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5063. party to case (pro se)

Always felt that he was fair even when the odds were against me. Being that I was a father fighting for primary custody of my son & child support.


476. party to case (pro se)

Great at uncovering the essential facts; firm but fair.


806. party to case (with attorney)

I think Judge Finn is a wonderful judge who is very good at his job. He looks at the facts of the cases before him and takes appropriate action. AND to the previous commenter...you are probably one of these deadbeat parents who doesnt know responsibility from a hole in the ground. Therefore nothing you have to say matters to anyone. I also happen to think Judge Finn is very handsome.


1969. witness

Pre-Judges before getting important facts, tries to intimidate defendants.


2546. other

He intimidates and degrades women. He should not make decisions for families and children when he enjoys making mothers upset. Where are the rights for us as mothers when we have given birthed to these children? Where are our rights to having a voice that he chooses to minimize? I am absolutely appalled but yet again this seems to be the reputation of most judges in Texas in family courts. Lets remind ourselves we have the highest deaths in child abuse cases and it is the responsibility of these judges to discontinue them seeing abusive parents whether or not there is documentation.


2936. other

Judge Finn needs to re-evaluate his ethics. How do you have a defendants past due paid in order that they be released and once paid you state " let him sit a few days" with the full knowledge that you have cases the following day and give no logical explanation. You are being a bully with a gavel. This is unethical, immoral, unjust and if you are a Christian, unChristian like.


2941. other

A woman hater. I would say people hater in general. Told my ex husband to go against our order and "keep on alienating". Yells, screams, basic male abuse. I left my abusive drugged and drunk husband now only to be abused by the system as well. Giving the ex legal abuse over my children and myself.


3465. party to case (with attorney)

You call this judge "Honorable"? He has a horrible attitude and is unfair in all his judicial practices! Mean and very rude!! One sided and biased even when you have the facts to back up your case to prove that you've been paying. if you are behind in CS he will hang you!


3721. party to case (with attorney)

Refused to listen to the facts presented to him. The only interest he had was to speak on integrity and immorality. Never once did he speak on the Texas Family Code and the facts that were presented to him. He is in the wrong profession for sure.


4118. other

Level-headed and smart, Hon. Sean Finn has done more for me and my family than any other person in my life.


6522. party to case (pro se)

Doesn't put up with any garbage, I can't imagine what he has to deal with on a daily basis. I'm sure it's frustrating. He was firm and fair in my case.


7687. witness

He repeatedly berates and demeans women in his courtroom. He is very friendly and respectful to the fathers in the room. He is very short-tempered and unprofessional. He is unable to withstand testimony that he does not want to hear, especially concerning abuse and harassment. He has also violated some very simple judicial steps and legal requests parents can make. He is not a child-oriented person and it seems that his Notre Dame education has been wasted on abusing and punishing women. Perhaps that's the Catholic way?


8909. attorney (private practice)

This 47 yr old man is a disgrace to the Law. He is a bitter, self righteous, hate filled paraplegic that resents EVERYONE. He strives to belittle, control and assert his damage personal life on everyone else. How in gods name did he get to be a judge. 30+ yrs ago he was in a motor cycle accident and despises not being able to do what others can.


9097. other

Judge Finn didn’t listen to me that I wasn’t getting my visitations and I had proof . Then the attorney general Harry Weaver had me sign a blank paper and hands it to my ex lawyer and she filled n that I was to go to jail n 61 days. Judge Finn failed to read it and signed off on it when judge Finn said to return back n 90 days with $4500 . So the court issued a warrant for my arrest and I live n California. Judge Finn failed to do his duties as a judge and failed to comply with the laws. I never got to see my kids because Judge Finn is a unfair judge

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