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4448. attorney (private practice)

No dispute that Judge Robison runs a tight ship. He expects everyone to be prepared because he is prepared. He knows the facts (if you present them succinctly) and the law (if you correctly identify the issues in your pleadings). If you don't do your part and try to file everything at the last minute, then it is not unusual to see him hustling during hearings to ensure that he has reviewed all of the facts before he rules. Because of this hustle, he makes his rulings on time and everyone knows where they stand when they leave the courtroom. As an attorney he has ruled for my clients and against my clients, but even if I don't like his ruling I can rest can assured that it is NEVER a political or arbitrary ruling. (I have even challenged his rulings in the court of appeals). He typically explains his reasoning at the time of his ruling and it is ALWAYS based on the facts and the law as it has been presented to him. He isn't perfect, but he is certainly one of the best judges in Texas.


4620. attorney (private practice)

When you go to the courthouse for a contested hearing, half of the time one person does not get what they want. So as a judge you are often making someone unhappy, just like when a referee makes a controversial call. This judge, calls balls and strikes without bias and with almost always more knowledge of the law than the attorneys. Works hard, listens and cares! Absolutely a great judge.


6665. attorney (private practice)

I have been practicing in front of Judge Robison since 2011. I have had numerous hearings and final trials in front of Judge Robison. I can honestly say that Judge Robison does his very best to accurately apply the law and look out for the best interest of children. He is VERY smart. As a former accountant and civil litigation attorney, Judge Robison is able to get complicated estates, tax situations, probate, etc. in no time at all. He cares and is fair. Those are the two most important qualities for a judge in my opinion. The negative reviews on here are either from disgruntled litigants or attorneys who clearly came to court unprepared.


6666. attorney (private practice)

I have practiced in front of Judge Robison and found him to be a wonderful steward of the law and fairness. He maintains a regular study of the law and is fair to all litigants. I have been on the winning and losing sides, but I've always felt respected and always respected his opinion. Judge Robison does not make the law, he follows it.


6667. attorney (private practice)

Highly intelligent judge who is well versed in the law and finances.


3341. party to case (with attorney)

My original case was heard by Vickii Isaacs, as well as the first motion to modify brought on by my ex-wife only months after our agreed divorce. Isaacs denied all motions in that particular case. 6 years later, my ex-wife filed another motion to modify and Judge Robison heard this case. Judge Robison was fair and listened to both sides. He didn't allow opposing counsel to be rude or out of order, which she was. He pretty much kept her in order. Judge Robison also wanted to see a psychological evaluation of my ex-wife. The case went well and Judge Robison seemed to be doing everything in the best interest of my children considering both sides of the equation. He allowed the original social study which revealed that my ex-wife had emotional and substance abuse issues as well as tried to alienate the children from me. This social study also recommended I have SOLE custody of my children. Robison had us follow a plan that was to keep the children in both of our lives with STANDARD visitation and JOINT custody based on stipulations he set forth for our temporary orders. This worked great with no problems for several months until my ex-wife decided to deny my visitation for the childrens Spring Break. My attorney filed a motion to enforce my visitation and the case got moved to the 431st / Jonathan Bailey's court and everything went south from there. After an additional 2 years of litigation (which Bailey seemed to thrive on additional chaos in the courtroom) the case was finally closed. With no incidence out of the court occuring, I now have 6 hours visitation a month with my children and pay twice as much in child support. I'm sure my case would have had a totally different outcome if it would have stayed in the 393rd with Judge Robison.


6672. attorney (private practice)

Judge Robison is fair, impartial and effective. He is highly intelligent and understands the issues brought before him. Any county would be better off having a judge as competent as this one. The citizens of Denton County have a quality jurist in Judge Robison.


6675. attorney (private practice)

Judge Robison is a great judge to practice in front of. He is knowledgeable on the law and works hard to make the right decision based on the law and the facts of each particular case. It is nice to have a well educated judge when you are dealing with complex legal issues because he knows when someone is blowing smoke.


6674. attorney (private practice)

Judge Robison conducts his courtroom with respect and honor. Notwithstanding, he is also polite, honest, and a scholar of the law. If all judges could learn from him, we would have a better community. He is an asset to both our community and state. I am happy to know him and have the opportunity to try cases before him.


4621. attorney (private practice)

I have known Doug for many years. I have also tried many cases in front of him as a Judge and I thought he was very fair and did a great job. I believe he is one of the best Judges I have ever been in front of and I would give him my best recommendation.


4672. attorney (private practice)

I have known Judge Robison and his wife Bonnie, both personally and professionally, since 1996. I am an attorney, and I have appeared before Judge Robison on many occasions in both agreed and contested family law matters. I know Judge Robison to be a man of integrity, both in his personal life and in his judicial conduct. He works diligently to keep himself well-informed on changes in the law; he oversees his court efficiently and fairly; and never, on any occasion, have I ever seen him rude or unjust to any party or any attorney. He does expect us attorneys who appear before him to present our matters efficiently and to be fully prepared, on both facts and law, when our motions are heard or our case is tried. Because we know that he expects the best of us, we tend to give the best of ourselves when we appear before him. He has my full support as we enter the 2016 election season.


4677. attorney (private practice)

I would highly rank Judge Robison. He has integrity, is even keeled and knows the law. He understands that attorneys, and their clients have a lot invested in the matters before him. He prepares for the cases that he hears. I especially appreciate that he does not demean litigants or their clients. All judges should be fair, equitable, listen to the facts, be respectful of the clients and attorneys, and understand the law. He does all those things. He garners respect of the parties and makes rulings (not always favorable) but consistent with the facts and law.


4680. attorney (private practice)

I have known Judge Robison for many years, including prior to him taking the bench. He administers his courtroom and justice in the same way that he practiced law : intelligently, efficiently, fairly, thoroughly prepared, and with the highest integrity and legal acumen. I would rank him as one of the best judges that I have ever practiced in front of over the past 28 years.


4725. attorney (private practice)

Judge Robison was an excellent litigator when he was in private practice, and he brings those skills to the bench. In my experience, he has been fair and thoughtful in his rulings. He does expect people in his court to have done their homework and be prepared, but that should be the minimum standard for anyone showing up in court. That said, I have never seen him be impolite or abrupt with pro se litigants, even when they obviously were unprepared. It is not necessary to brief standard issues in his court, because he is very conversant with the Rules of Civil Procedure, the Business & Commerce Code, and the Family Code.


4733. attorney (private practice)

Having practiced before many judges, including most in Denton County, I have found Judge Robison to be informed, conscientious, fair and always well reasoned (even when I disagreed with his conclusion on a particular matter). He has an even judicial temperament. His trial skills accumulated over a very successful private civil practice is also evident in his rulings and handling of his docket. If there is a complex case, he is the among the best an attorney could hope to get to preside over it. Finally, it is equally evident that Judge Robison cares. I have found it somewhat rare to find a judge that is both a technician and one who genuinely cares about achieving a just outcome.


4882. other

One of the worst Judges in Texas, if not in the entire country. Unfortunately for him, there are transcripts. Fortunately for him, the lives he shattered are too broken to deal with them. A case came before him where a woman was actually disabled from a beating by her husband (police and hospital records were submitted and summarily dismissed) and children were taken to ER's with various injuries imposed upon them by the same man. None of these facts were in dispute. The father said "they made him angry". The father had a loud and obnoxious attorney who had been notified that the mother had PTSD from the aforementioned attack and yet this judge allowed that attorney to scream into that woman's face effectively shutting Her completely down and rendering her almost incapable of defending herself (she was left without enough money to eat on--father was an engineer with a 6-figure salary). She was Pro-Se. The children were removed to another state by the father against the wishes of the mother. The judge did not order them back. A 6-year old little girl who was party to this case claimed she was sexually abused by a member of the father's family. The father testified (it is in the transcript) that he saw NOTHING wrong with someone inserting fingers into this little girl's vagina. The Judge apparently didn't either because he awarded custody to the father despite the fact that the child's pediatrician and the counselor the mother took her to wrote letters to the court regarding the incident. He ignored them. This judge allowed continuances which ultimately allowed these children's fate to be decided by the court system in another state. Shame on this Judge. I can't imagine how many lives he has been allowed to destroy because he either isn't paying attention to the testimony in front of him or else he also sees nothing wrong with fingers being inserted into little girls vaginas. Either way, if this is an isolated case, there are at least 3 that his decisions adversely affected.


4893. attorney (private practice)

I worked in Judge Doug Robison's court for 2 1/2 years working complex and highly emotional family law cases. Throughout my experience with him, I found his practice fair and just, even when the rulings didn't go my way (and often times they didn't!). Judge Robison accommodated pro-se litigants, especially during trials or contested hearings. He always informed them of their rights, and showed patience with them on issues or procedure they were unfamiliar with. That being said, the judge runs a tight ship. You must be prepared when you walk into his courtroom - that goes for all parties. He runs his courtroom efficiently,but entertains all sides of the argument. He will recess to look into issues, so as to make an informed decision, which shows his ability to reach the most fair decision under the circumstances. I enjoyed practicing in his court. I found the predictability of schedule and methods employed in his court to be a welcome factor in my practice. I knew when and where to be, how to present my case, and ultimately knew that no matter the outcome, it was a reasoned one based in research and law, not emotions and snap decision-making.


4985. other

Over 7 years I have observed the Honorable Doug Robison to demonstrate legal courage and integrity. He is willing to do what the law requires of him even though the course he must follow is not always the popular one. He is not influenced by the identity, race, gender, political status, wealth or relationship of the party or lawyer before him. He is a fair listener that also asks questions that get to the heart of the issues before his court. He encompasses both the ability to apply the law to the facts and to understand how a judicial decision will affect the human beings (that are sometimes children) appearing before the court. He is compassionate and above all fair.


6518. attorney (private practice)

I have practiced law before Judge Doug Robison for many years. Through this time he has proved to be knowledgeable, courteous, patient, and overall an excellent judge. During a recent series of cases, Judge Robison showed more restraint and patience and calm than could be imagined when raced with antagonistic and overly aggressive litigants. He’s a judge of immense integrity. In my opinion, we are fortunate to have Judge Robison as a District Judge in Denton County.


6676. attorney (private practice)

I have practiced law all over Texas for 35 years in front of hundreds of judges, both good and bad. Judge Robison is in the top five of judges I have been before. I have appeared in front of him many times and I have won and I have lost, but I and my client were always treated fairly.


6677. attorney (private practice)

Judge Robison is one of the smartest judges out there. He is fair, straightforward, and conducts his courtroom with efficiency - all things I respect in a judge.


6680. attorney (private practice)

Judge Robison is an amazing judge that has been extremely professional and fair in cases that are brought before him. I think he is a credit to the legal profession and judiciary.


6681. attorney (private practice)

Judge Robison is an outstanding judge. I learn something from him each time that I have the pleasure of appearing before him. He puts a great deal of time and energy into his rulings.


3299. party to case (with attorney)

This judge was partial in my case and even when presented with evidence where the other party committed perjury, the judge did nothing. I had been declared indigent but when I ask for a copy of the court proceedings, Judge Robison pulled my indigent status, knowing I would not be able to afford the cost of the record. He also knew the record would show his blatant partiality. My case was ordered transferred, by the state legislature, to another, newly created court. I was not aware of this order and the judge did not transfer the case as directed by the legislature. This was prior to the final hearing. This Judge should be investigated for unethical and illegal practices against citizens of this state. There are strange things that go on in Denton Co courts. Justice is not one of them.


4681. attorney (private practice)

I have known and worked with Judge Robison before he took the bench. As a practicing lawyer, he was always well prepared, worked hard, and extremely knowledgeable and professional in representing his clients. He has brought that same work ethic with him to the bench. I have practiced in front of him numerous times and find him to be professional, forthright, and timely in making rulings. He is almost always available to conduct an emergency hearing. He's fair. He listens to what counsel and their clients have to say, and makes thoughtful rulings. I'm proud that Judge Robinson is on the bench in Denton County. I hope he remains here as long as he so chooses.


4698. attorney (private practice)

I just heard about this website and I think the public should know that Judge Robison works hard and is respectful to all that come into his court regardless of their station in life. Judge Robison was an effective and skilled attorney prior to becoming a judge. Since becoming a judge, Judge Robison has earned a reputation for being fair to all the litigants, listening to all the details, and ruling in accordance with the law. I have also seen this judge go beyond what is required to ensure that to those with disabilities are afforded the the right to be heard in court. I would rate him 5 out of 5.


4735. attorney (private practice)

I have had the pleasure of practicing family law in front of Judge Robison for some years now. I have won cases in this court and I have lost cases here as well. Regardless, the Court's professional treatment shown to each of the parties and the concern displayed for the welfare of children in these cases is second to none. I can't ask for more than that.


4778. attorney (private practice)

Smart, patient judge with excellent judicial temperament. Always prepared and up on the law. WIth multiple specializations under his belt, Judge Robison knows his stuff. You can tell that TRCP rule 1 is important to him. I might not get what I want for my client when I'm in his court, but I know that he will listen and work hard to make the right/fair ruling.


882. other

This judge knows the law, yet he is rude and condescending to litigants. He will hurl assumptions about the litigants and the case even before he is aware of the details of the case. Judge Robison reads case documents while litigants are speaking and it is obvious that he is not impartial to what he is reading or that he has previously prepared for the case. Once, I saw where Judge Robison told a Pro Se Litigant that he was not at liberty to give advice to the Litigant. In the same breath, Judge Robison began to give specific wording for the Pro Se Litigant how to re-write a counter-suit petition and submit it back into court. Judge Robison is tempermental. Before lawyers arrive to the court room, they are already made aware of Judge Robison's temperment for the day, which is almost always "fussy".


2868. other

I agree with the assessment and remarks of the above commentator. I used to think Judge Robison was the worst judge in Denton County - especially to hear family law cases, but now, I have somewhat changed my opinion. Now, Judge Bailey is the worst judge. Judges need to sit quietly on the bench, listen, carefully consider the evidence and testimony, and make proper rulings. Judge Robison is a blow hard who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. Less is more, Judge Robison. Less is more.


6342. other

This Judge needs to be investigated. He makes assumptions about the litigants and the case even before he is aware of the details of the case. Already making his decision. Lets CPS commit perjury and lie under oath. Not very honorable is you ask me. Please write any concerns to Governor Greg Abbott and Texas State Senate. An FBI investigation needs to be considered for this judge and CPS case workers in Denton County. - To be a good judge, you need to be non judge mental till you have all the facts.


6683. attorney (private practice)

Professional. Uses common sense and remembers what it is like to be on the other side of the bench.


6684. attorney (private practice)

Judge Robison always makes the effort to listen to the testimony in each case (even when it is long and tedious) and goes to great lengths to get the law correct in complicated cases. When you go to other courts around the state you immediately realize how fortunate you were to be in front of someone Judge Robison.


6295. party to case (with attorney)

Judge R has been pathetically biased towards mom from day 1. He has bought 100% of her lies and has ruled from his elected position all along, never choosing to hear the truth from both sides. Thankfully, feces floats and time reveals all truth. The children are being gravely affected by his shortsighted judgemnts from the bench. We will have to endure his wrongful decisions for some time and, hopefully, none of his mistakes will have long-lasting effects. In the end, we will prevail for the sake of the kids. If you are a male in his court, consider a female counsel as he is evidently biased.


6634. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Robison does not satisfy even basic requirements of his position, such as listening to both sides with impartiality and taking all key evidence into consideration. In my own case, I used an Incident/Investigation report from the sheriff's office which contained a statement from my ex-girlfriend admitting that she had physically assaulted my child and myself before I defended myself. Judge Robison not only ignored this evidence, but also ignored an in person testimony from the sheriff who had arrived at the scene. My ex-girlfriend sued me in Switzerland and I was able to close those overseas criminal proceedings. I was even able to successfully counter sue in Switzerland for legal fees and for her perjury. However, here in Denton, I lost the case thanks to Judge Robison's blatant disregard for evidence and objectivity and justice. A few times, Judge Robison also made rude comments alluding to his apparent belief that I was/my family was members of a crime organization.....Being Italian he for sure thought about "Mafia"! I strongly recommend voting him out of office when we get the opportunity this November, since I don't want anyone else to have to go through what I did.


6755. witness

This Judge needs to be investigated. He makes assumptions about the litigants and the case even before he is aware of all the details and facts. Already making his decision. Allows CPS to commit perjury and lie under oath. Not very honorable if you ask me. Please write any concerns to Governor Greg Abbott and Texas State Senate and Ken Merchant. An FBI investigation needs to be considered for this judge and CPS case workers in Denton County. - To be a good judge, you need to be non judgemental till you have all the facts.


7726. attorney (private practice)

Doug needs to think less of himself and work more on being less political.


6688. attorney (private practice)

Judge Robison is the type of Judge both lawyers and litigants should appreciate. He is always prompt, always prepared, and a case is not often bumped unexpectedly in his Court. This Judge is knowledgeable in the law and will give each litigant time to present their case and will actively listen to the evidence as it is being presented. Judge Robison cares about the job he is doing and attempts to do his job to the best of his abilities everyday. His passion shows. Judge Robison has rules for his Court and those rules are expected to be followed. Having rules provides expectations and I appreciate that. As a lawyer, I know that I have to be prepared when I walk into his courtroom. When litigants have lawyers who are prepared and a Judge who will listen and rule according to the law, justice will prevail.


6690. attorney (private practice)

Judge Robison is a fair judge who goes out of his way to follow the law and find thoughtful means of resolution of issues that may not have an "easy fix." He is a very intelligent judge who has respect for litigants, regardless of whether they are pro se or represented by counsel. Denton County is lucky to have such a champion of justice who keeps the children's best interest at the forefront of his rulings.


6838. attorney (private practice)

Judge Robison has a vast knowledge of the law, and applies that knowledge in a fair and just manner. Prior to being a judge, he was a well-respected lawyer throughout this area and the State. He also volunteered routinely, and served on numerous boards of local non-profit organizations. I have tried numerous cases in his court and each time he listened to the parties, researched the law and the issues, and made difficult decisions. I hope he remains one of our judges for years to come.

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