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8381. party to case (with attorney)

I am not normally one to write reviews but this judge is the most awful dishonest crook of a judge!! after 2 years of my daughter father not around he popped up and wanted regular visitation with my 5 year old and she never asked for evidence of his accusations against me. She did not care about my child or her safety and well being. We had to go through so many months of agonizing temporary orders Thankfully in Final Orders we had a AMAZING judge who wanted to hear everything see the proof and I was able to prove I was in the right and get an awesome ruling!! Judge pozza I am a honest person and did everything in my power to ensure my daughter and her father stayed in each others lives while he and his family didnt want her you should be ashamed of yourself as a judge you put my daughter in direct danger which proved so during Final Orders the evidence was so overwhelming and a new honest caring judge saw that my daughter was in immediate danger and neglect and had to come in and fix the mess you created!! God Bless You I will pray for you that if you arent into being a judge anymore please find what makes you happy because you are putting innocent children in danger .


2984. other

Terrible judge. Takes advantage of her power and position. Crooked and corrupt.


3788. party to case (with attorney)

Worthless.... waste of time judge that sided with an ex convict who owed in arrears temporary custody of my son. Hope she loses in her federal judge run...... she doesn't deserve it.


4342. party to case (with attorney)

Worst ever!!!! She basically judges a book by the cover. Unfortunatlly in the Bexar County family courts we are treated as just a number. She has no information and really doesn't want to hear the "drama"that is usually why a person is IN COURT! It is not as if we chose(,in most cases), but we didn't choose her! The worst game of roulette that a person had no choice to spin. she sucked and needs continuing education in what is going on in current family situations. She is nothing but a lazy attorney who Somehow won over the voters to make her a judge. She's a politician with the salary, pool and perks. Let's face it it's easier to be a judge in the civil courts then it is to be a family attorney at law. Face it BexarCounty is nothing but a game of roulette the civil judges have no idea how long your case has been going on,the background of the people involved ,they know nothing and for those of us having to rely on the Family Court it's Groundhog Day.


8172. other

I am really upset with how she makes decisions in her courtroom. I was in a courtroom where the father of 2 children admitted on the stand that he had physically and sexually assault the mother. He had 3 police reports on him one for trying to drag her out of his car into hers and another because he sent a nude picture of the mother via text. There was no police report on the mother and no Child Protective Service case either so can you please tell me why she gave the father primary custody of the 2 children involved.


4598. other

Horrible and crooked judge on a power trip! She has no morals and God will deal with her in the end!


6710. party to case (with attorney)

She will give the kids to a Mother who abandon her children for a year over a Father who has always been there.


9133. party to case (with attorney)

Why would you let a retired Air Force Major who was a substitute teacher at Leon Springs Elementary loose her children and move them with their father from Texas to California? No sooner than this father who was a pilot, moved her 3 precious children to California to shack up with his new girlfriend, he ran to a California attorney and told the kids to say they did not want to see their loving mom. That was 2011 and just now, 2017, Major Pamela Lill has finally reunited with her kids. Good job Judge Karen Pozza. The Major has finally won and gets all of her kids UCLA tuition paid due to her 20 years of exemplary service to her country.


7881. party to case (pro se)

I gave one star because i could not give her a zero which is what she deserves...My motion for declaratory judgment on a question of law was sent to judge pozza via the pressiding court judge..she denied the entire motion with no explanations and no answer as to the law in question. Now both sides of my case are at a loss with no answers And we cant appeal as it is an interlocatory order. Fantastic way to not do your job. She should be removed from the bench and replaced with someone who has some ethics and respect for the position and the LAW


9007. party to case (with attorney)

Zero stars would be more appropriate...Horrible judge! Didnt care to see the evidence i had against my ex concerning domestic violence and child abuse, Police reports and cps case involvement. She awarded him 50/50 joint managing conservator and suspended his child support based on my youngest child struggling in school last year and my decision to homeschool him this school year. My oldest child passed and went on to the next grade. Mynex presented zero evidence and she ruled strictly based on what my ex said. My lawyer argued that the law concerning my exs petion for modification was not fulfilled and was filed incorrectly and should have never been set for a hearing and Pozza disregarded the law and told my exs lawyer to ammend her petion and Pozza signed her ruling anyway. She has no concern for the safety or well being of my children. Their father is physically and verbally abusive and is a binge drinker and my children are going to be living with him weeks at a time. Now i will be stuck in court wasting time and money fighting to get my children home where they are safe.

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