Hon. Gregory M. Snyder

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3820. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Snyder comes across as rather arrogant and bombastic. He has little patience. And will express that trying his patience can have consequences. He is knowledgable. His court proceedings rarely begin at scheduled time.


5209. party to case (pro se)

Judge Snyder is unprofessional, rude, condescending, and a racist. It is horrifying to know that he was elected into office. Voters are clearly not doing their research. He is a horrible person, and should be voted out of office.


6993. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Snyder is grossly negligent and incompetent. Extremely lazy. His arrogance is nigh unbelievable. He sabotages cases. Ignores facts. And is grossly punitive to fathers.


6786. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Snyder is full of arrogance and does not base his rulings on the facts and evidence presented. In a custody case where father presented extensive factual evidence as well as an expert psychologist stating mother's mental health was a signifanct issue and she should not be left alone with any of her children, he still awarded 40% physical custody to mother. Mother was a No Show for court ordered conciliation and has been found in Contempt for her absolute dusregard of a Custody Order, yet Judge Snyder's rulings appear to be based on what mood he's in at the moment. Judge Snyder is an absolute broken cog in the wheel of justice.


8737. other

The "honorable" Judge Snyder is only honorable because that is what judges are supposed to be viewed as. YOU HAVE TO EARN HONOR YOU CONDESCENDING PRICK!!! If your job is such a bother to your life... fucking quit!!!! You are an embarrassment to your profession and you should have to face yourself for gross neglience to your craft and convict yourself for being the asshole that you are.


1003. juror

Judge Snyder has a very good understanding of the place of the court in our system. He comes across in the court room as a real guardian of freedom. Judge Snyder seemed to be absolutely open to all input and very respectful of all persons in the proceedings.


9196. witness

I read these reviews before our case and did not want to believe that someone in his position could be "unjust." Our hearing went horribly. Judge Snyder talked over everyone, would not simply just LISTEN, was condescending and rude, and humiliated me in front of the court (I am the victim). It was like I was in the middle of a bad dream. I needed his help....instead, he further traumatized and injured me. Please pray for this man that God might take away his anger and soften his heart.


9260. other

Hello to the above comment. What judge, or person for that matter, would not put a child sexual preditor away???? Even a moron can assume that position. Your comment has no merit here. Judge Snyder is a horrible representation as a judge and a person! This man needs to be removed from his position. He is an embarrasment to himself and the York County judicial system.


9244. other

Judge Snyder knows how to put the bad guys away. He sentenced my boyfriends father who was guilty of many counts of child porn and child molesting. He may be rude from what I hear from other people but he knows how to make justice served.

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