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4530. witness

As the attorney representing the father said "this is a kangaroo court" where decisions and conversations happen outside of normal court proceedings, allegations are used as fact, actual facts such as documentation of violence are ignored and children are placed at risk. All this because of corruption that includes paying off amicus attorney, exparte communications, donations to campaigns, inappropriate relationships, bullying and harassment tactics. Family Court in Dallas County is broken! It perpetuates violence against women and children. Unfortunately the 256th Court is deeply corrupt and responsible for destroying families and children. Something must be done!


3068. party to case (with attorney)

j lopez - uprooted my 10 year old daughter from everything she knew and put her in her documented criminal fathers primary sole managing role, who has 2 DWI's, public intoxication, driving with a suspended license, including convicted domestic violence/protective orders, 2 separate court ordered bip programs j olvera took all of my God given parental rights away from me because she can I'm here to support anyone fighting for whats truly just


2566. party to case (with attorney)

Both Judge Lopez and Judge Olvera are a disgrace to human rights. Judge Olvera first starts the biasness not based on facts, but word of mouth or charges pending which get dismissed..then Judge Lopez follows her and doesn't look at EVIDENCE..but PURE SPECULATION of the other party and judges before getting facts! Then he employs a biased, unprofessional, uneducated, unfair, and totally close minded social worker named Jennifer Frendle to do nothing but find what she wants to in order to support judge Lopez and Olveras previous temporary rulings!! This is an outrage!! What can we do? They are Judges, but dirty ones!! My child is completely destroyed because of these 3 unprofessional biased non - human beings!! We have to stop them!!! How?? Anyone interested in going after these monsters..email me. Brandyadcock1977@gmail.com Oh, and i did not mean to even give one star. I accidentally touched it. I'd give negative 10 if i could.. I'm disgusted with this judicial system..


3460. witness

Judge Lopez does not rule on facts or the law and is biased to fathers. Fathers can owe tens of thousands of dollars for years and he does NOTHING to make them pay.


7027. party to case (pro se)

david lopez is not a real judge, he administers very bias and corrupted ways. he doesn't care at all for the well fare of any child. david lopez and his team only concentrate on the financial aspects of child support, not the actual care for children. he came in the court room very unprepared and left in the same manner. he is very unprofessional and is not qualified for his position. he has been an advocate for fathers and his rulings clearly show that he is very bias. he ignores severe cases of abuse and neglect caused by the other party, and favored for the wrong party due to the fact he knew the mother would fight against his ruling, he intentionally knew the wrong initial judgement would bring more revenue back into the courts system. so child support funds get disbursed back to the file desk judges pay check and other court officials. how corrupted is the system when a parent works for there child and sends 150.00 to the child and the child actually only gets 20.00-40.00 dollars of the payment. this court district is a joke, it is highly corrupted and unethical. shame on the judges that place the guilt on the parents and rip families apart while they collect off of the childrens funds and create fake documents.


7336. party to case (with attorney)

Both Judge Moore and Judge Lopez are a disgrace to human rights. Judge Moore it's not experienced she has no business being a judge then Judge Lopez follows her and doesn't look at EVIDENCE which I had plenty of. Then their employee Rachel Guinni's (whatever her last name is) is uneducated, unprofessional, unfair and totally close minded evaluator. She did absolutely nothing but believe all the lies the other party said, with no EVIDENCE!!!! Rachel herself said, the other party didn't provide all that was requested but yet still recommended in her favor. The system is broken. Don't believe when you hear that Judge Lopez is a fair Judge. He is not. My Child is in danger and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. All three are a disgrace to the Judiciary system!!!! I had to give them a one star on order for it to save but , oh, and I wish I could give them all a negative 10.


7453. other

Associate Judge Regina Moore operates her courtroom in total disregard for the Texas Family Code and rights of clients. Her army of CPS cronies and public defenders do anything to lie and fabricate to keep in foster care. But my case has earned her a one way ticket to judicial review.


1046. party to case (with attorney)

I have to agree, complete disregard for "the best interest of the child". Complete disregard to hear the case listed on the docket. Both Lopez and Olvera had to be given printed evidence of what was scheduled for the docket and both ignored and tried what they wanted to try. Other party admitted to drug addicted, had been arrested for such etc. Had been in front of Lopez before and other party admitted to being over 10k in arrears and Lopez seemed more entertained by the back and forth of lawyers even though client admitted arears. I am a Dem but this gives me serious pause, refuses to order social study or drug testing or even rule on half the case.


1162. other

The 256th court is a disgrace to "justice". You will not find justice in this court. Until the people get fed up, the judges remain in office. It takes people working together to remove these type of judges who work against the people and against the system to accomplish his or her own agenda(s).


2653. party to case (with attorney)

At this point, the 256th court deserves a zero rating. I am and will continue to work hard to make sure that both Lopez and Olvera get out of this court. It would be great to see them disrobed, as this would be justice. They are both a disgrace not only to children but as humans. How anyone can live with themselves after the decisions they make leave me speechless. I am working with attorneys in Dallas to find the right candidates to run against these two and bring justice back to the 256th court...


674. other

Has ignored the fact that for 8 years a family has been tormented by a person who suffers fron Narcisim and Histrionic personality disorders. between that and screwing the boss for money. This judge has allowed a case to destroy a family of wonderful children. No he was not in court for 8 years but 6 of them. he ignored the rule of law and ignored piles of information that was lies lies lies. so now more court to prove he was wronb


1206. witness

Tis judge needs to go. He is a minister and he does not rule according to the law. His staff is negative and this judge finds it amusing to let the clock run instead of having the brains to actually listen and rule. Please go be a minister and let a real lawyer work. Fed up with this dem and I am a dem. not voting for this lame duck. Let's get him out in th primary.


1313. attorney (private practice)

In my opinion, Judge Lopez is the hardest working family court judge. On the bench by 8:30 every day to hear proveups. On days there's ice on the roads, he's still on the bench. Judge Lopez makes is a point to not embarrass litigants or attorneys. He knows the law. My only criticism is that if he takes a matter under advisement, you may wait a LONG time for a ruling. I have settled cases while waiting for a ruling post-trial. I don't feel the same about his Associate Judge; I really miss Nicholson.


8380. party to case (with attorney)

I'm not sure why he is still on the bench. He and his associate Judge are biased. In a case where my ex was domestically violent, he prevented me from seeing my child in a normal manner. He doesn't ensure fairness nor does he support fathers as he claims. My ex was able to miss visits and he does nothing. He doesn't not hold women to agreements and court order but will punish men for doing things without even breaking the law. He needs to be voted out of office.


1809. other

Judge Lopez is the hardest working Judge. I have worked for him and he is fair and reasonable and should be commended for his work on the bench and in helping families. He has a great set of morales and can separate his convictions and just rule on the law. Judge Olvera, not Alvera, is a fantastic Associate Judge. She does not mess around and has control of her courtroom. She has no bailiff and things can get out of hand. I have also worked for this Judge. We need to keep both on them on the bench because they are at work promptly and keep no one waiting. Judge Olvera is always available and approachable. Whoever you are go sit in her courtroom and listen to some of the litigants. They can get out of hand. Judge Lopez is a Judge. His rulings may not be what one side or the other likes but he is fair. Judge Lopez does his work and he knows who put him in office and respects that. Aside from that he is a good person and then a better Judge. So is Associate Judge Olvera.


2161. witness

Judge Lopez is biased to fathers. Refused to confer with my teenagers about seeing their father, gave an additional day with him each visitation. For a father that lives in Collin County. Refused to look at ruling by judges in Collin county. I will vote for any other judge than him.


3482. other

Its best if commenters here cite specific cases. This allows corruption and judicial review investigators, who have power to make a difference, follow up easier. Separately, you should file a notarized complaint to the Texas Judicial Review Board at http://www.scjc.state.tx.us/ outlining what this judge did that seemed corrupt, careless, or unduly prejudiced. In my instant, "Citizen Complaint," the family matters related to Ramesh Mathur vs. Martha Mathur, case no. DF-10-10683, were seriously mishandled. Judge Lopez first ordered (any witnesses to his unlawful acts) out of the court room, then ordered Miss Mathur to sign over the Deed to her house and house keys outside of legal processes, and was allegedly cited and jailed 30 days for contempt when she was 15 min late from a three hour drive up from Southern Texas. She had absolutely no prior related criminal history to suggest the judge needed to go to this extreme. Miss Mathur returned to Sugarland only to find her house gutted only of valuable legal documents, keys, and nothing else! No locks were broken! ADMIN please resist providing the IP address of this post without written, Due Process and written-showing of Probable Cause! Thank You!


6959. party to case (with attorney)

Both Judge Lopez and his former associate Judge Olvera are typical progressives, pushing a leftist agenda in the courts. Neither of them interprets the actual law and have put many children into the wrong hands and in harm's way. I have personal knowledge that Olvera has stripped good mothers of their parental rights, although she was somewhat fair in my case. However, in my case, Lopez overrode much of what Olvera put in place so that he showed favortism to the father. There was plenty of evidence against the father, yet it didn't matter. Through the grapevine, it is said that Lopez hates women. I don't know this to be true but I was told he would be a fair judge. Later my attorney retracted that statement and other attorneys chimed in that they had never seen such an unfair ruling. The Dallas family courts are a mess because the rule of law does not operate in these courts. I understand that Olvera is no longer with the 256th, but her nefarious legacy lives on. She was part of a major case, abusing her power in the way she is known. She issued an order via an ex-parte hearing where the parents had no legal representation, nor were even notified of the hearing. This is who she is and what she does on a regular basis--strips children away from their family, punishing good parents for trying to do the right thing while destroying families.


720. other

What an awesome Judge! What Dallas county needs for sure!


839. party to case (with attorney)

Since 2007, I believed him to be a fair judge. However, I'm extremely disappointed with his performance since he appointed, new Associate Olvera, to replace Nichols. She obstructs justice, commits fraud, alters records, false swearings, etc. She is committing crimes against children nd Lopez, has not supervised her. She intimidates, threatens, and has complete control of your life. If try to appeal her ruling to Lopez, by the time he hears the appeal. It's obvious she's already biased him against you and manipualted him to support her decision. She's disgrace to the bench.


2345. party to case (with attorney)

Judge David Lopez volunteered at Fathers For Equal Rights for many years before he took the bench. You are going to get a fair trial in his court


1525. witness

Judge Alvera is dangerous to the welfare of any child. I am in full support of the previous comment, "she OBSTRUCTS Justice, COMMITS fraud, ALTERS records, FALSE swearings, etc, etc,etc She is a disgrace to the judiciary system.


1553. witness

Judge Alvera does not have the experience to be an attorney much less a judge. Everything I've read above is true and I've also witnessed. She definitely obstructs justice, commits fraud, alters records, falsifies records however she pleases and pulls families apart. Why I have yet to figure out. She is a disgrace to the judiciary system and needs to be removed, and everyone needs to know about her. Dallas needs Judges better than this, especially in the family court system. She is not God and needs to remember this. If she cannot be fair in her courtroom, she needs to step down immediately because this is not the job for her. She has no business being a Judge at all as I see it. She is a disgrace and that is putting it nicely!!!!


2890. attorney (private practice)

Judge Lopez is an excellent judge, his rulings are fair and balanced, and he applies the law well. Of course, no judge knows everything. But when I have pointed out to him a particular law, he has been careful to read and apply it properly. He has a slight bias towards fathers rights; however, his rulings are consistent so whether I have a male or female client I can advise them ahead of time what to expect.


2344. party to case (pro se)

Judge Olvera is fair and knows how to apply the law for the best interest of the children. She can be a little stern and harsh at times with court room conduct. However will get it right. Lopez a former fathers rights attorney is absolutely fair and definitely knows how to get it right. Lopez has my vote


9197. party to case (with attorney)

This a very biasjudge who hates women and always rule AGAINST mothers. His term expire next year. All mothers that he did wrong, lets unite and get him out of the court system. He has no right to be called a judge. All mothers, make sure you vote next year AGAINST him like he rules against you!


9272. attorney (government, criminal matters)

Associate Judge Regina Moore operates her courtroom in total disregard for the Texas Family Code and rights of clients. Total disgrace to human rights she deserves zero rating.

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