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2390. party to case (with attorney)

Quite possibly the worst judge in Harris County. His rulings are arbitrary and discriminatory. He is a danger to children, allowing them to stay in dangerous circumstances in the ridiculous belief that the right of one parent to terrorist another trumps a child's right to a safe and loving home. He has no interest in justice.


3623. witness

this judge has ordered a friend to give up her address, telephone number, financial and medical history, her child's medical history, and school information, as well as friend's names, addresses, and telephone numbers; basically she's being forced to pave a yellow brick road to her door and open her/her child's entire life to a psychopath with a habitual violent tendency toward women as well as her other child. paternity has been established but this absent father abandoned this child many years ago and has no access to the child at this point, and never should. this information poses as imminent danger to her family. i'd say he's not very concerned about right and wrong. i guess when something happens then this judge will feel the repercussions since he ordered it all to happen. unreal.


4634. other

This is the worst judge to see he's very harmful to children well being this judge is a shark swimming around looking for a prey(children)it's sad when a lawyer can come in for 2wk on a case and win on a judgement of lies listen all sinlge mother and fathers it take a real judge to do what's right for children and family so I hope when he look at his own kids and grandchildren he think of there safety and not let them be harmed by the system and there own parents children are innocent


4917. party to case (with attorney)

This Judge is an embarrassment to the bench. More than once in the course of my divorce, I was told by potential attorneys that Lombardino was "in the pocket" of my exes attorney and that my best course of action was to roll over and "take it".


2921. other

A friend of mine is being sued with no evidence at all. Judge Lombardino has allowed the case to continue just because the other side is being represented by Bobby Newman, by far the biggest contributor to the judge's campaign. In the summary judgement proceeding Bobby Newman said that he wanted to put my friend in the "gas chamber to die" and yet the judge said nothing. Hitler used to put people in the gas chamber, maybe Bobby Newman is a fan of the fascist leader. The judge did not even read the summary judgement case for the defense, completely ignoring the fact that there is not evidence for the case to continue. Judge Lombardino is in fact discriminatory and has no interest in justice.


3205. other

I have known James Lombardino for over 30 years, both as an attorney and as a judge. I know him to be a fair and honest person with integrity and moral structure which is why he has one of the highest approval ratings among judges in Harris County. From early on in his legal career, James Lombardino has been passionate about family law with the focus always being on serving the best interests of each child as well as the family unit. The environment of the Family Court is not always pleasant; however, relying on his experience and dedication while applying the rule of law, I have personally observed Judge Lombardino endeavor to make the best of bad situations that frankly, few others would care to handle. I know for certain that he is not concerned with "lining his pockets" or showing favoritism to those who contribute the most to his campaign because he's never been enamored with the trappings of wealth. For those who disagree with his rulings or believe that they've been treated unfairly in his courtroom, I suggest you look first to yourself and the facts of your case before you make assumptions.


4261. other

Well lookie here. This judge is one of the 4 that refuse to appoint judges from a general list. See the announcement from the ancillary judge David Farr below. Is that so he can keep rewarding his contributors? Isn't he the judge that took off every Thursday to go fishing while complaining that one of his colleagues wasn't at court 7:30 a.m. when he arrived during the first 30 days of their term? You get paid over $150,000/year and work 4 days a week at your job, right? Isn't he the one that had a political buddy turn in his predecessor Judge Dempster when she was sick and retiring because her staff didn't let him start moving in early when he won the election? Isn't he the one that started rumors within his political party that his opponent was gay in order to get an edge in the election? Corruption everywhere. If there was a judge that wasn't corrupt in the family law court system, that judge would be run out. September 25, 2015 Announcement by Administrative Judge David Farr: "Additionally please be advised that all of the family district courts now have their Ad Litem Wheel Lists posted on their respective websites at www.justex.net for your review. The county has established new software to allow each of the judges to effectively make appointments from these Ad Litem Wheels commensurate with the new statutory requirements and that has already begun based upon the posted lists. With the exception of the 308th, 246th, 311th and 309th (for these courts please contact the court directly) Judicial District Courts your point of contact for application to the Ad Litem Wheel is Ms. Melissa Love at Melissa_love@justex.net."


6706. attorney (private practice)

Judge James Lumbardino is scary for families. I am a family law attorney and have watched Lumbardino take bribes from Bobby Newman and his close friends and family members. Bobby Newman has paid off James Lumbardino in court 308 for years. Decisions in this court are not based on fact, they are based on Bobby Newman's deep pockets. My fellow attorneys will not speak up as they continue to have to present thier cases in Lumbardino's court and simply wait for him to rule with Bobby Newman. Bobby Newman has been successful in court 308 of making sure that children stay with an abusive parent, drug addicted parents and only cares about the win ... not the children of our legal system.


5643. other

judge Lombardino is a disgrace to those judges who are honest and worthy of a judgeship...of which Lombardino is NOT. What I saw in courtroom 308 was an utter nightmare. The single mom did absolutely nothing wrong; that case should have never even gone to trial! Yet the children were ordered to live with the dad who perjured himself 12 times (evidence was proven he lied over and about the mom) , and the new stepmom who stated she had no desire to have children of her own or to be a mom...but instead she wanted a career. The dad never involved himself or helped with the children when they were young. The mom however, cared for and nurtured both children during their tender years while working full time...and she was criticized for having a full time job! The whole case was soooo one sided it was obviously planned from the start. Lombardino did nothing but yawn and look up to the ceiling making goofy faces and puffing out his cheeks(no one knows what that was all about)! I would really like to see this lazy corrupt judge replaced with another who upholds justice. I mean this is a Family Court! Families should be led to get along for the sake of the children but instead, this judge caused more harm and disruptions then before. The children are wanting to move back with their mother...we will just have to wait and see...and pray a lot!


6216. party to case (with attorney)

Worst judge ever!!! My daughters father (6 & 7 year old girls) has pending charges of breaking and entering with intent, assault with a deadly weapon, and sexual assault. They were in the home while he attacked me. If I were to have died, as he definitely thought I was they would be the ones who would have found me at 5 & 6 years old. If I were to have died that night, would have left both of my girls without parents. Mother dead and their father would be charged with murder. He didn't even look at the police report, not even two seconds I got off the stand he granted him 2 supervised visitations, the rest unsupervised. What kind of person, not to mention a judge would grant this? I understand that a lot of women use the children against the fathers, that is not fair to the children....not to mention definitely not the case. This is complete nonsense! Please do not re-elect this horrible man. Although I would never wish this upon anyone, but KARMA will get you back because youre a pathetic judge!


6832. party to case (with attorney)

This has to be the most repulsive human ever to sit on the bench! Attorney's representing me and even the mediator we visited with stated clearly that my best option was to bend over, take it and walk away because Bobby Newman was representing my ex. Apparently Bobby's influence over this cowardly bag of wind is quite profound.....


7238. party to case (pro se)

I had a case heard in this judges court. I was holding my children's mother in contempt after not being allowed to see my child for over three years total. I submitted 28 pages of supporting documents as well as mandatory documents. With in five minutes of the hearing he dismissed my case claiming to only have the pages to the motion. I know this was untrue because I had the receipt from the clerk charging me a dollar each copy prior to submitting and on the Harris county website it shows how many copies and what documents were submitted to the clerk. He was very chummy with the court appointed to lawyer representing the other party. Without looking at any of my evidence he dismissed my case on a FALSE technicality. I couldn't believe he had done that. Utterly disgusting.


9117. witness

Worst judge ever !!! Mom with positive drug test results and extremely shady living situation and judge still chose for the child to go with her. Who takes a child out of the comfort of a nice 3 bedroom brick home with 2 parents to drop them in the ghetto in a 2 bedroom apartment shared 6 people?! If you're an overly aggressive white male attorney you can try your case in front of him, you'll get your way every time no matter how asinine your requests are. Who seriously believes that not allowing a child to talk to her father is normal? Texas claims that they don't ever want to bastardize a child, yet this judge will uproot a child from a "normal" living environment and force them into unnatural situations, no 5 year old should ever have to go home to her mom, 2 men and 3 more members in a small drug filled apartment.

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