Hon. Maria C. McLaughlin

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4747. courthouse employee

Cool judge to work with. No drama


7387. party to case (pro se)

She is very Bias with a loud mouth.. The court system is about money and reaching their quota.. Caring about your childs safety is concidered being emotional unstable.. Lies are accepted and u never get heard...


4644. attorney (non-profit practice)

Fair. Reasonable.


4694. courthouse employee

maria is my favorite judge in fam court - so many judge are awful to be around but she is down to earth and treats everyone with resepect. always a treat when im assigned to her room


7109. attorney (private practice)

Judge Mcalaugin and her staff are always a pleasure to be in front of. Her court cryer Henry is excellent


7240. attorney (government, criminal matters)

I concur with the other reviews, Judge McLaughlin is excellent


4532. party to case (pro se)

I was originally going to leave a bad review. This judge wouldn't let me see my kids unsupervised until I passed random drug screenings. End of the day, it was the only thing that ever motivated me to get sober. She's tough but I think it comes from a good place. I know I'm in a way better place now


4540. attorney (private practice)

I have been in front of Judge Maria Maglocklin many times. While hearings have spun both in and out of my clients' favor, she is a fair judge and I am always happy when cases get assigned to her.


5545. party to case (pro se)

I was in front of judge McLaughlin, she began reading a letter I wrote to her. I said yes, agreeing to what she was reading. Suddenly she stopped,and asked me, to tell her all the illegal things Mr Sulman did at the last hearing. I hesitated for a minute to get my thoughts together, then out of nowhere she yells"are you high !" I am shocked by this! Then the judge tells me to go to take a urine test! That apparently the end of the hearing! I was allowed to say 1 word! Was not even close to a fair hearing


6836. witness

Maria McLaughlin is an out-dated, over rated, loud mouth that have to fill a quota in the court system, not at all concerned about the welfare of the children who lives she places on hold by making bias decisions, not listening to anything that could save an child life or future, making them victims of the system, those that say she's fair, good, otherwise, are looking for political favors. the child welfare comes first, each time she makes bias decisions, it prolongs the grow of a child, it cost money to have an attorney to go before her, where that same money could be use to help the child's medical, educational well being, she needs sensitivity and moral classes, not more victims.


6983. party to case (pro se)

I was very scared t ohave to go to family court but this judge made the process easy. I couldn't afford an attonrey and didint know what to expect but if you go and tell the truth every thing will workout for you. I felt like it was a fair experience.


7673. other

Your honor did not even give me a chance to talk when I went in front of her with a pfa case I plead guilty I knew I was wrong but there was no threats the women even said there was no threats of any kind I called her and text her for a month July 6 to Aug 14th the women had the pfa against me since March the women called me was in my car had sexually relations with me up until July your honor did not want to hear mine of that and the women brought her kids dad who she also had a pfa against but that did not matter to your honor that the victim was sitting next to someone that she had a restraining order against ... why she was in court co planning about another person she has a pfa against ..Maria McLaughlin should not be a judge at all she should of remained a d.a cause she is to one way..


8485. other

i hope she loses superior court my first time in front of her I wasn't even allowed to speak even thou i had a lawyer etc family court is about money not what is best for the child


8665. party to case (pro se)

Wonderful judge who is fair and down to earth. She is always putting the best interest of the child first while helping both parties.


8680. party to case (with attorney)

Judge McLaughlin is always looking out for the best interest of the children. She makes both sides abide by the rules so there is no favoritism or games being played!

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