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7397. attorney (private practice)

Ha! I'm surprised this sexist pig didn't order me to blow opposing counsel on the way out of the courthouse.....


6731. party to case (pro se)

One has to wonder if this judge is sitting in the same courtroom as you when you read his rulings afterwards. Reminds me of the SNL skit about the coach: Uh, was your head all the way up your butt when you made that call, coach? Same thing here. At first I thought his staff was making him look bad, but I now see he doesnt need any help.


7340. attorney (private practice)

This judge is on the take. One does not pull the kind of stuff he does for free. If you are as unethical as he is, you can buy your way into ... and out of ... his court. Pity the poor juvenile whose parents do not have money or favored counsel. He will destroy their lives forever. Unfortunately, for all, he has another 8-years on his term. His wife headed the local bar until recently, which made for, even more, corrupt schematics from this self proclaimed "power couple". Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Look no further than Judge John L. Hall for proof of that.


6911. party to case (with attorney)

This judge is a sexist pig, unfair, unjudicious liar who needs to buy himselfa copy of the Constitution and f'ing read it. Could care less about the law. Or the truth. In Chester County, its who you know and who you blow. He is a certified a-hole. Just ask his former law partners.


8824. witness

I watched this judge in action and could not believe what I witnessed. My late uncle was a PA Court Judge, (President Judge, Common Pleas Court), and I thought they all operated like him - fair, honest, ruled according to the law. Not this guy.... it was as if the verdict was decided before the case even started. He issued rulings where he made up facts and testimony to suit his "findings of fact" and cover his ass on his previous rulings. So the corruption of his decisions just snowballed like a rolling stone until the final outcome is believable only to him, and to the counsel that, obviously, paid him off. Republicans who contributed to his campaign have no worries. Nobodies - or lawyers from outside the county - who come into court looking for "justice" can kiss their case goodbye. He is a disgrace to the judiciary. In a word - an asshole.


9024. party to case (pro se)

Judge John L. Hall is my former psychiatrist's son-in-law. He knew what the case was all about before it ever hit his desk, refused to recuse, ruled against me on everything, and now wants me to pay everybody else's legal fees. Does that make him corrupt, me crazy, or my former doctor a quack? I'm just curious what others think because after reading all the comments on this website, it appears one has to be a sociopath to qualify as a judge in Pennsylvania.

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