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1015. other

San Patricio County is a very corrupt county in which Judge Johnson is a product of. People are aware and have first hand knowledge that court decissions are made by phone conversations and back room meetings before the trial even starts. Some lawyers will advise changing judges or; better yet, a change of venue. I, personally, am very disapointed in his performance.


1230. other

Judge Johnson sat and doodled while "listening" to testimony during a friends sentencing phase. He then told the court that he has been on the bench since 8 and it was almost lunch and he would not be coming back or extending thecase. After rushing the defense through testimony he gave his sentence proclaiming that he had his mind made up before he even heard anything here today. Innocent till proven guilty not in his courtroom. I cannot wait till 2014 hopefully he will not win unopposed again.


1864. juror

Arrogant. Seemed very preoccupied, almost bored, with the entire process. It was obvious he had not read any of the facts of the case and appeared to simply not care about the seriousness of the situation. These are lives at stake, yet he seemed as though he had no interest whatsoever in justice! I hope people will pay more attention to who they vote into office as it may be their loved one standing before him one day.


2286. courthouse employee

we have spent four years trying to defend ourselves against fraudulent claims. We spent every dime we had trying to get our day in court only to be denied continually and forced into mediation three times at our expense, even having to pay for the plaintiffs portion by the order of Judge Johnson. He is proud to say he forced two couples into mediation for eight years, bankrupting them both until they had no decision but to settle. He was proud of it and it stated it many times to lawyers in court thats what will happen in HIS courtroom. I watched as he denied individuals to act Pro Se. He is as crooked as the rest of the county. I hope the OAG and Rick Perry finally delve into this absolute crooked county which is all democrats and nothing but the buddy buddy system. I went to court numerous times prepared paid for lawyers rooms plane fairs car rentals etc, only to find in court on his designated day for the fourth appearance he had not bothered to read the MSJ he requested twice. He rescheduled the entire docket and forced most to mediation that day even though all were set for pre-trial hearings. Disgusting the abuse of power in every department, County commissioner,Richard Lee, County Clerk Karen Irving, Judge Huff, Judge Johnson, the sheriff's dept "AKA< The Rape Camp" Sheriiff Busby,, Deputy Callaway and the most invasive and corrupt County Attorney Gene Chaplin


3129. other

Was very disappointed in Judge Johnson, made jokes thorough-out the morning, didn't seem like he took his job very seriously. I was there for sentencing of a young man that is our neighbor. The young man sexually assaulted a 16 year old girl and he is 28 years old. I take this kind of criminal act very seriously, and I don't believe that Judge Johnson took it very seriously. He never once said how wrong the young man was for sexually assaulting a 16 year. At the end of the sentencing he wish the young man good luck. I have been witness to what goes on in the court room and came away very disappointed in the judicial system.


3350. other

This judge comes into court without any knowledge of what he is there for. He did not read any of the case information that he requests, etc. He wasn't listening to the case and stared down at his notepad the entire 6 hour case. He decided on the case without any citations as to why. The possibility of corruption is extremely high after seeing his entire process first hand. He is retiring at the end of this year which seems to motivate him even more to award outrageous, undocumented amounts, to the winning attorney, yet little to the plaintiff. There is no "reasonable" attorney fees here and yet the judge doesn't care, he just awards them. Oh, and the fact that this attorney shouldn't have won in the first place.


4606. other

CORRUPT CORRUPT CORRUPT That's pretty much all I have to say about him. If people only new.


9116. attorney (private practice)

I have been a family law attorney for the last 20 years. Judge Johnson has been one of the best and most thoughtful of them out there. All of the negative reviews are from people with an ax to grind with him. I have much respect for Judge Johnson and none for these people who are just trying to bash him.

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