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7172. party to case (pro se)

This nut issued me a 3 year pfa, over name calling on texts messages. my sons mother is a drug addict, alcoholic scam artist. She was wrested and jailed for child endangerment. Which led to me getting full custody. Once realeased she was warded partial custody, and had to pay me support. Which she never did, instead she did things to upset and piss me off, not taking him to sporting ptlractice and games on her weekends. Calling police and make me up false allegations. I fell for it and got mad. Texted her names, and insults I admit I used string language but this situation was enough to drive any person crazy. So after 6 months of saving these messages she went to courthouse and they gave her a 1 year pfa. I fought it cause it was nonsense. Sticks and stones break bones. Not name calling. Since insaid fuck, cunt, whore etc as they had me read just what I said. This old bat was looking at me like she's never heard such terrible things. Found me guilty 3 year pfa. Had to walk away from. My son, who has no father now out of fear of her violating me. Absolute joke. She is a disgrace, and completely biased towards men.


6729. party to case (pro se)

This sociopathic bitch gives children to their known abusers and if youdare question her, its ten times as bad. Voters need to kick this corrupt whore to the curb once and for all.


7096. witness

Judge Katherine B.L. Platt makes up her own laws, violates the Constitution, gives victims back to their abusers giving the abusers even more power. Liquidates your assets in court fines and does it without Due Process. She always has a hair appointment to get to.


6912. party to case (pro se)

I agree. She is the C word - CORRUPT! Doesn't give a Crap about the law or rights. Decides case without ever hearing a word of testimony. She was a two bit real estate lawyer before being in charge of people's lives. NOT qualified to be a judge. NO ethics at all. And if you file something in her court, better witness it being time-stamped, as she has an inordinate amount of "procedural" issues she can easily blame on the equally corrupt Orphans Court clerk - Gloriana Hitler. If voters retain her, they get what they deserve.


7938. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Platt breaks the rules herself then holds everyone else to a standard she should be doing as a judge. She violates statutes, laws, Constitutional rights, rules of procedure, shows favoritism and harms elders giving them straight to predators. This judge must be voted out


7738. witness

I thought I had seen it all until I witnessed this judge "in action". She is so full of herself. What an ego tripper. Its as if the case is about her. No ethics, no integrity, no concern for fairness, equity, or what is right and just. She is up for retention in 2017 and it would send a very strong message if voters voted against retention. It is really sad how she ruins innocent lives -adults and children - for what reason, I do not know. Very sad to see these qualities in a judge.


8662. witness

8653 you must be Judge Platt or her friend as other and have never met the wrath of this power hungry dictator who will sell another human being as if they are livestock Sit in this incompetents courtroom and watch. She can't recall dates, issues and confuses facts in her mind with her own wishes. She makes the record what she wants it to be not the truth.


8848. party to case (pro se)

She is corrupt, I guess Villanova does not teach Constitutional Law as she violates rights of parents daily, human rights don't not exist nor do your civil rights. I wish I could say it's just one judge in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas but it's all of them including the master's. I have suffered devastation in all aspects of my life. Being forced to be in a relationship with my abuser which allowed him to control me after our divorce. Watching my children be abused by the court and the paternal family. I have lost everything due to this judge and this court. I breathe air but I am a shell and a failure as a mother as they would not allow me to protect my children. They handed a diagnosed bi-polar & cluster b PD father his children, me and my family which consists of other children who have been abused due to the corruption of the court. Thanks to the court I have suffered 14yrs of more abuse which is why I left the marriage so our children could be raised in an environment that was not toxic. I now suffer from Narcissist Victim Abuse Syndrome, including C-PTSD, complete alienation of our two children, legal abuse syndrome, and other physical medical issues. Not to mention the numerous times my ex was not charged for kidnapping, harassment, stalking, DV abuse, financial abuse, custodial interference and coerced control of our children. This does not include the elder abuse of my parents and the abuse of 3 other children in my family that have been emotional and mentally abused by the court's corruption and my ex husbands psychopathic personality disorder that is ignored by the court. The family court is a kangaroo court where judge's ignore what is right discard the facts and rule in favor of the lawyers that share alma mater's, past work experience, or community roles. Thank you Chester County for destroying a family and children's lives that were happy and protected until you got your dirty, greedy, corrupt hands involved.


8798. party to case (pro se)

I didnt have to sit in her courtroom even once to find out how corrupt Judge Platt is. I did not have to lose a case, either. She got involved in a matter that she had no legal business being in, did a judicial favor for a highly placed Republican crony, and the case ended before it began. Poof! Over! Just like that. No justice, no being "heard", no day in court...nothing. The judgeassigned to the case simply acted like he was clueless...had "no idea how that occurred". Therefore, I believe the negative reviews over the one she posted above. She is a menace to justice. I hope her husband dumps her and she gets a judge just like HER. A Bitch.


8972. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Katherine Platt needs to be removed. She makes up rules and violates proceedures to do her premeditated court rulings. Forget any chance of Justice in her court she predetermins cases to feed this system. She has attorneys before her court she covers for and puts on an act as if she will make a fair determination then rules in favor of her buddy attorneys. Go against her and you will get the wrath of hell as she subordinates you to her magesties powers. She gets great personal pleasure watching your suffering.


9025. party to case (pro se)

Disgraced former PA judges Ciavarella and Conahan have nothing over Judges Platt and Hall in Chester County. These two wrote the book on paying for play.


8653. other

Judge Platt is an example of how education and hard work result in success. Some other comments here do not ring true and I wonder if the authors are just angry because they did not get the ruling they wanted. Above all Judge Platt strives to be fair and considerate of the all the consequences her decisions will have. In the end everyone needs to remember that courtrooms are the last resort. If you end up there it is best to be prepared and polite and hope that your judge is someone like Katherine Platt.


9096. witness

I witnessed several hearings before this judge who removed a child from its mother claiming the mother committed "child abuse" because she followed direction from Cps to obtain medical help for the child or she could lose custody through cps. The mother sought out help for this child who was suffering and pleading for help from its mother. The judge disregarded all evidence in this case and testimony and sided with father and a well known attorney who will stop at nothing as long as her pockets are being filled even so much as to allow the child in this case to reach its breaking point and suffer a nervous breakdown. I did not believe this mother until I attended several trials. This mother is still without her child and fears it will again be used as a money making pawn by court personel who could care less about its heath or well being. Please vote this judge out of office so she cannot risk the life of another one of chester counties children getting used to make money. Pray for this family,court,children and all invloved. Its one thing to commit a crime. To be an entity of law and comitt crimes to the point of neglecting a childs life is unheard of.

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