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377. party to case (with attorney)

I agree with the above comments. Misrepresents witness statements, does not pay attention, does not review notes prior to hearings, and gives preferential treatment to former colleagues. Court reporter is highly recommended or prepare to bring all parties necessary every time there is a hearing. Hand written judgment's very hard to read and understand. Contradicted herself in rulings throughout written copy.


4325. party to case (with attorney)

I am glad that her personal problems (alcoholism among others) came to light and she was fired. While Judge Plumlee is bad, Judge Howard was beyond awful. At least she'll no longer ruin countless lives.


1157. witness

I cannot say the things that come to mind in dealing with this inept judge! We have spent tens of thousands of dollars because of her ineptness. How can she be allowed to continue this ineptness? I have been in court many times over the last 35 years and she takes the prize for ineptness, confusion, not listening, and unfairness! Can a judge be sued for needlessly costing me these tens of thousands?


1350. party to case (with attorney)

We have seen Hon. Howard 3 times now and I believe all 3 times she has listened to the facts and made her decision accordingly. My son has a father whom we haven't heard from in 2 years, so I used my tax return and then some to file for limited access because I don't know when he will suddenly decide to exercise his rights on a child who doesn't know him (he is 4). We were granted limited, supervised access, and he doesn't even show up for that. She lowers his access a little at a time, with each court date, giving him a fair chance to redeem himself I think. Not taking his visitation away altogether, but lessening it since he is choosing not to show (therefore proving that I have never denied him access to the child like he claims). I really believe she is fair. I think people mostly only write reviews when they are upset and want to complain and that is NOT fair.


3473. other

Case Number 002-88605-2014 Date Filed: 12/15/2014 Case Type: CR - Adult Misdemeanor Status: Pending Style: The State of Texas VS. Howard, Johnese White JudicialOfficer: Walker, Barnett in County Court at Law 2 Parties Type Name DOB Address Attorney Bondsman PR Bond Defendant Howard, Johnese White 5814 Onion Creek DR , Garland, TX 75044 Gary A Udashen State The State of Texas District Attorney's Office, 2100 Bloomdale, Suite 2004, McKinney, TX 75071 Greg Willis Charges Offense Code Description Offense Date Degree Level Statute Fine Amount Arresting Agency Arrest Date Filing Agency 54040009 DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED 10/16/2014 112 Class B Misdemeanor 49.04 Allen Police Department 10/17/2014 Allen Police Department Case Events Date Event Type Comments Cancelled Reason Time Judge 12/15/2014 Bond Received - $10.00 201416226 12/15/2014 Case Filed By Information (OCA) 12/22/2014 Notice to Appear Issued - $5.00 12/29/2014 Letter of Representation Gary A. Udashen & Katherine L. Reed 01/23/2015 First Appearance Cancelled: Passed - Defendant Present 8:30 AM 04/02/2015 Pre-Trial Diversion Program - Pending 9:00 AM


5196. party to case (pro se)

This lady has zero ethics and is clueless. Her kneejerk reactions are not conduct of a judge. She needs to be greeting at a Walmart.


341. witness

Very unorganized. Get a court reporter if you go before this judge.


621. party to case (with attorney)

This Judge is an ignoramus. This judge removed a child from his only home of 9 years with his grandparents and placed him in the care and custody of an amitted peostitute and and a accused alcoholic and child molester. We need to all get together and impeach this judge. She needs to be removed.


2747. party to case (pro se)

OMG! ... This Judge is comical. She is completely insane. I honestly do not have the words to explain the horrible injustices imposed by this woman. God bless anybody that has to go before her. I truly believe that she is suffering from dementia or alzheimer's disease. She gave custody of my child to his sexually deviant father. REALLY?????????? No Court reporter, No baliff . WTF??? This is an imposter somebody posing as a judge . She is incompetent !!! Somebody do something before a child seriously gets hurt. Cant read her orders. Doesn't know how the child and family guidance center works


3474. other

Johnese White Howard, the associate judge for Plumlee in the 330th was ARRESTED and CHARGED with Driving While Intoxicated by Allen Police on October 14, 2014. She is in a diversion program, which me the case against her will be dismissed and while be eligible for expungment. Plumlee will probably rehire her since there an official record of the DWI will no longer exist.


1121. party to case (with attorney)

This judge did rule in favor of us and for that we are grateful. But be prepared to spend the day. She kept us waiting for almost 2 hours after the time she told us to be back after lunch. No apologies when she did show up very late. She was very unorganized on both days we sat before her court. Again, grateful that she listened to both sides. She did care about the children. That is her good side. She is very much for the children. So as adults dealing with a broke system, she at least has the children in her heart. And although, we did win, it is still a display of disrespect how she was not willing to be organized or on time. I don't think it is much to ask that if parties show up on time and organized a judge could do the same.


1158. other

It was noted that the local attorney was given full reign in our case. She allowed him to hog the time but did not allow us to call a single witness. She started from the get-go saying she had "made up her mind already" and did not need to hear anything else. In other words, "don't confuse me with facts." With all that happened in that court hearing fiasco, it makes me think she, the attorney, and maybe some of the witnesses are getting special favors. Could that go on in a court of law? Bet your bottom dollar! A judge just recently was arrested for such shenanigans. Maybe those in authority need to "follow the money" and see what is going on.


1246. party to case (pro se)

I have been searching high and low for help in getting this biased judge off the bench, or at least my case. She was very un-caring as to the facts and all of the above complaints I experienced as well. I represented myself, as not knowing what to expect and she ripped me to shreds, but the worse is that she took my son away from me for no reason. This woman is biased and I believe its her time to retire as once you stop caring and paying attention to people's lifes, its a wrap. I am still fighting for my son back and will until the day I die. I am contacting you as I have nowhere else to turn as my situation is unique and we have been ping-ponged from agency to agency with no answers, help or progress. My husband is an active duty Air Force member, I am a 21 year Air Force reservist/currently activated. We are currently stationed at Kirtland AFB NM, and have been since October 2010. My husband received orders to relocate to South Korea in Sep 2013, he received a sponsored tour, which means his family will accompany him. We have been in a battle with the state of Texas and the state of New Mexico, since March 2013 to get my son back home to us. I am his primary custodial parent and have been since I birthed him into this world in July 2002. I have never wained and most certainly have not ever given him up or away. I have always been a 120% hands on mother to him. Im not neglectful, abusive or abused. We have always provided for him, with little to no help from his biological father. We have three other children, whom no one has considered in all of this. His paternal grandmother currently has him and had me taken to court in March, once I called her and told her I was going to bring him home to prepare for our relocation to another country. And had tales of dis-belief told. To our disadvantage, this case has been assigned a "biased", "un-just", lawyer out of the Dallas Family district courthouse.I have been pleading for someone un-biased, un-assumed, to hear us and please provide proof of these things that have been said and caused me to lose my child. We want to be heard and to be given a fair hearing. As of current non of that has happened. I have always been a believer that our justice system is fair and just, that was until, I found myself having to rely on it, in a matter that is of much importance to me. Our attorney here in the state of NM, has been fighting for jurisdiction to be given to the state. And at our last hearing regarding this issue, our judge out of the Albuquerque family court system, ruled against our favor for the reason "we are leaving the state, and she sees no reason to take jurisdiction over the case". I am not claiming by any means to be an expert, I am crying out for help. At no time did the NM judge ask questions about the military lifestyle and that, we are not choosing to move, but the military is telling us we are. It was assumed that we had a choice and as with all the reasonings behind my son being kept from me, nothing is explained or proven, or heard. Now our attorney is starting an appeals process, but once we move out of the state of NM in Sep, the case is dropped, and I continue my fight for my son from the country of South Korea.?. We are good people, just in an unfortunate situation, in my opinion because of the un-willingness to follow up by the courts. We are able to provide as much proof and witness' as the courts will allow, our due process has been taken away from us, just like my son has. Its not fair and its not right. Please, please help me get my son home to us. The case was initiated by the 330th district family court out of Dallas TX (case # DF-13-03782). It is so apparent that the findings and the ways the were gone about the proceedings of the Honorable Johnese White Howard, were based on un-factual, un-proven, biased hear-say. The example set by the honorable judge White, leaves me with a very unfair, unjust feeling in my soul. This is my child. I have never wavered, nor given him up. We are trying to raise him to not be what they are setting him up to be. No structure, rules, or discipline. How can I lose my son based on hear-say and although I respect the honorable, the accusations of my and my husbands character (dis-proven) were not questioned nor asked about. I lost my son because I attended the first hearing "pro se". All I knew was I had nothing to hide and was going to go to this hearing and bring my son home. It has now turned into I have very little rights to my son and my family is broken. I have three other children who I want to raise my four children together. I did not have children to leave them to be raised by any one other than myself. We are a committed, God-fearing family. I challenged the courts both here in the state of NM and also in TX, to please put us through whatever it may take, but please in the mean-time this is killing me and ruining my family, and my son who has no interest in his siblings, has and is turning into a child that I see being raised with none of the values and morals that would have him grow into an honest, good-hearted, focused on less material things, family orientated, young man. At no point in all of this has the courts listened to our story or heard our witness'. Now my son is with his father in the state of Arkansas for two weeks, against my previous wishes (stated in the original custody paperwork of 2008) based on his fathers drug use, driving with my son in the vehicle after smoking marijuana, and my son having 2nd degree burns while in his fathers care as his father was at work and the adults that were left with him left him with 3 other children all under the age of 7, at which time my son cooked on the stove( which he was never allowed to do at home) and one of the other children pulled the pot down inflicting my son with 2nd degree burns. He was not given first aid or taken to an emergency room because the adults did not want to get in trouble for child abuse. My sister, his grandmother, and his father kept this from me for fear that I would have Branden sent home immediately. Therefore, I was told about it 3 days prior to him coming home. My point is not to bash anyone, but this whole process has been unfair. And to end it with the judge here in NM waiving jurisdiction due to the fact that we are a military family and are relocating to South Korea at the end of August, there needs to be some light shed on these issues and the way things are decided on and done. I have and will continue to fight and communicate with the powers that be. We are not irresponsible parents, nor are we "abusive" parents in any way shape or form. My children will be raised with structure and grow to be responsible young adults held accountable for their actions. If that is a crime or a reason for keeping my son from me, then I think we all need to take a look at the world today. Please, sir, I ask for your help and insight into this matter. I don’t know where else to turn. My son belongs home with his family, not being raised by his grandmother stepping in for his biological father, who in his 30's still chooses to life the street life. I just can not believe, this is what we have been subjected to. V/r, Veronica Johnson


1612. courthouse employee

This woman is CRAZY... she doesn't have her own thought. She also is prejudice against whites and mexicans and some blacks. She only does what Andrea Plumlee tells her to do. Howard cannot make her own ruling. She runs down to Cherry's courtroom for help when Andrea Plumlee is out of control. They are never at work, especially on Fridays. That courtroom of plumlee's is dark, no lights. Well, I guess she is saving us electricity. I wish someone would run against her and Cherry. Lynn Cherry made a mockery of her opponent, like some 4th grader would make an art project. Cherry needs to go.


1613. courthouse employee

I am writing to say that I am fed up with this woman. She took my kids away and gave them to a step parent who is in mexico and my children will probably never been seen again. I have spent so much money and I will not stop. I want to get this woman off the bench. Please everyone who reads this get her off and vote her out. Along with the Plumlee person who is never at work.


2092. witness

Howard needs to score an F and a zero. She doesn't know the law. Howard is not competent to work as an attorney. She may be able to wear a scarf and wear her high heel shoes, but has no but has no right ruling over family law cases. She is not certified in family law nor does she have the knowledge to open the family code and look up the rules. She relies on the attorney who befriended the district Judge and gave to her campaign. These two score zero


2343. party to case (pro se)

She has no knowledge of the law. She denied motion to consolidate a SAPCR with a divorce that landed in another court. She's an idiot. She also denied a request for drug test after the party testified 15 minutes prior that she had used drugs. She awarded the drug addict sole. It was 9 months later that the drug addict tested positive for all 5 panels of a hair test and the new judge in the divorce reversed custody. She is prejudice against white fathers. beware if you land in this court. Vote her off the bench and send her back to truancy court which is the only courtroom experience she had.


2889. attorney (private practice)

Judge Howard is not well-versed on the law and does not rule accordingly. My client has had to spend money to have me come before her on five resets of this matter despite the fact that the law prohibits the other party from attaining the relief they have requested. She cannot follow complex legal arguments, and sometimes falls asleep during a case. She accepts what the children say as absolute truth, regardless of other facts of the case, and is frequently reversed by Plumlee. Plumlee is actually a wonderful judge and tends to be very consistent, and I know she will reverse Howard on this case if Howard grants them relief because the law prohibits it. The problem is, we cannot get in front of Plumlee because Howard keeps resetting the hearing. In another case I have before her, she actually suggested to the pro se party what they needed to file, signed an ex parte without the proper prerequisites of law having been followed, and engaged in an ex parte discussion with opposing counsel so that when I arrived at court, she announced that she and opposing counsel had already resolved one issue in the case. I would suggest if you are appearing before her to argue legal matters, have WRITTEN (i.e.) summaries of the law at issue. If you have a child that will say what you want, by ALL means have HER interview the child. If you have several facts which work together in a certain way, prepare a summary in written format. And finally, if the testimony is going to be important, pay for a court reporter. She will not remember what people say.


2978. other

If this was your comment: "This Judge is an ignoramus. This judge removed a child from his only home of 9 years with his grandparents and placed him in the care and custody of an admitted prostitute and and a accused alcoholic and child molester. We need to all get together and impeach this judge. She needs to be removed." Please contact me at tikitoy12@gmail.com - Thank you.


3534. attorney (private practice)

This judge has a heart and a brain. She cares about the children who come before her. Don't try to con her; she'll see right through you.


4860. party to case (with attorney)

I thought that Judge White-Howard was measured and insightful in her analysis of our case. She ruled fairly and gave an ignorant, immature, mis-behavin' parent several chances to straighten up.


4935. other

Finally she will get the justice she deserves. From all appearances she was likely toping on the bench. Many people were needlessly hurt by her failing to hear the truth.


6886. party to case (pro se)

I'm so glad this piece of garbage is out of the courthouse. She can no longer go on morning children and fathers and family lives. D** irresponsible. Bye bye low life. This bomb gets a -5 Stars. Thank God this devil is Off the Bench. She is not a women -*****


1144. witness

This woman is so unprepared she makes a mockery out of the legal system. Why is it that more people don't realize who they are voting for. This person doesn't even deserve to he called a Judge. She is biased and prejudice and favors those that the District Judge, who shouldn't be on the bench, tells her what to do. I don't think Howard could find her way to her car if Plumlee didn't tell her how to get there. This woman has to call Plumlee and ask how to make a ruling. She mixes up cases and actually read a ruling of another case on the case she was hearing. She is a mockery of what it is to be an associate of any kind. PLEASE GET THOSE TWO OFF THE BENCH. SHE FAVORS ONLY ATTORNEYS THAT HAVE GIVEN MONEY TO THE PLUMLEE CAMPAIGN. VOTE THEM OUT ON MARCH 4th, 2014.


1908. attorney (private practice)

Overall very bad place for your client's case to land. Your client will pay more while you wait for her to start her docket. Completely unpredictable in her rulings. Makes it difficult to advise your clients. There are 7 associate judges in the Dallas County Family Courts (not counting the IV-D judges) and she is by far the worst of them all. It is not even close.


2178. party to case (with attorney)

She gave my daughter to her mother and mother disappeared for 5 months now im taking her back to court this month hopefully she wont be stupid and gullible again.


2180. other

This judge has no sense of the law or does not know the law, I cannot decide which. She makes decisions based on "feelings" not "facts", she has taken away a child from a wonderful, committed and involved mother and given her less than Texas Standard visitation based on nothing but "feelings" not "facts" all based on lies. Everything asked of this mother was done, everything she was accused of doing was at the recommendation of his physician and yet she still took him away. She loves to listen to "stories" not "law" and rules based on who tells the best story, not on the facts, not on the witness or the doctor's testimony and when given the opportunity to correct her error, she did nothing and laid down a ruling that is reprehensible and so damaging to this child and his mother, they will probably never recover from the trauma financially and emotionally. She must be voted out, she must be stopped.


2435. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Howard is wonderful. There should be more Judges like her in the Dallas County courts.


2654. attorney (private practice)

Just a terrible judge in virtually every respect. Words cannot describe how bad she is. The good news is that Judge Plumlee actually will hear the appeals de novo and doesn't rubberstamp her AJ's decision to control her docket. I have seen Judge Plumlee make the exact opposite decision on more than one occasion: thank goodness. Just get to your final hearing or AJ appeal as quickly as possible unless you like your fate decided by someone throwing darts at a board.


2995. party to case (with attorney)

I just ran across this site and have to add my voice. I had a case before this jerk-knee judge, and she was scary. We prevailed and got what we wanted, but it took so much longer than it should have a taken because Jerk-knee Johnese believed every lie and reacted to every accusation regardless of how much evidence we presented. She wouldn't sanction the other attorney or litigant. They stalled and stalled, lied and lied and lied and lied to her. We presented facts, showed that the opposing counsel was lying, and she ignored all of that and let their alarming accusations carry the day. She also did things that don't relate in any way to the Texas law or prevailing practice. Judge Plumlee would have reversed her, but we eventually got a tougher attorney and won what we wanted.


3189. other

I have never been accused of family violence. Protective orders are the most misused tactic in family court. I was given 8 business days to find a lawyer. I get to have my ex-wife tell the court she has an emotion and get labeled something I'm not. This so-called judge grants me a continuous only to change her mind because it didn't fit in with my ex wife's attorney's schedule. I asked numerous times for more time to get legal representation only to have her give me a hand! She then grants a protective order for something that I haven't done. Laws need to change. I get that assault and following people is not ok. I sent her text messages without once threatening her. The judge even acknowledged that. She then lectures me on people's emotional fears. Wtf! We're going through a divorce! Yea I said some mean comments. To label me something I'm not? My only suggestion for people is to save every electronic document. I erased mine and that ex kept hers. Smh


3750. other

This woman sets Black people cause and gains in obtaining social equality back. Her conduct on the bench is abhorred. The Dallas County judicial system is a little bit better now that she is gone.


6486. party to case (pro se)

Lady is a horrible person and uses her position to wreck others lives because she obviously has her own issues.

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