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3271. witness

How do we get rid of this dishonest judge, and get Pratt back? When he told the Houston Chronicle that Pratt had hundreds of cases that weren't signed, but had sticky notes on them, he intentionally failed to mention that those cases were heard and denied because of facts like putting a 10year old child with a father who had broken her leg during a violent episode 3 months earlier, or putting a child in counselling because he didn't want to visit with his father, who was in jail for trying to murder the child. Farr failed to mention that the LAW requires a wage withholding order to be filed at the time the order is filed, and it was Pratt's beloved associate judge whose writing was on at least half of the sticky notes, holding signing the orders until the LAW was followed. When Farr exaggerated and told the Houston Chronicle that there were about 300 hundred cases that were dismissed by Pratt that had to be reinstated, he sent out an email to the family law attorneys that stated that he and one other judge had to sign only about 30 reinstatements. Farr brought in retired judge, Doug Warne, to "help". Warne immediately put up his hero's portrait: Judge Elliott, the former judge of that court that was run out of office in the 1990's for his illegal actions. (Google him.) Warne was investigated by the grand jury for illegal activity while sitting on the 311th bench. Warne collaborates with the firm Kamin & Jenkins to make rulings so that firm can get big fees, and mothers with the children don't even get standard child support. The fact is that Pratt ruled against that judge, and his pet firm; she stood against the crooked favoratism that has been in the family courts for decades. Pratt didn't care what attorney was on the case, or if there was an attorney on the case, she ruled for the children. But it cost Farr work - attorneys complained to him. He suggested they appeal Pratt. For all the comments about Pratt not knowing the law, she SURE DID; she was never overturned while on the bench! And do you know that Farr is ACTIVE military? He is gone weeks at a time, months in all. Yet he voted to request a raise from Harris County Commissioner's Court. (Pratt was the only judge who voted against it.) And now you, the taxpayers gave the family judges an $18,000./year raise in 3 years. Do you get raises like that? And I thought the position was supposed to be "public service". Let's keep Farr in the military and out of the courts. He helped get rid of the best family judge up there.


3275. witness

Judge David Farr presided at my daughters child custody case which lasted almost 2 years. Overall his case seemed prejudice toward the military staff for reasons not to go into detail, however I'd use caution when selecting him as the judge if you have one spouse the is military; especially the male side.


3952. other

I was in front of Judge Farr and went on it alone because I was denied counsel by this judge. I am not an unfit mother and never dreamed of the day this judge would let a father who never wanted anything to do with his child for seven year get custody. I was floored when this judge tore my child from me and her brother for no reason. Yea, my ex was military and I think that played a big role in things. I thought one had to be the worst parent in the world to have this happen. My fight is nor over and will appeal this bad judge and his ruling.


4990. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Farr seems to come across as a fair and just judge. The truth is he is as corrupt as they come. "Best interest of the child" is an idea he does not subscribe to. If you have money you can buy your verdict in the 312th court with the "Honerable" Judge Farr.


5325. party to case (with attorney)

Judge David Farr is a horribly unfair biased judge who sides with military fathers and does not believe that mothers have any rights. He rules for the law firms and lawyers that are in the Houston click and have contributed to his campaign dinners. You will not win in his court if you are going against one of his favorite and influential law firms. I haven't seen my daughter in 9 months. He allows my husband to legally kidnap my child.


4149. attorney (private practice)

Im a lawyer and went before Judge Farr years ago when he was an associate judge. He knew the law better than most any family judge I've known. I don't know about biased but I do know he is smart and will at least listen; that's more than many other judges.


5477. other

I think and believe that it does not take more than a week and a half to sign a restraining order


438. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Farr, as a relatively new judge in family court, appears to be doing the best he can in a corrupt, gender-bigoted, and broken system. As a father of a small girl, I was of course at a tremendous disadvantage because of the testosterone I was born with, and while the discrimination embedded in the system continues, I do feel that Judge Farr has tried to be fair whenever it is in his power. The full details of my case are available at http://www.LettersToAJudge.com.


6308. party to case (with attorney)

Rules one way, then when the other party comes in with another attorney who also happens to be a judge and military also, then he rules completely opposite even though the facts haven't changed. Cronyism. Won't be voting for him again.


4842. party to case (pro se)

Truth be told, Judge Farr is a "fair" judge. Ask any attorney. As a family law judge, he can only do so much even though the law is indirectly biased towards mothers. If you've ever sat in a family law courtroom, you'd hear some of the most sick and twisted cases known to men--nothing like TV court. Judges don't get paid enough as it is, this is public record on the Texas Tribune so salary increases just to sit and listen to families destroy themselves is worth higher salaries. If you have him as your judge, you ought to be thankful. He is a human being! Nobody is perfect, which is why I give him 4 stars. Regardless, his reputation and civil service both in court and military speaks for itself. Together with the Honorable Judge Gaffney, they make a good power team. And lastly, Judge Farr co-authored write a paper to the pro se community about the dangers of using cookie-cutter legal forms. See more information on https://civilsoot.com Theodis Butler, Jr. Pro Se - Father Case No: 2014-36413


5327. other

If you have information of a crime or suspicious activity, including events taking place within a judicial proceeding, judicial corruption, obstruction of justice, witness, evidence, or jury tampering, or illegal asset and monetary seizure, embezzlement, or conversion, please contact the FBI, at: 415-553-7400 fbi.dallas@ic.fbi.gov phoenix@ic.fbi.gov san.francisco@ic.fbi.gov richmond@ic.fbi.gov portland@ic.fbi.gov seattle@ic.fbi.gov or the US Securities and Exchange Commission (703) 813-9322 fax, saltlake@sec.gov sanfrancisco@sec.gov newyork@sec.gov denver@sec.gov losangeles@sec.gov miami@sec.gov


6625. party to case (with attorney)

I have sat and observed in Judge Farr's court while waiting for my case. I watched as he dealt fairly, within the confines of the law, with an overwhelming number of cases. He was patient with people I would have not been too patient with. I watched as people who had not been paying child support were afforded complete due process. I notice most of these reviews have an axe to grind when the ruling went against them. Judge Farr is either pro-military or anti-military according to these reviews, which means he is neutral. In my case my ex is over 22 thousand behind in child support (had not paid in over 2 1/2 years) and didn't show up for court. So the result was pretty straight forward, arrest warrant. Because of my divorce with someone who believes the rules do not apply to them, I have been in family court over a seven year period and have seen both Democratic and Republican Judges. I will say that they were all completely knowledgeable on the law and didn't allow themselves to get hoodwinked.


7431. party to case (with attorney)

I feel Judge Farr is corrupt and prejudice against women and does not do what is in the best interest of the child. When I went to court with my divorce attorney. The judge ruled to give my ex husband custody of our 6 year old little girl. She could not go to sleep without me, I took her to the doctor about 98% of the time, to the dentist 100% of the time. Bathe, dress, fed and cared for her more than my ex. I am a good mom and even though I don't have primary custody I still take her to the doctor when she is sick or when she needs check ups. I had to find a place that was open on Saturdays and same with dental and vision...had to find places with Saturday appointments. She is now 12 and wants to live with me she has never stopped begging me to talk to the judge so she can live with me. My ex does not allow her to call me or text me. Him and his new wife are super jealous of our daughter's relationship with her step dad. She doesn't want to live with her dad and step mom because she feels they don't care about her. This year I will petition the court unfortunately I will be seeing Judge Farr again. He is not for the best interest of the child. He is for father's rights period.


7827. witness

Watch out if you have Farr and the other party has one of his favorite military college buddies (lawyers) wondering if there is some dots to connect maybe someone should be looking into this. And the favorable reviews are his buddies by the way. "Knows the law better than most" sounds like a lawyer friend wrote that.


7904. other

This man is crooked as they come. He also has a huge God complex.


8596. witness

Just one pf the biggest ass wipe lawyers you could ever meet!!!!!! This cocksucker needs to be disbarred, tared and feathered!


8597. witness

Just one pf the biggest ass wipe lawyers you could ever meet!!!!!! This cocksucker needs to be disbarred, tared and feathered!


8810. attorney (government, civil matters)

Farr has no clue to what the law is, PERIOD!!!!!! He needs to be disbarred for a various array of crimes including threatening active duty Navy vets like trash. He is a SHIT STAIN that will soon be wiped red toilet paper!!!!!!


8905. attorney (private practice)

I am a Bloodline American whose rights were violated by both Judge Farr and his associated Judge who thinks they have GOD like attitude. Court 312 might act legally but not lawfully. Court 312 has violated their oath of office along with his oath as a military reserve. I can prove this. Court of claims will be sent to D.C.. Just remember their is no excuse for not know the law which includes but not limited to ignoring the law for personal gain.

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