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5652. party to case (with attorney)



2386. attorney (private practice)

AWFUL is the only word that describes this judge. She has no finesse or legal acumen. Legal arguments are lost on her. She screams at parties and attorneys and launches into full tirades which is completely inappropriate. It's impossible to be deferential to her when she is so uncivilized. Not only does she yell, she abruptly interrupts counsel when making their argument. She has no idea about civil procedure and how courtrooms and cases should proceed. To add insult to injury, she encourages parents to get along and she routinely discourteous. She has no business being a judge.


2595. attorney (private practice)

This lady is ridiculous. She's hot tempered, unrefined, and illogical. I don't enjoy practicing in front of her.


2642. party to case (pro se)

She is the worst Judge ever. She is too busy writing her notes to listen to what you are saying. She dismissed my Contempt case against my daughters father and he never even showed up for court. She has us going back to court to decide whom gets our daughter Mon-Fri as she is starting school in Sept. but she has our trial date for Sept. 8th. I hate her! She is not fair and doesn't ever what to hear anything you have to say!!!!!!!!!!!!


4250. party to case (with attorney)

There was yelling, snippy comments,projection, gaslighting, biased posed questions, sarcasm, and exagerrated body language. There was so much energy put into the above that could have been saved for calm, logical, relevant questioning. To be asked "what makes him/her/opposing party so evil/horribl?e" is very strange and unnecessary. To be asked "Why did you leave the relationship?" is more appropriate and less suggestive of conflict. She tells the parties that they shouldn't be at conflict yet her very language and demeanor is suggestive of it...even when the party is has not suggested of the sort. Why would she encourage a party to bad mouth the opposing party? Its exteme. My experience today was extreme and it didn't have to be. Looking at evidence, listening to what parties have to say, then making a judgement is what I assumed would happen yet that is not what I experienced.


5150. party to case (with attorney)

This judge is horrible she has no business being a judge she has a bad temper she only hears what she wants to hear she didn't let my attorney speak and argue my case she discriminates against people in low income housing I'm not able to fully explain my case because its long but I will when I get a moment to myself because she has to go I am very surprised not only did I have this judge but a friend of mines just had her as well and everything that are written in these reviews are absolutely correct soo how is she still on the bench it doesn't make sense what she does and how she goes about things


1968. other

Unbelievable. I listened in today on an injunction hearing via phone appearance by a father in an injunction case. Although she followed the law in the sense that she didn't grant the injunction due to no allegations or evidence supporting an injunction, she did the following, totally unacceptable in a court: 1. She did not allow the father to defend against the allegations. She allowed the mother to testify, who filed the allegations. 2. She hung up on the father after berating him, then not allowing him to respond to the allegations made by the mother. This is a denial of due process of law to not allow a respondent or defendant to respond to these kind of very serious allegations that could affect custody, future employment, etc. I am an attorney, though not in Pennsylvania. I am guessing judges there are elected, not chosen by the Bar on merit selection. You guys, or girls, need to think to ask the legislature or courts to pursue merit selection for judges.


2914. attorney (private practice)

Rude, condescending, and inappropriate. When is she retiringG


5100. attorney (private practice)

An arrogant, unprofessional, confrontational old woman. Who truly is an evil woman. I will stop short at calling her a judge because she's far from a judge. If you are in her courtroom, get out!! She is horrible!


5110. other

So this lady so called judge was a former member of The National Organization of Women. A former sisters of charity NUN! ! Now this is wonderful information! See Doris rules by the bible not the law! Expect to be hearing from the judicial board, Doris. This horrible unethical so called judge is a monster. Pretty sure nuns would not approve of your behavior on the bench.


5641. party to case (with attorney)

I do not know how Doris can still be presiding. She does not let you present your case AT all, regardless of how relevant it is. She only listens to what she wants to hear.She is extremely biased. She has no business deciding Custody cases, She is supposed to rule for the child's best interest, She is doing the complete opposite.


6598. other

I'm giving a star since it looks like you have to give at least one, but I would give none. She was absolutely HORRIFIC. Completely unprofessional, making nasty comments that she had no background information on, and absolutely did NOT rule based upon the evidence. Even the opposing lawyer said he thought we would win for sure - It was obvious our case was much stronger than his. It makes me nauseous that someone this UNBIASED is a JUDGE!!!!!! Is there ANY way we can unseat this lady??? It seems she is getting many, many negative reviews...


6686. party to case (with attorney)

This judge ignores all evidence. She is set with which party she chose to side with and she do not want any kind of evidence to sway her away from her decision so she will turn a blind eye to it. Im glad everything is recorded and documented so there is proofI took evidence to the courts so if anything happens to me and my children then there is a paper trail! This judge do not belong in family court and any court for that matter. She is frustrated and confused. She recognized the lies from the other party, frowned at them and kept with her decision anyway. What kind of judge does that after they just proved perjury??? She would not let my side speak or even look my way! she addressed all her questions to one side of the room! I felt like chopped liver. Philadelphia courts need to be reformed! I have never seen such lazy and cranky judges ever. Most of them mimic judge Judy, I guess she is their idol. I cannot trust the justice system, I now believe family court is just a big scam to rip us all off for money. I have no idea how this judge isn't under investigation. If you tell Judge Doris your husband was harassing and stalking you, she would not believe you...you would have to get murdered first and even so Im sure the entire court systems would justify it and still no justice would be served after youre dead in your grave!


6860. other

She is a mean women i thought us women are suspose to stick together against men that was never in there kids life. Just resent she took my kid away from me and gave her to father rite now i dont know what to do i feel devastating and i feel like i have nothing to live for. My daughter father is an abusive man and also very dangerous to people and kids . she gave him my daughter i hate her with a passion i would have thought she would have side with me. But i was mistaken she didn't give my lawer a chance she kept tell her to be quite she a nasty devilish judge i fill for The ones that had her like me.


2397. other

Arrogant Judges who use their power to bully, and do not attempt real justice do not belong in a seat of power. I'm beginning to believe that it is our country who needs to purge it's government. Government is their for the people. When it becomes detrimental to this effect it is our job to dissolve it and install a new one. These are the people who are destroying our country. This is the exact reason that our courts, (family courts especially) need to be completely revamped. We the people have rights. And we the people are getting sick of incompetent and corrupt government regulations, laws, and workers. And as for your rules of respectful civil discourse. We are beyond that now. We have been doing that forever and it has not got us anywhere. It is time we start taking action against these people. If we sue them for the crimes they commit in doing their jobs wrongly, and take a less polite stance requiring real change, we might fare better. I say form a coalition of people who support legal action against the governmental agencies, counties, states, officeholders, and manipulators of the system. Wield organized weaponry against them that cannot be denied using media to get points across. Do not stop until it is done. Dump their Fukn tea in the harbor.


5296. witness

This Judge is terrible. I am not sure why she is still a Judge. She doesn't let you talk. She doesn't decide in the child's best interest. She judges based on which party she likes. I can't believe this. She accepts lies in court and sometimes even act as if she is one of the party's attorney. I hate her.


6407. party to case (pro se)

I am the PETITIONER in the matter and I've never experienced a judge who not only lacks the temperament to sit in the bench bit who is also unconcerned with facts and evidence. I gave her one star only because a rating was required


6618. party to case (with attorney)

Hello All, I have had this Judge for a while now. She is the worst. She is a disgrace to family court and children's lives. She has attempted to destroy my child and others' children. We are currently getting a group of people together like ourselves that have experienced the inhumane treatment of our children and families by this woman (If I call her a Judge, I would be lying). We are planning to go to the Judicial conduct board and protest to get her removed from the bench. I am in the process of obtaining a permit for our protest. Please email us at pechkurowmustgo@gmail.com.


6767. party to case (with attorney)

This woman (I refuse to call her a judge) is an absolute disgrace. I read the above comments - Do we know who she was appointed by? Who on earth would ethically appoint this woman? Is she doing "favors" for higher up appelate judges? I agree with what many above comments were saying - She is not making decisions based on facts and evidence and she absolutely needs to be called out on this. And I would take it a step further to investigate who supported her appointment as it may be these higher up people who are benefitting from her decisions and they, too, are just as unethical.


6881. other

This so-called "judge" was clearly appointed to do some appelate judge/judges their "favors". I say we not only get her off the bench, but investigate the appelate judges of the family court system and make sure they are not coercing the lower judges into making certain decisions. Clearly this lady was NOT appointed based on what a judge should be appointed for.


7183. party to case (with attorney)



7282. party to case (pro se)

If anyone is able to put her in jail it would be good for society at large. She is not even a human being.She placed my children with a child molester and said it didn't matter because it happened a long time ago.


7567. party to case (pro se)

she favors deadbeat dads, doesnt matter if you have a lawyer, as a woman you wont win, she looks down on women who are not married


2420. party to case (with attorney)

Only judge in the Philadelphia family law court system with common sense. Only judge in Philadelphia in tuned with reality of Philadelphia's backed up courts and consideration to work around it so that both parties have a chance for trial in a reasonable amount of time.


5099. other

Nasty, bitter, senseless, unprofessional and a racist. Will be going to the judicial board on you Doris. So I will take your asinine and unwarranted advice and write a letter, but not to who you told me to, but to the judicial board.


5300. other

If you have information of a crime or suspicious activity, including events taking place within a judicial proceeding, judicial corruption, obstruction of justice, witness, evidence, or jury tampering, or illegal asset and monetary seizure, embezzlement, or conversion, please contact the FBI, at: 415-553-7400 fbi.dallas@ic.fbi.gov phoenix@ic.fbi.gov san.francisco@ic.fbi.gov richmond@ic.fbi.gov portland@ic.fbi.gov seattle@ic.fbi.gov or the US Securities and Exchange Commission (703) 813-9322 fax, saltlake@sec.gov sanfrancisco@sec.gov newyork@sec.gov denver@sec.gov losangeles@sec.gov miami@sec.gov


5624. party to case (pro se)

Judge Margaret M.S. Noe, Circuit Court of Lenawee County Michigan shows very little, if any, consideration for the best interest of the children. She was appointed not voted in. She remains a real threat and menace to all the families in Lenawee County. Transcripts reveal her complete inadvertence to the facts, her incompetence and willfulness to deprive families of just and equitable orders.


7008. party to case (pro se)

I don't understand how is it we have so many of us saying she is unethical and know what she is doing to our children why are we not getting together to remove her??????? I wish I knew what to do but every call I make (councilman, state reps etc) say they can't help so what do we do???? How do we remove her? How do we get public attention on this closed court room to expose her????


7143. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Penckrow is a disgrace. Her intentions are not right. I have no idea how she became judge. This Judge is BIAS against women. Somebody need to do their job...listen to the court recordings, read documents, even the court room clerks need to step up and blow the whistle. This Judge has it out for any woman that collects Child support, this judge intentions are PURE wrong. She will continue to ruin families and hopefully a honest and true judge will takeover after her term come to an end and fix things. This judge did not let my attorney speak at all. The father lied straight to her face and said he will do it again because this judge will never believe me. How can someone manipulate the system this easy??? This judge is so blinded by her own bias that she let people lie directly in her ears when she knows it doesn't sound right or truthful. Open up your eyes and heart Judge Pechkurow, I know you have Good inside of you somewhere. Be hard on these parents who refuse to take care or see their children, we rely on child support to SUPPORT the child that they are not supporting. Most of us are still working two jobs while these fathers are out here making more babies. I agree, this court system is about $$$$$$$$$$


8428. party to case (pro se)

This is the worst judge ever. Doesn't look at evidence, screams at the parties, makes ridiculous suggestions. She gave my granddaughter back to her father even though l had proof that he sold drugs!! She wouldn't look at it. He lied through the whole case and she believed him. She thinks she's judge Judy. Hate her passionately.


8749. party to case (pro se)

She is the worst, and I thought I was crazy but that's unneceptable they way she handle my case with disrespect, I'm a single mother of three father is always a no show and she has the nerves of taking his side and open her loud mouth at me..there's no justice..I just hope and pray that the next time I come with an lawyer she shows some class!!!!!!!!


6903. party to case (pro se)

Judge PECHKUROW is not a mean judge she only wants what's best for your children and we might of had our differences but at the same time she want nothing but for your children to be well taken care of and she's only trying to make sure nobody is harming your children and if it wasn't for judge pechkurow she could have been terminated my rights in court some of you comments about her being a bad judge is very disrespectful I see why she gave your kids to the system or your family members because you probably was acting like a fool in her courtroom and she probably called the sheriff to escort YALL out her courtroom and put you in a holding cell until she was ready for the sheriff to bring you back to her courtroom but at the same time it's not judge pechkurow fault that you put yourself in that situation blame yourself not judge pechkurow

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