated Federal and State statutes, as well as Judge Sinz very own court orders on multiple occasions, but to date has yet to be held accountable for these actions as Judge Sinz seems to have an unexplainable obsession with giving infinite 'second chances' for this party, all at the expense of the children. I will not even attempt to recall how many times that I, along with others, have witnessed Judge Jack Sinz nod off in court, only to have his assistant see this as well, and go get him a cup of coffee. I truly wish that I were the only example of judicial incompetence in his court, but as this drags on and on, and with no end in sight, I am continually introduced to others who have endured interminable and inexusable actions from his court, which act in complete and total opposition to any idea or principle of justice whatsoever. I do hope that my comments have followed the guidelines of this site, and that they are found to be civil, and as respectable as possible, as it is very difficult, if not impossible, when as a party subjected to such judicial incompetence, to express one's opinion in an unbiased manner, maintaining the respect that is called for in the discussion of these unpleasant matters. I thank you for your time and for allowing me to present my views based upon my personal experience in this court.


4601. party to case (with attorney)

The 'reason' for which Sinz reversed his own decision of custody in the above case, (which was previously upheld by the three judge appellate court), was clearly due to the mother's instructions for one of the children to lie to the judge, but sadly enough, even though this pattern of behavior was testified to in court by an expert witness, along with recordings and photocopies, it is quite possible that Sinz was asleep during this time, as it was common for him to nod off during proceedings, or he is just following his established precedent of incompetence to handle the duties of judge to which the people of Nacogdoches County elected him to do, and I quite often hear the latter reason echoed throughout the county from those who have had to endure the charade of his court. Nacogdoches County has established a reputation for excessively long divorce and custody cases, and as long as judicial incompetence is allowed to preside, it will remain this way. If Jack Sinz would only read and implement the first chapter alone of the American Bar Association's, "A Guide for Judges: Making Child-Centered Decisions in Custody Cases", it would save a lot of children the Hell of being left in limbo for years while he avoids making any decision at all, and a lot of adults from the excessive burden of unjust legal fees. “The judicial process, adversarial and conflictual in nature, should not increase the conflict between parents and cause additional harm to children. There is a significant body of evidence to suggest that the more protracted the conflict in the judicial process, the greater the harm to children.” Charles B. Bauer & Kit Furey, Bench/Bar Committee Recommends Practical Ways to Reduce Impact of High-Conflict Divorce on Children, 39 THE ADVOCATE 13 (June 1996) Jack Sinz has proven repeatedly that he has no working knowledge of the law, much less any control over the proceedings of his court, in which he could easily minimize the duration of the proceedings, in which he leaves children in a state of limbo, offering no guidance nor direction towards any resolution or final rulings in the matters at hand.


2714. other

This judge makes decisions that are inconsistent and he does not follow the letter of the law based on my observation as a 3rd party observer to a case before him. His actions do not match his spoken words and sentiments.


4515. witness

Jack doesn't want to make the decision. He wants the parties to come to an agreement on their own. His neglect of his duty to rule in the best interests of children is a total disgrace. The ABA states custody cases should be ruled on in a matter of days or weeks, not years. These children have been in limbo going on 5 years. This is torture for the kids as well as the Christian family wanting to have the children back home. For 4 1/2 years they were in a stable home, then he decides " in the best interest of the children" he sends with the mother who cheated on her husband with at least 5-6 different men. No circumstances had changed. She lied on the stand about anything that was asked. She is a pro at lying with no evidence to back it up. The other party's lawyer did not object to any of this. Sinz allowed this to drag on and on with the lawyer bilking the family out of thousands and thousands of dollars. I believe jack and the lawyer work together on these issues. The kids have gone from A and B honor rolls to even having some failing grades but nothing has been done to right the wrong the judge has permitted. This is the most incompetent court I have ever seen operate and the laws governing this have done nothing. Our court system in nacogdoches county is the worst. Law enforcement says the ccal is a joke.


5238. party to case (with attorney)

As an update to 4490 and 4515 above, since Judge Jack Sinz has reversed his own decision, a decision that was upheld by three judges from the 12th Circuit Appellate Court, one child's average of their daily work in all classes currently stands at a 43. Quite the contrast from the honor roll grades that were kept up while in the custody of their father. The other child, who made 98's and 100's on spelling test, as well as participating in the Spelling Bee, currently sits at a 52 in spelling. One act of wisdom, (from of all places, California), from the California Constitution, Article 6, Judicial, Section 19, states that the Legislature shall prescribe compensation for judges of courts of record, contingent on this: “A judge of a court of record may not receive the salary for the judicial office held by the judge while any cause before the judge remains pending and undetermined for 90 days after it has been submitted for decision.” I have no doubt in my mind that Judge Jack Sinz would starve to death if he were actually required to do the job that he was elected to do, before he could collect his paycheck. Perhaps if this requirement was required of him, there would be less dozing off on the bench during proceedings, and he would actually have a vested interest in the resolution of cases brought before him. This could very well motivate him to actually pay attention, and direct the proceedings of his court in a manner that is deserving of respect. Angelina County has displayed the wisdom required to do so by placing strict time limits on both parties to a case, which also follows the American Bar Association’s recommendations for Judges in Child Custody Cases, advising them to schedule custody cases for consecutive days, not years, thereby avoiding leaving children and involved parties in limbo indefinitely.


9089. party to case (pro se)

Extremely biased and self-serving, with no regard to the safety of the children. Refused to hear witness testimony and refused my right to appear Pro-Se. Ordered a mental evaluation then threw out the expert testimony because the doctor was from Tyler and he "didn't know him". Transcripts from the hearings are edited to remove any evidence of bias. Asks the petitioner's witnesses "who's your daddy?" and allows witnesses to testify without swearing in. Does not know the law, and sleeps through crucial testimony of the mother. If I listed every misdeed or violation of this judge I would have to write a book. Obviously myogenic, and contemptuous towards children. He gave no orders in my case for 7 years, and is still ongoing after 10 years. He refuses to give official orders on visitation as well, to make sure they are unenforceable. This courtroom is all about the good old boys club, maintaining power and control. Families are destroyed for the sake of the lawyers and judge's career games.


3826. witness

I think think Judge Sinz is an honest and credible judge who is faced with tough cases where many elements slow down the process. In particular, if one parent refuses to coparent effectively, or files unnecessary motions in effort to gain status quo. Then the judge may see charachter flaws that cause him to delay his ultimate decision. Ironically some of his recent cases have been appealed and his judgment overturned by the 12th circuit of appeals, despite his best efforts. This drags the case outneven more, and on top of all those delays, there is always the chance that in the time all this takes, the judge may have had time to witness the parenting methods that may be harming the children even more than the actual process of the divorce. I commend judge Sinz for his ability to evaluate these technical and delicate issues, even if it means reversing his own orders to protect the children. So while I am sorry it seems the timeliness and financial strain seems to be your beef with him, I must respectfully disagree that he does not do his best to make the right decisions about welfare of the children. Maybe you can find peace in knowing your case didn't get appealed. Or overturned. Unless, of course, that happened to be your case, in which I would consider your entire comment retaliatory, defamatory, and lacking any degree of class. But I'm sure you would not have risked retaliation in a public forum if that was the case


4490. party to case (with attorney)

As a follow up to the witness above in the last review of Jack Sinz, (who has established the reputation as being quite possibly the most incompetent person ever to grace the bench in the history of Nacogdoches County), when the 'mother' of the children who are the focus of the entire case was allegedly 'homeschooling' the children, one child tested as being two years behind their age group, and the other child tested as being one year behind their age group. After many thousands of dollars of tutoring, and two years in the best private school in the county, both children were making the honor roll consistently. Fast forward to today, and back in the care of the same mother that neglected them to begin with, and we are seeing failing grades from both of them, but I doubt with the number of simple spelling errors made by the witness above, any educational shortcomings, or as they stated, "class", would even register enough to be noticed. Pehaps if Jack Sinz could stay awake on the bench long enough to actually listen to the testimony of the expert witnesses, the kids would still be excelling in school today. But then again, to expect this judge to have any common sense or to be able to execute with any sense of competence what's best for the children would also require him to have a basic knowledge of the simplest of laws, and that has proven to be far too much to ask of this court.


4516. witness

To witness #3826 the case was appealed in Tyler. His original temporary orders were upheld. Nobody knows why he reversed them except his believing the lies of the mother.

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