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5195. witness

I do not understand how she is still a judge. she shows no mercy for people. she will be in jail in a couple years. Ive already filed a complaint against her with the NAACP and i know im not the ony one.


5158. witness

i can not beleive the way this judge so cruelly decided to put my husband on probation for child support because this was his second offence of getting behind. she did not even ask him why he was behind. even tho he brought his arears to the meeting plus the next months payment not to mention but the court papers say let us know why you did not pay and well she couldnt even ask him why october was his last payment even tho october was a huge house fire that put us with our 5 children in a terrible situation. and the time befor he got behind because he had a devistating injury at work which led to many months of surgeries. at income tax time when these problems occured we always pay the back support but this judge cared less and does not have children in her best interest considering she decided to put him on probation which will put him in jail away from all his children if he misses a payment. why dont his children matter why does only a money hungry ex matter this girl goes on disney vacations and cruises and has new cars and we have to get a judge who realy dont care about the children awesome


5292. witness

She is a brutal unfair judge who hates me and gave someone I k ow the hardest penalties possible yes he got a fourth dui but is first two were when he was young...06_07.... And make him eligible for a reentry program.and will not allow him to be on it .the courts and corrections department are so corrupt and I ter twind it's sad ...you have the drug treatment ladies.. as deputy warden and she can do either jobs everyone is drunk or high meaning correctional officers...and my loved on has saw so many overdose on the work release block in the all most 14 months they have been there it's ridiculous .is it suppose to correct you and put u back in society better then when u went in ...they have all most lost there job making 20$ an hr....involved in there corruption...and around nothing but drugs...not the jail parole or judge Hartley reconizea the fake through all this he never used or got in trouble and still will not let him out to take care of his family and house which he all most lost...and hasn't saw his sound since he been in paying support keeping it current...and violating a court visitation order by a senior judge


6682. party to case (pro se)

Terrible! Was clearly bribed snd need to be removed from the bench. Issued an illegal PFA on a Berks County matter in a Luzerne Courtroom. She had no business accepting bribes. I want to know how much she was paid.


6843. other

Judge Gartley ,hands down,is thee most unfair,bullheaded,men hating,BIASED,womens advocate,disgrace, for a parental role model in this county.....the entire courthouse knows it,says it on the "QT"....if you happen to be a man in the domestic "system",in front of her,forget it,dont bother saying a word.....it's a waste of breath,she will not hear you whatsoever over her glasses, as she looks at you,and pretends to listen.....her mind is made up ,before,you say a word..... There are so many great,attentive,PAYING father's that go in front this disgrace for a judge,that get railroaded daily....it's disgusting,to even think for a second that she gives one single thought about the father's and they're children that the father's love ,and the children love they're father's......she should never ,ever,be considered to be re-elected ,unless it's for a job in the courthouse that's in records.....because I can tell you a fact,she needs lots of practice in that department.....she never even looks at the history of these cases. That's apparent in all the cases of custody that go in front of her. Gartley equals unfair.zero stars in my honest opinion. period.


7505. party to case (pro se)

I was falsely imprisoned by my ex, then he put a bogus PFA on me. I submitted evidence proving not only did northeast counseling and Children and Youth make a mistake (in writing, medical documents), but also that the statements made in the PFA were false. i also providing information about my child's other parent belonging to a politically charged family. She ordered my health documents in court, but refused to subpoena them. When I refused, she denied me custody. Also I must mention, she handled an adoption case of mine 1993 and refuse to recuse the court case. The is a a disgrace to the judicial system, and handled my domestic relation case, even though she had absolutely no right or jurisdiction to do so. I just love Luzerne county, where corruption nepotism "Good Old Boys and Girls" rule the land. Apparently I don't have the right last name, because I am not from these there parts guh guh guh. It's Dukes of Hazard and a backward wayward county.


8825. juror

She was very informative during the trial. She explained everything clearly and precisely. She was tough when needed during questioning. She made the jury comfortable which helped us make a tough case easier to decide. I would think those whom she was trying would dislike her.


9098. witness

I’m only leaving 1 star because it is the lowest option. I came and sat in on an ongoing case with someone I know and I must say, she is unfit to judge even in a pie eating contest! I watched her speak disrespectfully not only to the defendants but also to counsel. She spoke down to the attorneys and from what I saw handed out the max sentences for those before her. She’s incompetent and lacks integrity. I suggest that the people of Luzerne county fight to have her removed from the bench. I’m sure it is her wish to detain every free citizen in the area. I’m not a resident but I strongly suggest Luzern County residents research this judge and get her off the bench FAST!


9273. other

I think this judge was totally fair!! I'm 100% happy with her decision!!!!


9316. party to case (with attorney)

The worst judge in Luz Cty. She sits up on the bench like she is some kind of god. She pretends to know everything about anything. She not only plays a judge- but a doctor- a psychologist- a counselor- a teacher and anything else she wishes. The Senior judges of Luz Cty should monitor her courtroom some day and see what a fool she is making out of the judicial system. She is very disrespectful and thinks she can talk to anyone anyway she wants too. She embarrasses people for no reason and has the memory of a worm. She says one thing and 2 seconds later says something else. She needs to be removed from the bench. She is a corrupt Judge and is part of the problem in Luz Cty. She is also a pretty heavy drinker- seen by several drinking at a Little League game in front of children- carrying on and screaming. If this isn't an embarrassment to the bench- I don't know what is! There is a time and place for everything but apparently not in her eyes- she is above the law and can do whatever she wants whenever she wants. Maybe that is why she doesn't remember important information in a case- she is hungover and too lazy to read up on the facts. It is awful that Luz Cty taxpayers have to put up with this.


9328. witness

This person shouldn't be a judge. The worst thing I have ever seen is her up on the bench pretending to do justice. She doesn't have a clue in life and thinks she is always right. I know for a fact, she has not a clue in the case I am referring to. She gets bad information from an atty and acts on it, usually in a phsyco fashion. I believe she might be slightly bi polar- she goes from hot to cold in seconds and doesn't listen. She believes she is always right, which in this case is furthest from the truth. But she doesn't care about the injustice she is doing or the people that are getting hurt. She is all about the paycheck and pretending she is one of the big boys. It's very sad when people like this are able to make decisions and determine the fate of others. An investigation should be done on this woman and she should have to pay the consequences of her unfair and biast rulings. When a person can't admit they made bad rulings is when its time for them to be removed from the bench. It is way past time for this person, she should be removed immediately.

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