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4896. party to case (with attorney)

I don't know how she sleeps at night. No heart.


1381. party to case (with attorney)

This woman should be fired! I believe she lets her emotions rule in her courtroom and that is not fair. She treats everyone like crap, and doesn't even care what the circumstances of your case is.. She needs medication and another job!


2316. witness

As an experienced, cross-cultural, & long-term journalist, never have I witnessed such a cruel & unjust public official in my life. The things I have seen & heard from this judge in court is absolutely devastating. She has forced women back into abusive relationships in order to see their children. She is responsible for the sexual, physical, & emotional abuse of thousands of children in Tarrant County. With proof of mounting evidence, she continues to allow children to be at the hands of their abusers to be further molested & mistreated. She verbally abuses women in court to the point of absolute fury. Mothers have experienced suicide attempts, heart attacks, hospitalizations, & intense teeth grinding and nightmares due to this psychological torture she imposes. We are currently reviewing court documents & letters from professionals asking for the removal of these children in custody of abusers. For a state that claims to be for their children, there is an immense amount of sadistic official involvement to incorporate further pain, abuse, & endangerment for children. We will include that Texas has the highest rate of death due to child abuse in the nation. I think we can all conclude Judge Bebe is contributing to this number. The investigation we are doing as a coalition will be released before the end of this month.


2328. witness

Judge Beebe is rude, disrespectful, unprofessional, cruel... I watched as she screamed at a woman going through chemo treatments that her karma was "woo, wooo" among many inappropriate, unprofessional things. Plenty of documentation, paperwork, exhibits, motions in the case that the judge refused to look at. She reduced the X husband's (whose income was over $150K annually) child support by 2/3's. The woman could not stand, she was so weak and was not allowed to speak because her response was not quick enough for the judge. The judge continually interrupted the woman. Definitely not an advocate for children. Among many cases, disregarded protecting the children. It scares me that a judge in this country can be allowed to do what she does. She gives me no faith in our judicial system. She should be removed from the bench. Anger management and psychiatric evaluation would be appropriate for this judge.


54. witness

Doesn't give anyone a chance to repond to very loud comments aimed at them. Shouting, and speaking very loudly, at anyone doesn't get anywhere. And it is extremely rude. Heaven forbid she has a bad morning. If she does, everyone gets reamed out. Regradless of whether or not they are calm and present themselves with respect pf others. If she is supposed to be a "fair" judge, it makes one wonder what a unfair judge would be like? Makes you shiver to think of that possibility. Rules with EMOTIONS, not logic. And can NOT leave her personal life/problems out of her courtroom. No need to always bring up the fire and "a baby on each hip". She needs to get over that, and mature to the point of letting it go.


1161. witness

I had to sit in Judge Bebe's courtroom for several hours waiting for the case I was related to to come up. My party had a 9:00 am court date but we did not actually get in front of the Judge until after 1:00pm Be prepared to wait! I listened to a lot of what Judge Bebe said and yes she carries on and gets into people and some of the rulings she gave I never would have believed any Judge would do , but the main message was you had this child with this man , the man deseves to have the right to be a father to the child. The case I was related to she picked up almost immediately where the problem really was, guess that is what seeing this stuff everyday has enabled her to do and she ruled correctly. I was impressed with her. She a gets a positive rating from me.


1414. party to case (pro se)

This judge cares nothing about the safety of kids. My ex husband lives in a house with 12 people, 8 dogs, 5 cats & 2 birds. My ex gave us his over night visits in court due to his living arrangements 4 months ago. He decided he wanted his over nights back. We went in front of the judge. She ordered a home visit. The person that did the visit at my house didn't even check to see if I had running water or food. When she went to his house she didn't visit all the rooms and missed the cat mess. She didn't even supply a report to the attorneys or judge. She didn't account for the 12 people and where they slept. Some people are sleeping on couches. some rooms have 4 people. There are 4 children & 6 30-50 year olds and 2 70 year olds. My ex lied about the people and the relation to my kids and they didn't even investigate that when I pointed it out. They lied and said there was an open bedroom for my kids when there isn't. The home study lady brought a picture of one of the dogs and said it was cute. This woman and the judge have no right to rule over people's lives. When my kids are visiting there are 14 people living in this house. Yes it has 5 bedrooms but they are all filled. I don't trust these men that live there and there are 3 that range from 40-50. They are all bums and only 3 people out of 8 adults work. And when the judge asked my ex why he gave up his over nights to begin with he said he didn't remember... So clearly he knows my kids shouldn't be living in this house. But the judge didn't feel that was important I guess. I know why she doesn't have a court reporter. She doesn't want proof of how she acts. If I have to provide a stable home and pay for it all by myself - since my ex is behind on child support and barely pays - why does he get to live with 12 people and not have to support his kids or even answer for his actions? Good question and she didn't ask that either.


1430. attorney (private practice)

Does a great job doing a difficult job.


1435. party to case (with attorney)

This judge right off the bat looked at my son's father,and said" what's a good-looking man like you doing not married at 49?" Then told him"You're my Doppelganger.My 4 marriages are the ones you didn't have." This guy makes twice what I make,and wants $200 more a month from me in child support/insurance costs.He has abused my son physically,sold his bed and forced him to sleep with him while he wore no underwear and my son is 12).I called CPS,nothing was done.Then the judge asks me why I "still kept having kids" if my income was only 1,300 a month as my son's dad snickered. (Those were my kids from a previous marriage of 16 years and 3 of them are grown).This judge knew nothing about me or my children,nor did she seem to care that my husband is disabled and I am supporting my whole family on a teacher Asst. income.What a kick in the pants!Flirts with my son's dad then proceeds to let him screw me out of yet more money.How unprofessional!Is this justice? I think not...


1868. attorney (private practice)

I practice before Judge Beebe on a regular basis. She is fair, predictable, and effective. An Associate Judge's job is to protect the parties and children and maintain a reasonable status quo during the duration of the divorce. She doesn't divide property or make final orders regarding custody. Most of the litigants who come into her court are under prepared and haven't had time to gather their evidence. However they each believe they should win and their spouse should lose. Far too rarely are they truly concerned about the best interests of their own children and their children's relationship with the other parent. Judge Beebe gives them a dose of reality.


2317. witness

The role of judges in society is to provide a fair and just ruling after they have heard a case. Judge Bebe is neither fair or just in her rulings, Judge Bebe is known for giving full custody of children to abusive parents which is very disturbing not only because of the well being of a child but for our whole justice system as well. Obviously there's something wrong with our justice system when a mother is terrified to go to court because she knows she will lose custody of her child to a person who shouldn't even be around a child. People like Judge Bebe are solely responsible for the mental & physical pain a child might suffer from an abusive parent and people like her shouldn't even be near a courtroom


2408. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Beebe is a fool. She is abusive in her court towards women and has an obvious bias favoring fathers, no matter the circumstances. I don't really see how she has served so long without being removed or disciplined. Our attorney told us she hates going before Judge Beebe because, "She's batsh** crazy." If you can, just keep your mouth shut as much as possible and appeal her ruling to the next court just to get out of there...less talking will help you, only offer facts, especially if you are female. Remember you can appeal, you don't have to live with her decisions (and neither should you in most cases).


2523. witness

My 3 year old granddaughter outcried against her father, his twin brother, and the mother(the mother is a known pedaphile who ran off with her 15 year old son's also 15-yr-old friend and had twins by the time her son's friend was barely 16). We went to court with all these witnesses of what this little girl was saying and when it was finished Judge Beebe put the MOTHER in the paperwork to supervise the son(my granddaughter's father)! She said she thought there was something going on and ordered state approved counseling but put the abusive grandmother in charge of the abusive son. We dropped her off today and the mother, the twin brother, and the father came together. First off, if you were innocent, wouldn't you want supervised visits until the counselor saw your daughter to keep from being accused of anything else and second, wouldn't you want to keep from looking like you were "ganging up" on your daughter? Last time, because she didn't talk to the CPS woman, we had to give her to her father and he spanked her for telling and they mentally tortured her for a day and a half. Judge Beebe, my granddaughter is in danger because of you.


2544. party to case (with attorney)

Finally Judge BeeBe will be gone at the end of this month, so I've heard. Not a moment to soon. Beware she is going into the wine business with her new man in or near San Antonio. Spread the word, the wine will be no good if she has anything to do with it, she has proven that in court. I hope her court appointed "therapist" loses his referrals as well. This Judge used her experiences instead of the law. Maybe now kids will have their voices heard after the damaging orders and damaging parents, both parents. Remember.....spread the word about her next venture!! Make our voices count!!!


2545. other

I recently witnessed this judge in action while waiting for my daughters case to be heard. We spent the entire day waiting to be heard when we were one if the first ones there. Silly us, we didn't have the money to fork out for the attorneys. All the attorney involved cases took precedence. However, in hindsight, I wish that they had continued to reschedule the hearing until after this horribly vicious judge had retired. I went to family court some 20 years earlier for my own divorce and remember that it was a sad time, but not torture. What this woman puts other women through is unbelievable. She was ridiculously biased in favor of the men that came before her. She even seemed to flirt and or admire them for being able to successfully juggle multiple women. Then offer sympathy to the man who has committed adultery, impregnating another woman while married to my daughter, because he had now decided to have the pregnancy terminated. Why does he need sympathy. He admitted to doing drugs and she did not care. He has repeatedly threatened my daughter, said he did not want the children, but all that did not matter. So my daughter who has been beaten down for years, goes to court to try to get on with her life.... And gets kicked while she is down. I personally believe this woman is evil and should not be allowed to make judgements even if just temporary. Maybe all the years of listening to the detriments of failed marriages has made her bitter, but no one deserves to be treated the way she treats people. Especially people who are already at a low place. Good riddance. The whole county should throw a party on her last day!


2986. witness

This seems to be a consistent pattern in the Tarrant County Family Courts to help their friends ... the Family Attorneys rack up Legal fees waiting for Court Hearings. Attorneys get paid to just sit and wait for these Judges. If you have to wait 5 hours for your Hearing the Attorney fees just for waiting on these Judges is a few thousand dollars I spent thousands and thousands of dollars in Attorney fees just waiting for my case to be heard in the 324 Tarrant County Family Courts... ALL of my Attorneys Hearings were ALL cancelled the Day of the Hearings by the Judges in the 324 Tarrant County Family Courts. I was still Court Ordered to pay my Attorney Fees even though the Judges in the 324 Tarrant County Family Courts cancelled ALL of my Attorneys Hearings. I would think that this is suspect to illegal and would be considered CRIMINAL racketeering.


3325. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Beebe who is retired now, was filling in for a vacated seat which I understand retired judges do occasionally. She happened to be the judge deciding the outcome of my child support modification case. I am writing this prior to knowledge of the outcome of my modification. My observation is simply that Judge Beebe knows the law, wants what is in the best interest of the children and does not tolerate those who are unprepared or want to make accusations without evidence. Overall, I felt comfortable speaking with Judge Beebe. I treated her with the respect she deserved and she treated me respectfully. The questions she asked me were logical and I'm sure her final decision will be fair and competent. I suspect those that gave Judge Beebe a low rating were not prepared or did not have substantive evidence to support their claims and as a result "lost" their case. If you happened to be a casual observer who decided to give a rating there is no way you could have overheard the entire conversation between all parties.


3777. witness

My wife and I was in a case where our granddaughter needed to be placed in our home temporarily while our daughters and her husband were going through a divorce. Our daughters had no other home and the daddy's had become entangled in abusive behavior. For a year we were in and out of Judge Beebe court. Her behavior toward us was abusive, embarrassing, and hostile, we were interrupted, criticized, and made scorn of, all the while our intentions were to assure a stable and secure home for our granddaughter. Now we find out that Judge Beebe has retired, that good for her, but in the wake of her tenure as Judge, the damage is devastating . Shame on those that appointed her, and those that did not intervene on behalf of the children. Fortunately for our family we now are playing an active roll in the life of our granddaughter, but had the court been concerned with the children, rather than their ego and the power trip, perhaps my grandchild wouldn't be repeating kindergarten next year, and we wouldn't be trying to build up her self esteem. This could have all been avoided if the Judge would have just shut her mouth, and listened to the ones that were in the situation.


7291. other

There is and never has been ANYTHING HONORABLE about this "judge" and her crowd of cronies! Praise GOD this psycho is retired! She should have been FIRED years ago!


7293. other

There is and never has been ANYTHING HONORABLE about this "judge" and her crowd of cronies! Praise GOD this psycho is retired! She should have been FIRED years ago!


8304. attorney (government, civil matters)

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