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2907. party to case (pro se)

Judge Mary Brown... I will keep this short and sweet. This woman facilitated in breaking up a family, slandering witnesses, harassment and intimidation. She showed a clear bias against a mother when the mothers ex husband thought it was necessary to use fabricated evidence, hearsay and false reports to the Texas Child Protective Services agency to fight for custody of their son. She was recused, but had the records sealed... Judge Mary Brown, I hope you read this and remember that you refused to let me speak in court, you pointed at me and stated, "He is a bad person, he is the reason we are here today." I have not been convicted of anything of which I am accused and all you did was help a narcissistic, abusive ex husband ruin a mothers relationship with her infant son over claims that can not be proven because everything you used as "evidence" was hearsay and fabrications. Good job....


2289. witness

Judge Mary Brown has a disturbing history of discriminating against those without money. Basically, the highest income earner prevails. She lacks compassion and is frequently called a the Highland Park Brat behind her back by other attorneys. She has shown a history of placing children with sexual abusers as long as that abuser is a wealthy, white man. Her appointments for guardian ad litems and other experts are usually other rich, white lawyers who are her buddies. She accepts campaign donations from attorneys and experts who have cases before her. For these reason, I can not in good consciousness recommend Judge Mary Brown.


3006. attorney (private practice)

Judge Brown regularly appoints her buddies to high paying court ordered jobs like guardian ad litem and supervised visitation officers. These "appointees" are rich, wealthy Highland Park friends. She loves money not justice.


3368. witness

Judge Mary Brown refused to let a victim of incest testify about the abuse she endured. She silenced the young mother and refused to let her speak out about her pedophile father. Why? Pedophile father was rich and had hired some of her buddies at a wealthy family law firm who are well known pedophile defenders. Were you a victim of domestic and/or sexual abuse and not allowed to testify in her court? Stand up to the corruption and contact the FBI at FBI Dallas One Justice Way Dallas, TX 75220. Phone: (972) 559-5000. Fax: (972) 559-5600. E-mail: fbi.dallas@ic.fbi.gov. If you don't come forward, the feds can't do anything and the corruption will continue. Speak up and report it. If you are threatened, retaliated against, or punished for coming forward, let them know that too.


5125. attorney (private practice)

It's well known Brown is a terrible mother herself, so who is she to judge anyone. Brown makes political favor rulings for her buddies. Worst judge in Dallas County Courts by far.


5610. other

Mary brown is not good at her job. She decided to let my son that had no issues at home to go live with my parents that were way too old to take care of him and they could not make him go to school and showed him no responsibility. he has now ended up in jail and in court and smoking pot and in terrible way. my mother has now passed and he was living with my stepdad who didn't give a rats you know what about him so he went in a bad direction. Now my stepdad has been hit by a semi truck and was in the V.A hospital for the past 2 months with brain damage so my son was thrown out on the street and had all of the utilities turned off and had no place to go, he of course came home but is now disrupting a pretty tight household at my place because of his behavior. My stepdads family have now moved my stepdad out of the V. A to a nursing home and will not tell my son where he is at and so he is lost. No hope for this lady i told her they were too old to take care of him.


1910. attorney (private practice)

Judge Brown is probably my favorite judge to have temp orders hearing before. She is extremely kind, but yet controls her courtroom. I cannot figure out how she does that. She never embarrasses the parties or the attorneys. Her one distinct weakness is that she is virtually ALWAYS late starting her docket and the docket many times seems very crowded. Plan to be there the entire half day waiting your turn. She comes up with better solutions to odd situations than any other associate judge that I have found.


2089. party to case (pro se)

If you are a dark skinned male then you have no hope of getting any justice in her court. You have already lost even before you open your mouth. This judge will not consider any evidence in your favor and will not allow the testimony of anyone who might have anything good to say about you. If you have children, there is a good likelihood that she will take them away from you or severely limit your custody. She may make inflammatory remarks about your ethnic background - so if you can afford it, you need to walk in with a court reporter to get everything on record - and always have a De Novo appeal in your back pocket, you will need it! But the latter may not do you much good since the District Judge will rarely reverse her. In a nutshell, God help you if you ever fall into her clutches!


2312. party to case (pro se)

Judge Brown helped me so much when I was going through my divorce with her even temper and true compassion for the well-being of my children. I find the previous comment extremely incorrect as Judge Brown showed no bias in the wealth disparity between my ex husband and me. Defending myself I was very nervous but she kindly assisted me in going through the correct motions. All in all she is a great woman who made a terrible experience bearable.


2327. attorney (private practice)

Judge Brown has consistently been a great associate judge and will be a great district judge. She categorically does not discriminate against any people of color. What I have always like about her was that she specifically did not favor attorneys from big firms who represented rich clients. She knows the law and how to follow it. She has my vote


2353. party to case (with attorney)

this was the worse experience i have ever had to face. My ex got on the stand and lied about me and even had our children brainwashed to testify against there own loving father. i am the one who filed suit against my ex to get my kids in a better place. Brown is a male hater who basically wouldn't hear any of my evidence, but had no problem listening to my ex spread her lies. when it came time for my attorney to cross examine my ex, Judge Brown said we were out of time. if i have learned anything from the family courts, its that no one really wants to get down to the truth. WHOEVER TELLS THE BEST STORY WINS!!! all Ms. Brown is concerned with is to clear her docket. i have been harassed so much from my ex that i have not had a relationship with my children in 4 months in fear for my safety when picking my kids up. i filed a motion to have the exchanges done at the municipal center and was refused by Judge Brown. She stated it isn't bad enough!!! every time i go to pick up my kids my ex has a yard full of people threatening me and my fiance. i was ordered to attend anger management when im not even the angry one. if you love your kids, keep them away from family court in front of Brown. i will be protesting her reelection this march. she is a cancer that destroys the lives of many children.


2530. other

I was shocked to learn this woman is a family court judge. First off, she doesn't seem very motherly. I watched her with her child one day and let's just say I wouldn't want a cold-hearted, aloof mother like that. I felt really bad for her child. Secondly, I have spoken politics with this woman. She all but admitted to running on the democratic ticket just to get elected. She said the minorities won't elect republicans, so it is political suicide to run as a republican. If that's not a clue as to her real politics, I don't know what is. Surely, we have better candidates in Dallas than this.


2891. attorney (private practice)

Judge Brown is a measured, consistent judge. She does tend to be liberal, so keep in mind that the way you see things may NOT be her opinion. Still, though she and I also have a personal association, I have lost in her courtroom many times over because she listens to the facts and does not portray a bias towards attorneys or parties. Overall, I am glad she will be taking the bench of the District Court.


2969. other

I know Mary Brown both personally and professionally. In both her personal and professional life she is thoughtful, kind, family-oriented and fair. The person who commented on her interaction with her child couldn't be more wrong and clearly was making a judgement without appropriate context. She is warm, interested in others, respectful and loves her family fiercely. She will make a great District judge.


3080. attorney (private practice)

I have always been treated fairly in Mary Brown's court. She takes the time to explain her rulings to the litigants, no matter whether or not they are represented by an attorney. She has no bias regarding skin color, gender, whether or not the parties are in a traditional or same-sex relationship. Her focus is always on what is in the best interest of the child(ren). A pleasure to practice in front of.....


3372. party to case (with attorney)

She is the worst Judge and will not let African American fathers see their children my son has been fighting for visitation for almost 3 years and she won't listen to the child's mother who has clearly stated that she wants my son to see his child. My son has no criminal history he pays child support. This judge is not compassionate about fight's right especially African American fathers.


3383. other

In an interview released by texaslawyer.com, Judge Mary Brown showed just how unintelligent and incompetent she is. She proved she did not know the answers to simple legal questions and had to ask the interviewer what the answer to the questions were! She's just not smart enough to be a judge. She's better suited for the role of village idiot or cold-hearted wrench. The spoiled Highland Park brat should resign. She a product of incompetent nepotism. Look at the previous comment to see the corruption the Brown family is involved with. Here's the exact text from the news article by Texaslawyer.com. It's pretty scary and embarrassing for Dallas to have an idiot like this sitting on the bench. No wonder people speak so badly about her behind her back and she has a disturbingly high de novo rate (this means her cases were appealed to a hire judge.) Democrats have to weed out the corruption and incompetence in their own party. Electing judges like Mary Brown will only lead to more losses to the Republicans.


4936. party to case (pro se)

I have lost complete faith in the legal system because of this judge. I filed a motion of enforcement to enforce the orders of my final decree of divorce. My ex was ordered in the divorce decree to pay 50% of any outstanding taxes owed to the IRS. I brought in proof that I had payed the entire $7k+ and quotes the page and paragraph of the divorce decree. This judge told me that I did not prove that she failed to follow the order. I asked what more proof could possibly be given. She responded " I am not a judge and a lawyer". The reviews that I have read about this judge are full of atrocities against men in divorce cases. A judge like this should not be allowed on the bench and is an embarrassment to the legal system.


1105. other

I am appauld at the ruling. to flip oders placing children in the home of or with a parent that is abstee, controlling, demanding, and demeaning, belittling and at times abusive, it's absolutely absurd. Especially when it is appreant that the child has been coach to say they would rather stay with the father. If the father is absent or repeatedly tells children, (when he's around), that they don't love him if they don't say they want to be with him, that's manipulation. I turly fear for a young girl when she is removed from a loving and caring mother and placed in a house with individuals that really would ruther she not be there. Noticiable when the house is one where children are allowed to care for themselves. (A twelve year old really needs to be with her mother if at all possible. And in the case so should the son, where he can learn to respect women, all women as well as men.


3852. attorney (government, civil matters)

Judge Brown is the most compassionate, 'willing to listen to both sides' judge I have seen in ten plus years as a licensed attorney in Texas. I am saddened by some of the reviews above because they are not factually true, for example she is not related to Bo Brown which is stated repeatedly in a rambling post above. She does come from a family who have been judges, but that has no bearing on her (good or bad) as an judge. She didn't inherit the family business, she was appointed long after her father was on the bench. It is ridiculous to associate her with someone else with the last name of Brown, she had nothing to do with the GAL fee collection, and when it existed she didn't use it in any case I had. People should at least check their facts before they attack someone with lies. On that point, when practicing in front of her, I never have seen her favor one gender over another or make decisions based upon race or ethnicity. I don't know how she comes up with her rulings but they seem evidence based. If an attorney, or anyone, sits in a judge's courtroom long enough you see them rule on many cases. One morning their decisions may be more favorable to men and in the afternoon more favorable to women. That's case specific, testimony and evidence based decision making-not prejudice or favoring one gender over another. My experience is that how Judge Brown operates. I came to this site by accident, looking for information on a judge I haven't appeared before. It is surprising to see negative, ill informed reviews about Judge Brown. Most of the negative commentators are obviously unhappy litigants. If one doesn't get what they want, of course they won't be pleased with the result. But that doesn't mean that the judge is biased or unfair. If you are a litigant or attorney that is appearing before Judge Brown you are lucky. If I had a personal family law case she's be one of two or three judges I'd want to hear my case. That's because she listens to all the witnesses, thinks, asks questions and rules based on the evidence and the law. If you are a party to a case, ask a family lawyer about Judge Brown and I suspect you will hear how good she is. Anyone can anonymously post in anger family lawyers know strengths and weaknesses of the judges. The truth is that Judge Brown is a fair and thoughtful judge who is child focused. She may not do what a particular parent wants, every decision means one parent may be happy, one may be disgruntled. Judge Brown focuses on what is best for the children stuck in the middle of litigation. There should be more judges like her.


7188. attorney (private practice)

After many years of witnessing rulings by Judge Brown the facts are overwhelming, she is biased against men in the courtroom. She leans very liberal & often rubber stamps motions in favor of the women. Alarmingly ignoring basic facts. I'm sure she gets overwhelmed with the case load & at times facts are complicated. But it's her job, a position she ran for, that requires effort in understanding details, getting all the facts, ignoring the lawyer spin, & serving the best interest of the children. The citizens of Dallas deserve better effort in her court. I hope she improves. That's my opinion as an experienced female attorney


7251. party to case (pro se)

I have had mostly adverse rulings in this court room, but find most comments here unfair and uninformed. These judges are overwhelmed with the case load, and there are too many unethical lawyers who are focused on their bottom lines and winning. I don't sense any bias in Judge Brown or TenEyck courts, just a severe problem with adequate time to get the facts, especially in complicated older cases like mine. It takes weeks before one can go before a judge, and then there is little time, especially with aggressive lawyers raising frivolous procedural issues to crowd out the time and the facts. Can't blame judges for a system we all have a role in creating. Children suffer, and caring parents face agonizing pain of their children, and decisive outcomes are hard to get. Just remember, you could get a rogue judge like Lynn Cherry who had no respect for the law and the process. She thought she knew best, no matter what the facts. She used the same tools in almost every case, like Joan Hill, as an agent to micro manage cases against the facts and rulings of higher courts. She used TIME as a weapon to enforce her bad orders. The current judges seem to at least try to be balanced.


7670. party to case (with attorney)

I always feel like my attorney knows more than Judge Brown. She clearly doesn't research her cases before she hears them for a second, and even third time. She forgets previous orders she made and has to be reminded what she said. If her previous actions give notations to how she will be at trial, I'm in big trouble.


958. attorney (private practice)

Great judge


6986. party to case (with attorney)

From the second I walked in the courtroom, judge brown had it in for me. She talks down to any man. She has an ego trip against any male. Guess she ways screwed over by her high school boyfriend. Even my lawyer told me from the get go that the judge had it out for me. I was there and respectful, well dressed for court and did what a father should do. I guess an ex stripper was her claim to fame cause that is what she sided with. Every election cycle, I always make sure to vote for anyone running against Mary brown. She is a snake and the devil. I would vote for Adolf Hilter over her in an election.


7731. attorney (private practice)

Judge Mary Brown is one of the best judges in Dallas County. She is overwhelmingly fair and knows family law. She will always consider each side, and never reads more into case facts than what is presented into evidence. I have never had a bad ruling, although I have had rulings I did not want. Judge Brown has a wonderful judicial temperament, is collegial and professional at all times.


8449. party to case (with attorney)

Worst judge ever.


8703. attorney (private practice)

I have always been treated fairly when appearing before Judge Brown. She is very intelligent, well versed in family law and treats everybody with respect in her court. She always hears from both sides before making a ruling, and does not bring any baggage from other cases or anything but an open mind to each case. I could not ask for a better jurist. This is probably the best judge sitting in Dallas County family courts.

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