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4447. other

I sat in this judge's courtroom last November, 2014 while my 24-year-old son was degraded and belittled. He definitely was guilty of selling a small number of pills to feed his addiction but this was his first offense and there was no violence involved. My son was also admitted into the Intermediate Punishment Program. This Judge initially thanked my son for not only turning himself in, but also for doing everything that was required of him up to that point, and, in fact, he called him a poster child for doing the right thing. That made no difference. He summarily rejected the IPP for him and said that he considered any drug dealing "domestic terrorism". He called my son a load on society and said that he thinks he has been "coddled" in his life. Fact is, my son suffers from extreme anxiety and some depression and that is what led him to self-medicating with opioids. When I found out he was dealing pills, I kicked him out of our house, hoping he would hit bottom and get the help he needed. So, he was not "coddled".....he was homeless for quite a while. He then sentenced my son to 6 to 23 months in Chester County prison, and told him that if he saw him again in his courtroom for anything drug related, he would send him up State so he could be a "snack for those guys" This Judge was clearly angry from the rape case he heard prior to seeing my son. He has an opinion about drug dealers and pays no attention to the facts of the case. He appeared to be a mean-spirited ego-maniac. That is a scary person to have in a position of power. He has a responsibility to keep his personal feelings in check. Please help stop him from overloading our prisons with non-violent, young, drug addicted kids. It is doing no good but ruining lives and burdening the taxpayer.


7171. witness

This guy is a complete ah. My friend was charged for violating a pfa. He was driving through west Chester and saw his son with his mother. He waived while driving, and said see you Friday. She called police and had him violated for this. He did not lie, when he easily could of said he was in another state. Mahon didn't care he said acknowledging, your son and speaking to him while in mothers custody is contact with her. 60days, he lost custody which at that point it was 50/50. Congrats will, not only did he lose his job, his son doesn't have a father, now because he's scared to lose his freedom and life again, since this system is like this. Meanwhile the mother was on probation for child endangerment. I have never seen anything like this ever before. This guy is completely self absorbed, tgrouhhout the whole trial he mocked and degraded the defendant and his witnesses. He had no shot. This guy needs to be removed.


2158. witness

He is a judge Judy wan to be, judges need to understand the difference between TV and real life. he is there to uphold the law and not to entertain the audience.

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