Hon. Tena T. Callahan

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6657. other

Judge callahan is very rude and mishandled my case. She did not go by the law she went off her own law and rules. Very cold and mean woman very unjust.


6711. party to case (pro se)

this woman talked to everyone like we were in kindergarten. she refused to see any evidence. said the social study didnt matter and decided to let my daughter remain in a home with 3 meth addicts and pedophile.


7487. party to case (pro se)

I was denied my motion to be represented by an attorney and laughed at and belittled for the misuse of the word "retain" an attorney since the judge told me I was basically broke, indigent, and without a job how could I possibly retain a lawyer and went ahead with the hearing not represented and my ex monster in law was awarded SOLE custody of the children while I got supervised visitation for 2 hours 2 saturdays a month at family affair where I had to pay to see my children who were under my care for 16 years 12 years and my youngest - only a baby when my ex mom in law tricked me into believing she was giving me a break was taken from me. My oldest wants to be emancipated and is fighting major depression from the mistreatment of my ex mom in law, my 12 year old is now on anti anxiety meds and soon to be on adderrall bc my ex mom in law says she talks back to her and she is not eating because she is extremely depressed she is with my ex mom in law, my baby girl who is now almost 2 cannot say but maybe 3 words and gets frightened by any loud noise because my ex mom in law screams and yells and thrown dishes and other objects, my baby girl does not even belong to my ex mom in law biologically and is developmentally behind and the one facial expression she does show is a mad mean scowl with her head down when you ask her what my ex mom in law looks like. My ex mom in law constantly pulls this sweet baby girl (who is truly sweet not just bc I am her mom, she is teeny tiny and so loving) my ex mom in law yanks this baby's little arm instead of calling for her. All this presented to this judge and she ruled in favor of giving my ex mom in law SOLE custody of my daughter I am not allowed to see anymore. I am so afraid for their well being and am trying to fight for them and find someone who will help me. The judge seemed as if she were playing angry birds on her computer while the hearing took place and while I gave my evidence and while my ex mom in law admitted to most of my allegations if not all. Horrible judge... cannot believe the world we live in allows such people in such a responsible role to be so wreckless and heartless instead of logical and fair. So sad - I pray for a new judge and that no one goes through what I have by her ruling and wrongful judgement.


1911. attorney (private practice)

You need to prepare your client to be yelled at by the judge in court. She's extremely easy to set off. Blows hot and cold. On the plus side, she has the best support staff, including a great associate judge.


6656. witness

This judge is biased and unjust. I watched as she allowed a deadbeat father manipulate his outcome. She yelled and belittled the mother. It was sad I couldn't believe it. The mother had valid facts and evidence and judge callahan dismissed her and blew everything she stated off.


6658. courthouse employee

Horrible worst judge I've ever seen in life and tv.


6712. other

she should be removed from office and be made to spend the rest of her days as a wal-mart greeter. what a horrible woman.


7616. party to case (with attorney)

I can't believe they allow this judge tenA callahan to treat us parents like we are trash!! this judge need to be at home watching tv, not in no court house doing injustices alday!!! I been fighting for 4 years to get my daughter back! 3 lawyers couldnt help me she never give them a chance in her court room ,she made a ruling on my daughter without my knowledge r my present! my daughter was takingredients from school from another state with a judgment from this judge tenA callahan.. HOW DO A JUDGE JUSt PLACE MY CHILD WITHOUT NOT KNOWLEDGE are the father!! I have WENT B4 HER TO LET HER KNOW SHE MDE A MISTAKE! In showd her alk proof of my child been in Louisiana all her life!! SHE DIDN'T CARE and told me I betta FILE A APPEAL CUZ SHE NOT REVERSING HER DESCISION I DROP TO MY KNEES THINKN THIS HAD TO BE A DREAM!! Beeni g away from my dsughter has been the worse yet!! I HAVE NEVER HAD A OPEN CPS I AM A GREAT MOTHER I finish college with 4.0 I HAVE 3 MORE KIDS WHO MISS THEIR SISTER and is currently dealing with depression cuz of this!! I FOUND OUT THAT THIS JUDGE in the lady who have my child have a good relationship!! this lady can't have Childrens so the judge took mine loving daughter in give her my child!! This couple has stolen a notary stamp in stamp all the documents that was giving to tena callahan she sign off on even after tena found out the stamp was stolen she still didn't care!! she allowed this couple not to should up for no visit in 3 years no contempts!!! their for my kids have not seen each other due to her injustice but I swear to God Imma do everything in my power to get her off the bench I currently have her under investigation threw the bar commission so if their is any one who need help with their injustice from tena callahan please call me my name is melissa 3185105388 if we work together doors will open in have even been on the news look up ksla news 12 A MOTHER'S FIGHT MY DAUGHTER NAME JEWELLISSA MYLES


7771. other

So unprofessional the way she talks and very disrespectful. She should not be a judge.


8648. party to case (with attorney)

Callahan has no respect for the rule of law or the constitution. She legislates from the bench. Often acts without jurisdiction. Does not even try to hide her bias and prejudice. And her attitude about terrible rulings and judgment is not one of a humble jurist; but, for the party to take it up on appeal. She doesn't even deserve one star, but nothing is not an option.


9119. party to case (with attorney)

I think this judge is fair and listened to the facts. My ex is an alcoholic, addict and has psych issues. She heard it all and I think she made the best decision for the child. My ex will be tested regularly from now on. I think if you bring hard facts and evidence the judge sees that.


9120. party to case (with attorney)

I think this judge is fair and listened to the facts. My ex is an alcoholic, addict and has psych issues. She heard it all and I think she made the best decision for the child. My ex will be tested regularly from now on. I think if you bring hard facts and evidence the judge sees that.

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