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4499. witness

worst judge ever took a happy healthy child out of fathers custody which he had while mother abandoned child for 2 yrs and gave primary to mother who has a major drug history a long list of criminal history this judge clearly favors mothers no matter what the circumstance this 5 yr old is devastated to say the least. If you are a father who has to go before this judge you may as well give up because you will lose


5600. witness

This judge is not only pro mother, even if she's not fit to be a mother, but he is also a racist homophobe. Look him up and you'll understand. He is also a dog killer. He killed a dog and because he's a judge, he got a slap on the wrist by his cronies. People like him should not be on the bench.


7587. party to case (with attorney)

Very obstinate judge. Has a high opinion of himself. Extremely obnoxious with litigants. DECIDES his case before hearing it. Then sits on the bench flipping through a book looking up what options he has as far what he can impose----all the while failing to hear any of the litigant's testimony. Superior Court didn't want him in 1997. He was overturned by Superior Court in my matter---only made him MORE VINDICTIVE when I had to go before him again. What an arrogant, self-serving judge. Hope he rots in hell for destroying my family and the child that was involved. He will be judged some day---hope it is sooner rather than later. Extremely poor judgment---and exhibits contemptible behavior in his own courtroom with the parties. Truly never learned how to be a decent human being first!


8025. party to case (pro se)

I totally agree that Judge MacElree should "burn in hell", but I do not think that will happen because I am fairly certain he is the anti-Christ. He will interfere in cases that are not his through his law firm that bears his name (Yes, he is a partner in a West Chester law firm - don't ask me how he gets around it), and if he wants to screw up your case or protect another corrupt judge on this entirely corrupt Chester County Common Pleas Court, he just makes a call (or has someone do it for him) to the equally corrupt appeals courts in PA. The Chester County Judiciary RUNS corrupt Chester County. If you don't believe it, try to find a negative article about any of these liars and thieves in the local paper. You won't, because they control the news media, too. OR, try obtaining public info from the corrupt county govt or elections officials - even through Pa's Right to Know law. It won't happen. For e.g., see what a hard time they give you if you want to access a judge's campaign finance report. Hard time = No way. Will never happen. Everyone protecting everyone else. After years of trying, I have yet to meet one single honest judge OR lawyer in Chester County, Pa. There just, plain, aren't any. (Interesting that he was involved in porngate, but the closest newspaper that had the story is the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette). DO NOT LIVE, WORK OR PLAY IN THIS CORRUPT, GREEDY REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED COUNTY RUN BY THE CORRUPT REPUBLICAN JUDGES!


7588. other

Protect the JUSTICE System and oppose obstructions of JUSTICE. Demand JURY TRIALS be provided, TO SWEEP THESE ACTS OF WRONGDOING WITH THE JUSTICE OF THE GRAND JURY. With enough persistence you should be able to obtain a mailing address, email address, and/or fax number for a sitting grand jury in your area. Send your evidence presentment in all possible means, ASAP. Any person that tells you that you do not have the right to present knowledge of WRONGDOING to your district grand jury is acting in contradiction to law, and aiding and abetting, adhering, giving comfort to enemies (and enemy forces, organized crime) of this country and United States. If you have knowledge of what you believe to be wrongdoing/crimes, immediately report that evidence to your nearest grand juries ASAP, and law enforcement, local, state, and federal (district attorney, police, sheriff, state attorney General, FBI, securities and exchange commission, US Marshall service, etc. etc.)


7845. party to case (with attorney)

Ex husband has defied settlement agreement as written, lied in court and was absolved of all responsibility of signed MSA. Justice not served; MSA a $3000 piece of trash that was signed in good faith. Not enforceable. Do not sign a settlement agreement. Judge will not enforce.


8849. party to case (with attorney)

She is corrupt, I guess Villanova does not teach Constitutional Law as she violates rights of parents daily, human rights don't not exist nor do your civil rights. I wish I could say it's just one judge in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas but it's all of them including the master's. I have suffered devastation in all aspects of my life. Being forced to be in a relationship with my abuser which allowed him to control me after our divorce. Watching my children be abused by the court and the paternal family. I have lost everything due to this judge and this court. I breathe air but I am a shell and a failure as a mother as they would not allow me to protect my children. They handed a diagnosed bi-polar & cluster b PD father his children, me and my family which consists of other children who have been abused due to the corruption of the court. Thanks to the court I have suffered 14yrs of more abuse which is why I left the marriage so our children could be raised in an environment that was not toxic. I now suffer from Narcissist Victim Abuse Syndrome, including C-PTSD, complete alienation of our two children, legal abuse syndrome, and other physical medical issues. Not to mention the numerous times my ex was not charged for kidnapping, harassment, stalking, DV abuse, financial abuse, custodial interference and coerced control of our children. This does not include the elder abuse of my parents and the abuse of 3 other children in my family that have been emotional and mentally abused by the court's corruption and my ex husbands psychopathic personality disorder that is ignored by the court. The family court is a kangaroo court where judge's ignore what is right discard the facts and rule in favor of the lawyers that share alma mater's, past work experience, or community roles. Thank you Chester County for destroying a family and children's lives that were happy and protected until you got your dirty, greedy, corrupt hands involved.


9071. other

I hope he reads these to know what a bad judge of character he is after giving full custody back to the mother of my granddaughter CYS has finally removed all her kids due to her drug use my poor granddaughter has had to face the last 2 yrs of abuse by her mother and live in a drug addicts envirement thank God my son has her back . Judge MacElree you are a stupid asshole who should be fired for your biased opinions

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