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2400. party to case (with attorney)

I wish there was a way we could see the records of this Judge, and see just how many children have been put back in harm's way because of his rulings. I also wish we could all band together and get some of these rulings reversed. Unfortunately, we are all afraid to speak out for fear of losing custody to the abuser and/or visitation. This is just so wrong, and so many children in America are suffering because of "court ordered child abuse"!


3746. party to case (with attorney)

Judge does not follow best interest of child rules. does not read affidavits or follow recommendations of counselors or social workers. He puts children in mentally abusive setting with no regard for child. He should be removed from bench.


4836. party to case (pro se)

Those who call this judge dishonest have more discernment than bias. He really does stare out the north window and tune out testimony; we can see the empty mind on his face. He does not listen to the social workers of Family Court Services and in fact told one of them to cancel a social study that had already been court ordered--a clear violation of rules of the court in Tarrant County. He runs as a Republican and I believe it; he berated me for 15 minutes from his own perspective religious beliefs in child-raising. I watched him award primary conservatorship to a parent whose court-ordered drug screen perjured their own testimony about their denial of illicit drug use. He doesn't talk to his family in India. He does not have the ethnic and cultural pride to use his Indian name. Getting his own friends to get on here and blog will not spin the truth. Gotta love how this website will not let you pick 0 stars. Subtract 3 1/2 from my rating above. Family law can burn you out, and this guy is really burned out. When is he up for re-election? He ran unopposed last time which is really pathetic. Cindy Mendoza--are you ready to run?


3935. witness

I strongly reccommend that if you have Judge Mike Sinha you need to try and move courts. I have went before this Judge on numerouse occassions as well as my peers and the cases are rigged.Expert opinions, Affadavits, are worthless in his courts . I have to agree with numerous previouse comments that Judge Sinha spends more time gazing out the window or taking extended lunch hours.


4953. party to case (with attorney)

Here's my case highlights: Ex husband is abusive alcoholic, multiple DWI's, nearly bankrupted us. Extreme documentation was presented to this judge. Investment accounts? He gets to have them. Supervised visitation? Nope. Driving restrictions? Nope. Really ANY protection for the children? Nope. Do not re-elect this person. A disgrace. Women, beware.


802. attorney (private practice)

This Judge is a waste of time. Move your case to another court room. He is more worried about his social schedule then what case is in front of him.


1168. other

This Judge is a crook. He loves to tout this image revolving around "best interests of the child" and yet he gives no thought to what is in a child's best interest. In my husband's case he changed visitation from supervised at my husband's judgement to standard with no supervision without even bothering to look into why visitation was supervised in the first place (Child abuse, bio-mom was abusing multiple drugs while pregnant which caused the twins to be born at 13 weeks early and they nearly died. She also admitted to using after they were born and had a host of other legal issues afterward and had another son less than a year later who died as a toddler under very suspicious circumstances). He didn't bother to see if the situation had changed, didn't even read the original order, didn't look at the CPS report, medical records of the children, didn't order a home study, didn't drug test bio-mom who also lied in court. Absolutely despicable.


2325. other

BEWARE of the 360th District Family Court! Judge Sinah is the epitome of a "Good Old BOY". He along with his cronies, (attorneys) appear to care nothing about the welfare of children of divorce. His court appoints those who conduct Social Studies, then does not take into consideration their reports. Of course, the social study workers are somewhat suspect in their findings, as they seem to be incompetent. The family court justice system is broken. This is primarily due to the fact that it is politics as usual. I scratch your back, you appoint me to a position. Shame on Gov. Perry, the Texas Republican party, Tarrant Co. Republican party and the voters.


4776. party to case (with attorney)

It is difficult not to sound bitter and have a positive attitude toward marriage in general after going through a long drawn out divorce. My only experience was in the 360th in Tarrant County. Judge Mendoza set the stage by telling me that " other people have it hard but attorneys have it really hard No one has it harder than attorneys". When your husband who is suing for divorce is an attorney himself you know your in trouble. She gave the husband the rental property but had me pay the mortgage, his medical and excused him from paying child support. In fact the ex-husband , who is a local attorney, NEVER payed child support. Once the case moved in to Sinha's domain my side could never get a court date but his side got settings within 1 week. I was forced to produce 20 boxes of discovery while my ex-husband never produced any real financial documentation of his business. I was told that by convention law practices have no value. Did I see evidence that the system is set up to enrich family law attorneys and judges (who almost always become very high priced mediators one off the bench)? You know it! As for the idea that the court is concerned first with the child's welfare and best interest I strong agree this is a myth. The marriage contract itself is a property document period. It's deceptive because the terms of the document are not revealed at the time of signing AND the state can change the terms without consulting either parties. In my particular case my ex-husband's attorney wisely enlisted the help of a social worker that specializes in "parental alienation" . Other legitimate psychologists call these guys " court whores". This guy, Mark Charbonnet, told me that the verbal and physical threats my husband assaulted our 13 year old daughter with was no reason for her not to want to visit him , that "it's not like he raped her on a daily basis". Apparently Sinha is a big backer of abusive dads and that dad's rights trumps kids rights. Sinha then dragged me through another year of legal battle when I refused to turn over a UTMA college fund that I had set up for our son. The nasty truth is that 529 college funds are routinely dissolved and given to parents during divorces in Texas. UTMA are a gift to another person to be used for college. Other states safe guard both UTMAs and 529s for the children of divorce but not Texas. Bottom line you don't want to be in Sinha's court if your soon to be ex is an attorney and/or a dead beat.


4781. party to case (with attorney)

Unfortunately once in this court, you are stuck, seemingly forever. I was tied up in a battle for years in this court. I finally made it to Sinha's court from the lower court but the date needed to be reset because one or another of the attorneys had issues, this was June 2014 , the next court date was March 2015 according to Sinha's clerk. The family court system in Tarrant County is a failing to protect the children that is claims to advocate for. Unreasonable delays, one sided opinions and the money making wheel for attorneys and the court. I was told that Sinha could actually side with my drug addicted daughter and give my grandson (whom I have had custody of for 4 years) back to her. This was a huge concern and as the case was dragging on, I was able to work with my daughter and attorney and come to an agreement. We took this mediated agreement to Sinha, what did he do.... tell my daughter not to sign it , that it was not good for her (she had already signed it and agreed to it). Sinha is not interested in the child's welfare, this judge is far from fair and unbiased. Quite the opposite in my opinion. We stuck to our mediated agreement, through tears, and badgering from this judge and he finally signed it. It took me 4 + years to get final custody of my grandson in this court. How is this timely, honest justice for our children.


1195. party to case (with attorney)

Judge does not even take the advise of court appointed Social workers evaluation and recommendations; or information from Child's family counselor (for two years.) The Judge spent more time at his lunch break then looking at the custody hearing in front of him. Ask to change to someone who is willing to listen to the child (15 year) who wants to live with their dad.


2622. other

Judge Sinha is estranged from his own family, didn't attend his father or mother's funeral, hasn't communicated with his siblings in 30 years. He's a hypocrite.


3146. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Sinha told the court room that all military have control issues. Do not go to this Judge if you are active duty or retired. His court appointed social worker was told that his opinion did not count and that teen male children no better off with a male role model. He told the child psychologist that sex of the child or parent has not merit in his court.


4767. party to case (with attorney)

Mike Sinha: For judge? I probably would vote for Mike, he seems like a very conscious judge and very empathetic toward the plight of the persons involved in the painful family breakup. He actually seems like a Supreme Court justice when he is speaking. I was able to witness a very compassionate uniting of two children whose custody was changed, it was moving. I would not pick a lawyer based on who endorses him the first one I had is on the list and was just incompetent and mislead me about her costs. He has no saying on who endorses him. However does he have the ability to fix his mistakes and hear both sides fairly? Here is my experience: I was the last case heard in 2015 he and I stayed until 8pm trying to finish the case because of other litigation. • We decided to take the high road since no children where involved and just present factual information in contrast to my wife. Who cried and lied I thought he would see thru that. ( he doesn’t seem to have) • We presented about 40 pieces of evidence as to the condition of the house and fair market value. Provided financial statement for two years and completed all the interrogatories, we abided by all the agreed on rules. On the other hand my wife provided none of these and as far as the rules where not followed with any consequence. (This goes to several pick up truck loads being removed from the house) including my personal items of valuable gold and silver awards furniture etc. No financials even though she made enough to bank and hides thousand of dollars. • Family loans in many cases gifts, not in my family. My father 80 years old with a fixed income flew down here to testify to this at his expense. We also produced 10 years of payments on these loans. Judge Sinha at the time seemed to understand and suggested a trust where the money could not be taken until these debts amongst others where paid. Maybe it was a lack of forethought on the part of my attorney and I, we did not produce the evidence that showed almost all of these monies went to mortgage companies. • In sharp contrast my wife took the stand produced four pieces of evidence two which where inadmissible. She immediately started crying claiming, I had killed the family pet (cat) and our other pet a dog was in harms way. He suggested like you would in a case of a child visitation. (Dogs are a pack animal that needs to have someone acting as an alpha male in the house.) My wife has never owned a dog. • She testified to our claim that she never planned to pay any of the debt even though the debt was witnessed and she signed along with me. • She has said all along she plans to go bankrupt kept the money leaving all debt for me to pay which she has a track record of doing. Actually the only thing I heard that might be some what honest was she resides in Tarrant co. and plans not to pay. None of the personal assaults came with evidence to that. (seems not to be a factor if your emotionally upset in court) So in January several weeks later I receive a ruling that splits assets including the house. Which if you took into account the debt there is no asset left. Further more they do not factor the cost of the realtor and the closing cost. Putting myself out of the residence for no appreciable value to either side. I also must incur the cost of upkeep etc until such time this happens. It also did not factor in the shear volume of items removed and the costs. Myself and my attorney who by the way I recommend strongly Shelly Cooper put on a factual based case, however we may have been remiss in not having and opening statement to what our goals where then after proving them, pointing this out to the court. We also did not present what we would do with the house and what the biggest debtor would like done. (Which the plan was to fix the large structural problems, work on the smaller ones) Since my father has testified as a professional witness to real estate the one thing he knew is that eventually real estate goes up and he would eventually recoup the money he lent which is a mortgage on his current house. Actually there would be no house if he had not stepped up to insure his grandkids had a place to live. He did this at a great financial risk to himself. In Conclusion: in my opinion the fact based on mountains of evidence, adhering to the rules. lost to an emotional plea at my expense, and she was unjustly enriched at the expense of my dad. I will end up with all the debt some small portion of a 401k making while on the other hand she already has started debt free making 50k. If justice where blind there must be a lot of lead one side of the scale. So I guess if you show a great deal of emotion don’t say anything factual, present no evidence to anything you said. You have an advantage in this court. So my view is his compassion gets in the way of a fair ruling. Hopefully he fixes these errors for myself and looks more toward the facts in the future. I do still like the guy but you cant be a judge if your not impartial


4961. other

Because I felt I was betrayed in a Tarrant County Judge's office, I started looking at reviews of other Judges. And I am shocked to see a lot of pain by so many people that they are suffering as the entire system looks very pathetic. So I started doing research on Family Courts and found a documentary `Divorce Corp' available in Netflix/Amazon/Google/play. I urge everybody to watch this documentary.


5666. other

Judge Sinha ruined my life, my daughters life and helped a alcoholic, abusive, controlling man get 50/50 custody. Despite evidence, testimony and the recommendation of the social worker he was only concerned about fathers rights now the well being of my daughter. My daughter hates the custody arrangement and despite going back for modifications for several issues he remained only concerned about fathers rights not the well being of my daughter.


6237. party to case (with attorney)

It's a blessing that Judge Sinha is leaving the bench, he has no concern for citizens in harms way. He did not read a single affidavit or have concern for a battered woman and her child. He pushed the case to the side. He has no interest for citizens; the citizens who pay their taxes and allow him to carry out his job. But this crook has six more months on that stand, and finally Tarrant county will be able to see peace and justice for those harmed and children in harms way.


2244. party to case (with attorney)

I have Joint Managing Conservatorship (50/50), with me paying child support. Last year (Child 15yr old) I filed a Motion to Modify Parent-Child Relationship. I thought it was a Slam-dunk case since the family court appointed counselor recommend I be granted full custody; also Family Therapist testified that the child would be better off with me. My 15 year old son talked to the Judge in has cambers a week later, and I received a written notice that there will be not changes to custody. It has been 6 months and now my son is 16 year old and living with me full time, and I am still paying child support. He has not visited his mother in the past 3 months…What should I do?


2591. party to case (pro se)

I don't know about all these other comments. I've had judge Mike Sinha for both my divorce and a modification, and have never witnessed anything like what appears in the other comments. Judge Mike Sinha is a great soul, and it is always a pleasure to go to his court. He his helpful, polite, gentle, and in my experiences has ruled fairly, in the best interest of my child. I used to work in the legal system, and believe me, there are a lot of challenging judges and personalities, but not this judge - we need more judges like him. He's dignified, treats everyone with respect and is professional to a fault.


4320. other

This Judge is highly respected in the legal community and by leaders throughout the county. He is compassionate and carefully addresses each case with caution and patients. His temperament is the perfect example of a family court judge. Many o the people with negative comments would rather he legislate from the bench in their side of the case only. There are a couple of them that is bent to put their "person" on the bench. That would be a huge mistake as they will expect them to twist the law to their favor. Law must be upheld in a manner that is not swayed by ones personal feelings but to carry out the law to the letter. Mike Sinha is the one to balance that with the fact that the lives of others will be affected.


4823. attorney (private practice)

I have practiced before Judge Sinha for over a decade. I have won and lost cases in his court many times. However, my clients always received fair trials, respectful treatment, and compassion. He also carefully considers and reviews orders coming through his court to ensure that unrepresented parties receive fair treatment. He has consistently demonstrated judicial integrity and fair mindedness over his many years as a judge. We are fortunate to have him on the bench.


5607. attorney (private practice)

If you want drama from the bench, then this is it. He wants to be the star and imposes his moral values on the parties, favors local counsel. Also, Tarrant County "in chambers" coercion tactics and good old boy system within (biased to outsiders) need serious ethics check.


6218. other

Sinha spends all his time playing golf during business hours and getting free tickets to sports events. That is his real passion. He's big on talking about ethics, but if he can get free tickets to a Ranger game,, he's in your pocket. If he were called upon to hear your case, and if the court file fell on the ground, he would be too lazy to even bend over to pick it up. He may be smooth and polite, but he is deceitful underneath. He is a devout atheist but pretends to be a Christian to get votes. His father is a Muslim. He cannot be trusted. He is disloyal - a real life Judas.


2773. party to case (pro se)

I believe myself to be a fairly decent judge of character, and for me Judge Sinha has been a revitalizing breath of fresh air. I am completely shocked to see that anyone could find him to be otherwise?! None the less, their opinions haven't changed my view of him in the least. I had been bullied by cps, and victimized by my mother in law who manipulated the system to her benefit, in an attempt to take my daughter out from under me. Just when I had started to lose all faith in the justice system, I was granted judge Sinha as my judge. My case is still ongoing, but I have full confidence that he will be just, fair, and see through those who are ill willed. I am very grateful for him, and actually quite disappointed in those who are bad mouthing him clearly just because they didn't "get their way."


4116. other

Mike Sinha is a family man. Married for over 30 years with 3 children who adore him. As a Judge he serves the people of Tarrant County. With every case there is someone who lost and is bitter. The Judge is a fine man.


4214. attorney (private practice)

I have never know Judge Sinha to be anything less than unbiased and truly caring...Judge Sinha exemplifies what it means to be a great judge. I have had many cases in front of him; I've won some and I've lost some, but I am purposely posting this anonymously to convey that as an attorney in Tarrant County, I believe Judge Sinha to be the epitome of a fair and impartial judge of both fact and law.


2250. other

First of all, there is no such thing as a "slam dunk case" in family law. The "system" is a racquet. Family law judges are also family law attorneys. There is a mutual motivation to justify each other's existence and sustenance. If family law judge rulings were always straightforward and predictable, the results from filings in our current adversarial model of tort law would be all too anticipated whereby attorneys would never take certain types of cases, or avoid certain judges altogether or just deny to represent certain clients outright. You have probably figured out by now that everyone profits in this model except for you and your child--see previous posting on "Divorce Corp" movie. As far as your "what to do" question--first of all count your blessing that your son in living with you. Hasn't seen mom in 3 months? Hopefully you are not discouraging him from doing so, because they will use that against you, and it is just bad family dynamics. He is 16; you have less than 2 years left to raise him. As far as the child support and custody, you will have to ask yourself as to whether or not it would be worth all the attorney fees to go back to the lottery/poker game of family court to try to get your child support and custody modified because that is generally the only way it can be done. Chances are, my friend, that avenue may end up costing you more than just basically "paying out" the child support and making quality time with your man-cub until your son's 18th B-day. Once the battle starts you would also risk your ex-spouse playing nasty games like putting your son in the middle, attempting to alienate you from him, etc. You might purchase and read "Lone Star Divorce" (available on Amazon) by Ike Vanden Eykel et. al. (authors are Tarrant County lawyers) since in all likelihood your attorney will encourage you to go back to court for self-serving reasons, and the judge knew what he was doing by not giving an absolute ruling in your favour. Some people see a potential trap as a challenge, but I would leave that scenario to Ian Fleming novels and stay out of the 360th or elsewhere. I am willing to bet that you make at least $150K annually and they can't wait to have you back. Remember what Einstein said about doing the same thing again and expecting a different result my friend...


4851. party to case (with attorney)

Maybe I shouldn’t post these just yet. I thought my trial was pretty much over. As it turns out he may have listened to my case more that I thought as I see the sparring over the decree. None the less it still leaves out a sizable portion of debt that I would have to carry. At this point he may be reconsidering that so wont post anything more until it’s over. That being said I may have been incorrect in my previous post as to what extent. It seems Judge Sinha may have seen thru this more than I gave him credit for. I never doubted he was a conscious judge, just thought he missed a lot maybe it may be a little. So with this in mind I would recommend voting for him. See how this plays out


4988. witness

I have seen Senha in action several times now presiding over my wife's ongoing custody case for custody. He has done an amazing job of protect her child from an alcoholic narcissistic "dad" who refuses follow the court imposed rulings. His zero tolerance stance on drinking have protected this child from harm. It is very sad to see him go.


7237. party to case (with attorney)

This guy needs to be a relationship councelor not a judge. Laws are put in place by the people not this Judge's personal feelings.


7715. party to case (with attorney)

This guy disregarded many of the court specialists and told me if I ended up living under a bridge in a cardboard box, that was perfectly fine with him. Note my daughter would be there with me was still ok with him. The stories about how incompetent this guy was are on going. My ex is a narcissist with delusions of grandeur while having lots of $$ in the bank. It was follow the money trail with this guy.


8588. party to case (with attorney)

He is just as bad as mendoza

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