Hon. William Wren Harris

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3389. witness

We find that Judge Harris and his Associate Judge Haddock are there to play God and are in fact bullies. We have viewed 2 supposed hearings both scheduled for 1-4 hours in length to present evidence, testimony, etc. and none of those were allowed. Judge Haddock questioned one attorney about where he went to law school and when he replied SMU, she said 'well you went to a better school than I did'. Her ruling was not based on anything other than the fact that she could make it and was biased at best as there was no testimony allowed, in fact no one was allowed to speak. She gave the wrong age of the child involved, told grandparent they shouldn't want to raise a kid, just be happy being grandparents. Judge Harris is no better, he does not allow testimony, and there is NEVER that we are able to discern a 'record' at any hearing. When counsel asked if they could get the parties names on the record, the judge said 'Why, do you think I'm going to go behind you and change what is in the four corners of the document"? He then said to the attorney, 'counselor, the correct answer is No, and there is no record of this proceeding'. If you are ever in a position to have to be in these courts, do your best to RUN, or just give up because you certainly are not going to be heard by either of these bullies of the judicial system. They are neither impartial nor respectful to litigants.


3454. party to case (pro se)

On jan 20, 2015 infront of the Honorable William Harris heard testimony under oath that my ex wife had her former attorney lyndsay a newell axxess my private Facebook posts supplie them to her and use that information in her sworn afidavit submitted for her tro Did I mention that I live in ct and her in tx. Opon hearing on the record a commision of a crime against my constitutional right to privacy he stopped only to have her new attorney take her aside to talk about lawer client privlage.Then finds in her favor.I guess because I am poor and not a resident of texas its ok In Harris s court for me to not be afforded the same rights and violate mine.I have filed police reports written to his local papers left comlaint with the aclu all my statement s are backed up by record of the court cause#233-367066-04 I still have rights judge Harris and how dare you violate them with your bias misconduct.For years I have been complaing of child abuse through parental alienation. I have been taping my court ordered phone calls all 23 hours of them where my child tells me to kill myself and other very abusive and very nasty calls.bolth judges have been provided the opportunities to stop the abuse of my child and wont listen to the tapes that prove the mental injury to my child.I submitted these recordings with my answer to suit.Harris did not read my answer because on 4 occaisions I had to mention the fact that everone should have a copy because I marked them as exibit in my answer. These recordings are now being posted on you tube.tagged Harris.


5217. attorney (non-profit practice)

Worst judge, he needs to resign


6317. party to case (with attorney)

Judge routinely hears cases he is biased on. He failed to recuse himself in my case, which he showed bias in. He commonly tries to appoint a Master in Chancery and try to run up the legal bills for the people coming to his court. He stated there will "only be crumbs on table, when I get through". He stated the "boys downtown will get paid first". He is a bully and has a bad temper. Due to this he doesn't listen to the evidence in the case. He is a bad judge, and is not serving the families of Tarrant County. I posted funds for an appeal on my case, and the judge commingled the funds and then gave some it to my dead beat ex. I do not understand why this bad judge has not been removed.


6524. attorney (private practice)

He berates and attempts to intimidate attorneys that aren't part of his posse and screams and threatens parties to cases/witnesses. He thinks he is God. He does what he wants and his practices are beyond questionable. He is heartless and needs to step away from the bench permanently. Many attorneys can't stand him and know there is no fair trail for their clients before him regardless of facts and evidence they put in front of him.


8094. party to case (with attorney)

This judge is flat out horrible. He would not allow any evidence to be presented. He claimed I was only there because I didn't want to pay support EVEN THOUGH I was a single father raising two boys ALONE. He was rude, short, doesn't seem to care about the facts and makes his decision before trials even begin. My attorney wasn't even allowed to speak. I mean, come on, isn't that the point of hiring counsel? The daycare director was my witness and she wasn't allowed to testify.


6818. attorney (private practice)

I've practiced all over DFW and have seen many different judges as a result. Sometimes judges "get it wrong" through no fault of their own because there simply isn't enough time for the judge to get to know all of the important facts. However, Judge Harris doesn't seem to care about the facts and makes his decision before trials even begin. Justice is not blind in his courtroom and I fear that many children have and will suffer as a result.

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